Porsche Car Insurance – Buy/Renew Online

Porsche is an iconic automobile brand that produces sports cars, sedans and SUVs. Porsche is also one of the oldest car brands in the world, and it has a rich history and motorsport legacy. Currently, Porsche is owned by the Volkswagen Group. In India Porsche retails SUVs, coupe, convertible and sedans. Do you own a Porsche and looking to buy an insurance policy? Then, you have landed on the right place!  Read on for all the details about Porsche car insurance.

What’s Covered in Porsche Car Insurance? (Inclusions):

Third-party insurance covers third-party life or property; however, it is the Comprehensive car insurance which offers the following extensive coverage:

  • Damage to the car due to an accident.
  • Damage to third-party property or life.
  • Damage to the car due to a fire outbreak.
  • Theft of the insured car.
  • Damage to the car due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, storms, etc.
  • Damage to the car due to man-made disasters such as riots.

*Note: Only Comprehensive Insurance provides own damage cover.

Exclusions of Porsche Car Insurance:

Below are the exclusions of Porsche car insurance:

  • Depreciation* cost of the car.
  • Replacement/Repair of regular wear and tear parts.
  • Vehicle breakdown due to mechanical or electrical component failure.
  • Driving without a driving licence.
  • Improper handling of car or reckless driving.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/intoxicant substances.

*Note: Depreciation cost is covered if you buy Zero Depreciation cover add-on.

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for your Porsche Car:

Below are the benefits of buying Acko car insurance for your Porsche car:

Zero Paperwork

There is no paperwork involved in buying/claiming car insurance at Acko General Insurance. All processes can be completed online, and it will save you a lot of time and money.

Quick Claim Settlements

Applying for a car insurance claim at Acko is super easy. You just need to log on to the website (www.acko.com) or download the smartphone app to apply for a claim. Depending on the nature of the damage, Acko will settle the claim. Acko also provides instant claim settlements for minor damages.

Expert Guidance

All queries related to Porsche car insurance will be solved by the team of experts at Acko. The trained professional will also guide you in choosing the right insurance plan for your car. The robust customer support system will ensure that you have a good experience while purchasing or registering a claim at Acko.

Best Price

Acko will suggest the optimum IDV (Insured Declared Value) for your car and provides the best prices for the insurance plans. You can compare different insurance plans before making the purchase.

Insurance plans for Porsche Car:

There are mainly two types of insurance plans for Porsche cars: Third-Party and Comprehensive insurance. Both plans offer different coverage benefits. Below are the coverage benefits of third-party and comprehensive car insurance:

Third-Party Car Insurance

The third-party car insurance is mandatory as per law and offers cover losses or damages to the third-party life or property.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Under this insurance, the insurer will offer coverage to losses and damages to third-party life or property and damages to the insured vehicle.

Add-ons for Porsche Car Insurance:

Add-ons apply only to comprehensive insurance plans. Below are the add-ons for Porsche car insurance:

  • Depreciation cover
  • Engine Protection cover
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) cover
  • Invoice cover
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Passenger cover
  • Consumables cover
  • Theft/Loss of car keys cover

Claim Procedure:

Follow the below steps to apply for a claim at Acko General Insurance:

  1. Log on to the website (www.acko.com) or download the Acko smartphone app.
  2. Choose ‘Car Insurance’ under the Products drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the ‘Car Claims’ option under the Claims drop-down menu.
  4. Login and enter basic details such as insurance number, car registration number, etc.
  5. Mention the nature of the damage and upload images of the damaged car.
  6. Upon verification, Acko will pick up* the car from your location for repair work.
  7. You can track the repair works on the website/smartphone app.
  8. The repaired car will be delivered* within three days.
  9. Acko provides instant claim settlements for minor damages.

*Note: Vehicle pick up and drop service is available in select cities.

Car Insurance for Porsche Car Models/Variants:

Below is the car insurance for Porsche models in India:

  • Porsche Macan Insurance
  • Porsche 718 Insurance
  • Porsche Cayenne Insurance
  • Porsche 911 Insurance
  • Porsche Panamera Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are the most common queries related to the Porsche car insurance:

I own a Porsche Cayman. How much will the insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance depends on the value and condition of the vehicle. The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the insurance cost.

My Porsche car insurance is about to expire. How long does it take to renew the insurance?

