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Power to Personalise [E-Book]

A complete guide to how modern companies can empower their employees to enhance their insurance benefits based on their unique needs.

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What’s covered in this e-book?
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14 pages of practical tips and knowledge to build a healthier workforce.


8 powerful ways to get better engagements from your employees.


How to create a holistic health plan that is more than just insurance for your team.

How this e-book will help you
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Inside the ebook

No two employees are the same, and neither should be their health plans.
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When you offer a customisable health plan to your employees, you build trust and loyalty within your team and create a positive work environment. 

Download this e-book to learn about how people-first organisations harness the power of top-ups and add-ons to offer a health plan that their employees really care about.

Who is this for?
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This e-book covers some profound insights about how to give freedom to employees to customise health plans. Please note that the details mentioned in the e-book are subject to changes due to upgrades and othermodifications. It is a must-read if you:


Are a part of the Human Resources team.


Are a CEO/CFO of an organisation.


Are a part of the management team.

How ACKO Health is different?
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ACKO Health is a modern employee benefits plan built for post-Covid era. We make life simpler for both employees and employers.


Tailor-made policies for you and your team
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ACKO Health plans are customisable by you and your team. Employees can choose whom to include in the policy, and also enhance their coverage with top-up and add-on covers.


We want your team to stay fit and happy
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All the health benefits are curated to keep your team physically and mentally healthy with preventive check-ups, access to mental health experts and online doctor consultations.


We care for your 100% workforce
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ACKO Health has something for everyone. Benefits like fitness tracking, medicine ordering, and doctor consultations keep 100% of your employee workforce engaged.