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Do's and Don'ts During Floods

Team AckoSept 23, 2022

Bengaluru is reeling with incessant heavy rainfall for the past few days & IMD has forecasted that the rains would continue for few more days, these rains has led to severe waterlogging leading to water flooding in low-lying areas, apartment’s basements & roads. This has also led to severe traffic jams, and disruptions of daily lives of people in various parts of the city.

With susceptibility to flooding, one needs to know what to do & what not to do during these heavy rains & rain related havoc to keep you, your dear-ones & your vehicle safe.

Do's and Don'ts During Floods

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts which are important for you at this hour.


  • Stay indoors during the heavy rains and do not venture out unnecessarily & expose yourself to danger, remain calm during heavy rains

  • If you’re on the road and visibility is too poor or the road is too slippery or flooded, rather pull over and switch on your car’s hazards until visibility or traction improves.

  • Switch off the electrical mains in your house

  • Keep emergency lights and mobile phones charged & your inverters charged, use only required electrical / electronics utilities to keep your inverter running for longer duration

  • Also keep battery operated torches and enough dry cells

  • Always keep medicine and special food for babies, children or elders.

  • In case your vehicle is flooded / submerged, call ACKO / your nearest garage helpline line number to get your vehicle towed to the nearest workshop

  • Keep yourself well informed about flood safety tips advised by the Government / Local authorities

  • Scan & keep all your documents in digital form as back-up, use a repository like digilocker to store documents, ensure you safeguard all your physical documents in a water-proof pouches

  • In case of claim call us, we will assist you on further


  • Avoid being misled by rumours

  • Don't leave shelters until informed by the rescue personnel

  • Don’t touch any loose and hanging wires from a lamp post or don’t jump across any wire lying on the ground, they may be live and result in an electric shock

  • Don’t walk in the flooded basements or roads, as it is dangerous & life threatening due to fallen electric live wires, open fits & sewage chambers

  • Don’t stand below a tree

  • Don’t park your car/scooter below trees. Also, see that your vehicles are not parked in the basement or in low lying areas

  • Don't start or crank the engine if your vehicle is submerged in water

  • Don't drive just after the cyclone, as roads can still remains wet and slippery, loose gravel and potholes can also form which if large or deep enough can damage your vehicle's wheels, tyres and suspension.

For any assistance, you may reach out to us using ACKO Contact Numbers (Toll-free) and Support Email ID;

Regards Team ACKO


Infographic on "Do's and Don'ts During Floods"


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