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Cashless vs Reimbursement Claims [E-Book]

A complete guide to everything you need to know to raise a claim if you ever get hospitalised.

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Smart ways to save health insurance premium [E-book]

What this e-book covers?
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16 pages of knowledge on different types of health insurance claim process.


Relevant information to help you understand which type of claim you need to raise, if ever you need it.


A step-by-step approach to raising cashless and reimbursement claims.

How this e-book will help you?
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cashless vs reimbursement

Health issues can knock on anyone’s door unannounced. A health insurance plan safeguards you from such unforeseen financial liabilities.
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Medical emergencies or hospitalisation can be emotionally and financially disturbing. However, accidents happen.

If you have the right health insurance plan, the insurer takes care of your medical bills. But for that, you need to inform your insurer about the hospitalisation by registering a claim.

In such situations, it is essential to know which type of claim to raise — cashless or reimbursement? This e-book will help you out with the answer.

Who is this for?
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This e-book covers nuggets of wisdom to help you make a wise choice while buying health insurance for you and your family. It is a must-read if:


You want to ensure that you are buying the right health plan for you and your family.

insurance right choice

You want to understand the step-by-step approach of how to raise a claim sans jargon.


You want to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of claim settlement.

How ACKO's health plan is different
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Here’s how we keep everything related to health insurance straightforward, quick and transparent.


Wide network of hospitals
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Cashless claims services in 7,000+ network hospitals across the country.


Zero commission
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Bypass agents and enjoy low premiums, as you buy directly from us.

Go Paperless

Hassle-free experience
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Instant policy, 24/7/365 support and easy claims process.