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The Biggest Advantages of Buying Insurance From ACKO

Team AckoMar 1, 2023

Did you know that 8 crore* plus consumers in India trust ACKO with their insurance needs?

ACKO is not an insurance agent or middleman. We are a tech-first insurance company registered with the IRDAI. So, we create our own insurance products and we sell directly to the customer, instead of going through platforms or through dealers and agents. Starting from car and bike insurance to electronics insurance and even travel insurance, ACKO operates across business verticals and customer needs. 

So when you buy your insurance from ACKO, you’re buying directly from the insurer, and not going through third party aggregators or agents. Why is this important to note? And how does it make a difference? Well, it does! 

Advantages of Buying Insurance from ACKO



    Here are the biggest advantages of buying ACKO Insurance:   

    1. You Save Money On Your Premiums :

    When you buy directly from the insurance company versus going through middlemen, you stand to save significantly on your premiums. 

    Insurance products typically have commission included in the premiums that they charge the customer. This commission is paid to the agents who make the sale. When you buy your vehicle insurance directly from ACKO, there are no middlemen or agents involved. 

    So that means: zero commissions! We don’t pay commissions to any agent or middleman. And we pass on those savings to you, the customer, as super low premiums. 

    That means you stand to gain way more bang for your buck when buying an insurance policy, whether it’s by getting more add-ons for your policy, a significantly higher IDV, and so on.

    2. You Can Contact Us Directly:

    In case you’re facing an issue, you don’t have to go through your agent or middleman to get in touch with us. You can contact us directly through our round the clock customer service team and address any questions or grievances directly and receive fast answers and resolutions.

    3. It’s A Rewarding Relationship:

    Once you’re part of the ACKO family, there are a number of benefits that you have access to. Whether it’s a handy app, competitive premiums or even just a hassle-free insurance experience that’s free of paperwork, being an ACKO customer is rewarding in more ways than one. 

    4. Everything’s On The App:

    Whether you need a copy of your insurance documents or want to track the status of your claim, you can get everything you need, right on the ACKO app. No more contacting different people for different things or jumping through hoops to procure copies of documents. 

    In fact, you can even edit your policy right on the app and download a copy of your modified insurance document in minutes! That’s how convenient it is when you buy directly from ACKO. 

    ACKO is the better choice

    When it comes to insurance, make sure you Check ACKO for big savings and better service.


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