Renewing car insurance online is hassle-free, and it takes only a few minutes. You just need to have all the required documents. But renewing Porsche car insurance offline or via agents may take some time depending on the insurance company.

Which is the best option to buy insurance for my Porsche car? Should I buy online or offline?

Buying Porsche car insurance online is the best option as you save a lot of time and money. Buying insurance offline may take a lot of time, and the documentation becomes cumbersome at times.

How can I cut the cost on my Porsche insurance?

You can reduce the cost of Porsche insurance by comparing insurance plans online. Online insurance providers will offer you the best price, and you can choose the right plan which is suitable for you. Also, you can avoid buying some of the add-ons which you do not require or which your vehicle does not need.

Is Porsche car insurance expensive?

The cost of insurance depends on the value of the vehicle. Porsche cars come with a premium price tag, and naturally, the insurance costs will be on the higher side. But buying insurance for your Porsche car will give you financial security.

If I purchase third-party car insurance for my Porsche car, will it provide own damage cover?

No, third-party insurance plans will not provide own damage over. You should purchase a comprehensive insurance policy to get Own Damage cover for your Porsche car.

Porsche is an iconic German car manufacturer which is owned by the Volkswagen Group. Porsche is known for its sports cars, SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), coupes and convertibles. In India, Porsche retails SUVs, coupes, sedans and convertibles. Porsche is a premium luxury car brand, and the cars come with a premium price tag. From spare parts to service, everything comes at a premium, and you need to be careful while driving a Porsche on the chaotic Indian roads.

Porsche Car Insurance

No matter how cautious you are while on the road, damages tend to happen given the chaotic Indian road conditions. That’s when car insurance becomes critical. Buying insurance for Porsche cars is a must as even the smallest of repair work can cost you dearly. Comprehensive car insurance will provide you coverage against damages and theft of the vehicle. By buying add-ons, you can expand the coverage, which will give you financial security.

Another critical aspect of car insurance is third-party liability. Third-party/comprehensive insurance will also cover damages to third-party life or property. So, in case you end up damaging third-party property or injuring a third-party in an accident, the insurer will cover you financially. Buying insurance for your Porsche car will give you financial security, and you can enjoy the full potential of the car without worrying about repair costs.

Why should you buy Porsche Cars?

Porsche is a sports car brand which needs no introduction. The rich history and motorsport legacy of Porsche reflect in the design of its cars. The German car brand is known for its powerful sports cars, SUVs, coupes and convertibles. In India, Porsche retails six models which include SUVs, sedans and sports cars. The build quality, fit and finish, and the exterior design of Porsche cars justify for the premium price it demands.

One of the most iconic cars in Porsche’s lineup is the 911. The Porsche 911 is a popular car around the world as it is known for its impressive performance and driving dynamics. The main highlight of Porsche cars is the signature exterior design. Porsche has maintained its signature design language and at the same time has infused modern features without taking away the core design elements. You cannot take your eyes from a Porsche as the design is unique and reflects the rich history of the car brand.

It’s not only the design that makes Porsche very special, but it’s also the powerful engines and nimble driving dynamics that attract the car enthusiasts. Porsche also offers an automatic gearbox with paddle shifters, which is a breeze to operate. The advanced powertrain and safety features make the overall driving experience even better. The interior of Porsche cars is built to perfection with premium materials such as leather and wooden trims. 

The Porsche cars are also equipped with advanced safety features such as lane departure warning, blind-spot warning, collision warning and emergency braking. Overall, Porsche cars offer a perfect blend of performance, looks and safety. If you are looking for a sports car, then Porsche is the car to buy! Below are the exterior and interior highlights of Porsche cars:

Exterior Highlights of Porsche Cars

  • Porsche cars feature the signature silhouette that has been barely changed since 1963.
  • LED headlights and sleek LED tail lights which run across the boot.
  • Aerodynamically designed exterior elements.
  • Sporty and large alloy wheels.
  • Porsche offers both hard-top and soft-top roof options on popular models such as 911.

Interior Highlights of Porsche Cars

  • Sports leather seats offer ultimate comfort for both driver and passenger.
  • Steering wheel with buttons to operate various functions. The steering wheel also gets the leather treatment.
  • Touchscreen display for the infotainment system with Porsche Connect connectivity features.
  • Comfortable rear seats with centre armrest. The rear passenger seats also get the leather treatment.
  • Spacious boot to carry ample amount of luggage on those long drives.

