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Tyre Protection in Car Insurance

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Tyre Protection in Car Insurance

Tyre Protection in Car Insurance

A tyre is a significant component to bear the highest wear and tear as compared to any other part of the vehicle. Considering India’s road condition, it is essential to opt for an insurance policy to avoid unexpected repair or replacement costs of the tyre and tube. Read ahead to know about tyre protection in car insurance.

Tyre Protection in Car Insurance

1. Comprehensive Insurance covers the cost of damage or loss to the insured vehicle due to an accident, fire, theft, natural and man-made calamities.

2. Accidents are ugly. It can damage your entire car and even tyres. Tyre insurance will help you protect from such damages.

3. Under Comprehensive car insurance, if your car gets damaged along with damages to tyres/tubes, the insurance company (for example, ACKO) is liable to pay 50% of the replacement cost.

4. It is important to note that ACKO is not liable to pay for any damages to tyres and tubes unless your car is damaged at the same time. 

What is Not Covered Under Tyre Cover in Car Insurance?

It is recommended that you get acquainted with the exclusions under tyre insurance while buying Comprehensive car insurance for your car.


Tyre Repair and Puncture Cost

Puncture is a common problem in a vehicle, which can be fixed in any car workshop. The tyre insurance cover doesn’t compensate for the minor tyre repair or puncture cost and also excludes regular wear and tear of the tyre and tube of the insured vehicle.


Replacing Cost of the Damaged Tyre

Tyre damage can happen for various reasons, such as puncture, cracks, cuts, bulges, etc. In these cases, replacement may be a solution. If the vehicle is not damaged in this case, the cost to fix such damages will not be covered under tyre insurance.


Labour Charges

Moving or fitting a tyre may cost you extra in the form of labour charges. Tyre cover in car insurance doesn’t cover labour costs for refitting, removing, or rebalancing the wheel.


Damage Due to Transportation and Overloading

Improperly storing goods can damage the vehicle tyre by putting heavy load. The tyre insurance component under Comprehensive insurance does not cover the damage cost of the tyre of the vehicle used for commercial transportation purposes.


Repair Cost Due to Rally or Racing

The tyre protection insurance doesn’t cover the damage that occurred to the tyre or tube of the insured vehicle due to racing or rally.


Claim Due to Theft

Comprehensive car insurance excludes the claim due to theft or vandalism of tyre and tube.

Benefits of ACKO Car Insurance Policy

No Paperwork

Certified by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), ACKO is one of the digital insurance companies in India to offer car insurance online without any paperwork.

Low-priced Insurance Policy

You can buy and renew your car insurance policy by filling in your vehicle details on the website without involving agents and middlemen. The car insurance premium is incredibly low as compared to the offline mode.

Continuous Support

Our experts will guide you throughout the process of buying, renewing, and settling car insurance claims. It is wiser for you to opt for an online insurance policy to get instant service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tyre Insurance

Below are some of the most common questions about tyre insurance.


Is tyre and tube repair cost covered under comprehensive car insurance?

Motor insurance covers tyre and tube when the vehicle has met with an accident. However, comprehensive car insurance doesn’t cover tyre and tube damages when the vehicle has not met with an accident. 

Does Zero depreciation cover tyre protection?

No, the Zero depreciation add-on does not cover tyre damage of the insured vehicle. Also known as Nil-depreciation or Bumper-to-Bumper cover, Zero-depreciation covers the repair cost of the car without considering the depreciation value. The Zero-depreciation cover offers 100% coverage for all types of fibre, plastics, and metals. However, this car insurance add-on doesn’t cover the replacement cost of tyres and tubes in case of a total loss of the insured vehicle.

How can I protect my car from tyre slashing?

Slashing of tyre can be a result of poor road conditions or vandalism. Tyre cover in car insurance does not compensate you for slashed tyres. 

Road condition is not inevitable, but protecting your vehicle from theft or vandalism is in your control. You can follow a few advices to protect your car tyre from slashing.

  • Park your vehicle safely

  • Install motor sensor lighting in the parking area

  • Install security camera where you park the vehicle

  • Immediately report to the nearest police station if tyre slashing happens


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