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Creating a Rewarding Workplace Culture [E-book]

This e-book will act as a North Star and guide you on incorporating productive employee-centric features into your work culture.

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Smart ways to save health insurance premium [E-book]

What’s covered in this e-book?
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A list of factors that make employees happy.


A primer on what different types of employees want.


A showcase of renowned companies with excellent employee benefits.

How this e-book will help you
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How this e-book will help you

In today’s time, a company that has not transitioned into a people-first organisation will surely be left behind.
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Now, more than ever, employees are looking at what their jobs have to offer beyond the paycheque.

This e-book explores what the ‘beyond the paycheque’ or non-monetary benefits entail, why they are essential, and how you can incorporate them in your workplace.

Who is this for?
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This e-book highlights that non-monetary benefits and perks are not just the cherries on top but a large part of the cake itself. This e-book is a must-read if you:


Are a part of the Human Resources team


Are a CEO/CFO of an organisation


Are a part of the management team

How ACKO Health is different
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ACKO Health has tons of healthcare benefits designed for the modern healthcare needs of employees.


Employee-specific policies
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ACKO Health offers the option to customise plans. Employees can add family members to the policy and enhance the coverage with top-ups and add-ons.


Holistic health benefits
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Ensure your employees’ physical and mental well-being with preventive check-ups, access to mental health experts, and online doctor consultations with ACKO Health.


Something for everyone
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Amp up the employee engagement quotient with ACKO Health’s benefits like fitness tracking, ordering medicines at a discount, and much more.