Customer Service TATs

The Company shall follow the below mentioned turnaround time for various service parameters. The turnaround time mentioned below shall be compliant with the IRDAI (Protection of Policyholders’ Interests) Regulations, 2017.

Description of item of serviceTurn Around Time (working days)
Processing of Proposal and communicating the acceptance /rejection15 days
Obtaining the copy of Proposal form20 days
Issuance of premium receipt10 days
Issuance of Policy Document10 days
Issuance of duplicate policy on request10 days
a) Increase/Decrease in sum Insured
b) Change of Location of risk
c) Change of Address
d) Change of Nominee
e) Correction of errors in the policy
f) Inclusion and deletion of financial interest
g) Inclusion of new members in case of Group policies
h) Any other non-claim related changes
10 days
Cancellation Policy and refund of Premium15 days
Appointment of surveyor from receipt of claim intimation3 days
Issuance of Claim form3 days
Initial surveyor’s report after appointment7 days
Interim survey report from first surveyor visit15 days
Request for (additional) documents for claims processing15 days
Final surveyor report from the last document receipt date30 days
Settlement / rejection of claim post receiving surveyor report- In case where Investigation is not required30 days
Payment of Claim on acceptance by the Insured15 days