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7 ways to motivate employees under adverse conditions

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Productivity is often fuelled by inner peace. However, a personal or professional crisis can take a toll on a person’s mindset and disrupt inner peace. Such circumstances tend to lower the morale of people, which usually impacts their life, work, and health as well. 

Being an employer or a manager, you should find ways to motivate employees under adverse conditions. The right guidance, empathy and acknowledgement can help employees remain motivated and overcome their problems. Here are 7 ways of motivating employees under adverse conditions.




Different ways of motivating employees under adverse conditions

Your team members will need you the most when they are struggling. Here are some ways of motivating employees under adverse conditions. 

1. Cheer them with appreciation 

A person going through tough times can easily lose the motivation to give their best at work if not appreciated from time to time. For example, a team member might lose their willpower to work if not appreciated even after they push hard to meet deadlines and deliver. Recognition is essential to provide a constant push to employees so they don’t lose confidence. 

  • You can conduct a team meeting or send an email looping the whole team to appreciate the contribution of an employee. 

  • Plus, you can share rewards, gift cards or vouchers as a form of appreciating an employee’s performance regarding a demanding project. 

2. Be their support system

Every person is unique, and so are their problems and difficulties. Your support and empathy would mean a lot to an employee who is facing a crisis. 

  • Schedule weekly team and one-on-one meetings to make yourself aware of the issues your employees may be facing. 

  • Show support by asking if they are facing any problems and what sort of support they would want from you. 

  • You have to make proactive efforts to cultivate a sense of belonging. Showing empathy can help employees gather the strength to get out of adverse conditions. 

  • Keep communicating with them to notice if they are feeling overwhelmed and discuss ways in which you can help them. 

3. Relieve their stress with work flexibility

Each employee manages work and life together. Sometimes, personal responsibilities can collide with professional work leading to an imbalance, and employees might have a lot on their plates. For example, looking after a young kid, attending meetings at the child’s school, doctor appointments, caring for the elderly at home, etc. Flexibility at work can ease the burden on employees to an extent. 

  • You can allow flexible hours considering the valid reasons presented by an employee. 

  • Allow Work From Home, so they can take care of their household activities without compromising the project deadlines. 

4. Give an opportunity to thrive

Employees are more likely to deliver their best when given opportunities to thrive. They should get an opportunity to choose the type of work they want to do as much as possible. 

  • Plus, there should be opportunities to climb the corporate ladder consistently. 

  • You must review the workplace policy and make changes to add growth potential for every employee.

5. Make sure they are heard

Employees who are not heard by the management may feel like just a means to an end for the company. 

  • You need to convey with your actions that the employees matter to your organisation as individuals. 

  • Which is why it’s necessary to offer an environment that encourages open communication between employees and the management. 

  • Allow them to ask questions and be truthful while answering them.

6. Establish employee-friendly policies

Crafting employee-friendly policies would bring concrete changes according to the work environment you want to create for your team. 

  • The right way of doing it would be to ask the point of view of your team and formulate policies accordingly. 

  • You can conduct one-on-one informal meetings or a company-wide survey to learn about the policies your team wants.

7. Adopt holistic well-being 

The productivity and well-being of your employees go hand in hand. It means that if you want your employees to be on top of their game, you must make particular efforts to ensure they feel valued and cared for. 

  • An important initiative would be providing them with health insurance. It will create an environment of being valued and cared for within your company.

  • ACKO’s Group Health Insurance offers benefits like health checkups, free doctor consultations, accident-related covers, etc. 

  • Moreover, it includes coverage for mental health wellness, allowing employees to consult with therapists to tackle adverse circumstances. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the common questions and answers regarding motivating employees under adverse conditions.


Why should a manager be concerned about employee motivation?

Employees can perform their best when they are motivated. Hence, a manager or an employer must make efforts towards employee motivation. 

What does an employee need in adverse situations?

Support and empathy can go a long way when it comes to helping employees in adverse conditions. 

Does ACKO offer Group Health Insurance for small businesses?

Yes, you can purchase Group Health Insurance for your employees from ACKO, even if you have a small team.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content, and before making any insurance-related decisions.


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