Porsche Models with Variants and EX-Showroom Price:

Refer to the tables below for Porsche models and specifications:

Porsche Macan Specifications:

Engine2-Litre3-Litre (V6)
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
Power248 Bhp355 Bhp
Torque370 Nm480 Nm
TransmissionAutomatic GearboxAutomatic Gearbox
Seating Capacity5-Seater5-Seater
Boot Space500 Litre500 Litre

Porsche 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman Specifications:

Fuel TypePetrol
Power295 Bhp
Torque380 Nm
TransmissionAutomatic Gearbox
Seating Capacity2-Seater
Boot Space150 Litre

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Specifications:

Engine3-Litre with Turbocharged (V6)4- Litre with Twin-Turbochargers (V8)
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
Power335 Bhp542 Bhp
Torque450 Nm770 Nm
TransmissionDual-Clutch Automatic GearboxDual-Clutch Automatic Gearbox
Seating Capacity4-Seater4-Seater
Boot Space625 Litre598 Litre

Porsche Cayenne Specifications:

Engine3-Litre with Turbocharger (V6)3-Litre with Turbocharger (V6)4-Litre with Twin Turbocharger (V8)
Fuel TypePetrolPetrolPetrol
Power335 Bhp335 Bhp541 Bhp
Torque550 Nm450 Nm770 Nm
TransmissionAutomatic GearboxAutomatic GearboxAutomatic Gearbox
Seating Capacity5-Seater5-Seater5-Seater
Boot Space1,780 Litre1,780 Litre1,705 Litre

Porsche Panamera Specifications:

Engine4-Litre (V8)
Fuel TypePetrol
Power542 Bhp
Torque770 Nm
TransmissionAutomatic Gearbox
Seating Capacity4-Seater
Boot Space500 Litre

Porsche 911 Specifications:

Fuel TypePetrol
Power444 Bhp
Torque530 Nm
TransmissionDual-clutch Automatic Gearbox
Seating Capacity4-Seater
Boot Space132 Litre

Below are the Porsche car variants and Ex-Showroom price:

ModelFuel TypeVariantPrice
Porsche MacanPetrolR4Rs. 69.98 Lakh
PetrolSRs. 85.03 Lakh
Porsche 718PetrolBoxsterRs. 89.9 Lakh
PetrolCaymanRs. 86 Lakh
PetrolCayman SpyderRs. 1.59 Crore
PetrolCayman GT4Rs. 1.63 Crore
Porsche CayennePetrolSRs. 1.19 Crore
PetrolSTDRs. 1.2 Crore
PetrolE-HybridRs. 1.58 Crore
PetrolTurboRs. 1.92 Crore
Porsche 911PetrolCarrera SRs. 1.82 Crore
PetrolCarrera S CabrioletRs. 1.99 Crore
Porsche PanameraPetrolTurboRs. 1.96 Crore
PetrolTurbo Sport TurismoRs. 2.01 Crore
PetrolTurbo ExecutiveRs. 2.09 Crore

Note: All prices are ex-showroom Delhi as of 6 October 2020

Benefits of buying car insurance for Porsche Cars:

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to have third-party insurance for your car. Comprehensive car insurance is optional but it comes with additional coverage benefits. Below are the benefits of buying car insurance for Porsche cars:

  • Third-Party Liability Coverage: A third-party/comprehensive car insurance will provide coverage against damage to third-party property. The insurer will also take the liability for any injuries/accidental death of a third party. So, by purchasing insurance for your Porsche car, you will have financial security.

  • Own Damage Coverage: A comprehensive car insurance will provide you coverage against damage to your car. Apart from that, it also covers injuries/accidental death of the driver. The best part about comprehensive insurance is that it allows you to purchase add-ons which enhance the coverage benefits. You can buy add-ons such as engine protection cover, roadside assistance cover, depreciation cover, passenger cover, etc. to enhance the car insurance coverage.

  • Coverage Against Theft/Loss of Vehicle: In case your Porsche car is stolen or gets destroyed in a crash, the insurer will pay you the IDV (Insured Declared Value) amount. But note that this coverage is only available for a comprehensive car insurance plan.

  • Financial Security: A car insurance policy will provide you with financial security as it covers damages to the car and injury/death of the driver. Apart from Own Damage, the insurance plan also provides coverage for third-party property damage or injury/death of the third party. With comprehensive car insurance, you need not worry about repair costs of your Porsche car.

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