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Road Tax in Delhi: Complete Guide on Calculation, Rates & Online Payment

Team AckoJul 11, 2023

Delhi, the national capital and a thriving cosmopolitan metropolitan city, is where the ancient and modern coexist in perfect harmony, serving as a reminder of the nation's rich heritage and prosperous present.

If you are a vehicle owner commuting daily on Delhi roads, paying the Delhi road tax is a requisite. The state governments utilise the revenue they receive in the form of road tax to maintain the infrastructure of roads and construct new ones. This article discusses the Delhi road tax to help you understand the different charges and how to pay for the same.




Delhi Road Tax

Every vehicle owner in Delhi, irrespective of the category of vehicle driven by them, is obligated to pay the RTO charges in Delhi in addition to the registration fees under the Delhi Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1962.

It is similar to other law-mandated rules like having valid bike/car insurance for your vehicle, holding a valid DL, etc.

The laws and protocols regarding the computation of taxes for various vehicles differ in each state.

As a resident of Delhi, to pay the Delhi road tax, you must be aware of the state's road tax itinerary to abide by the established regulations.

Calculation of Delhi Road Tax

All vehicle owners in Delhi are liable to pay the road tax evaluated and collected by the Delhi Regional Transportation Office (RTO).

The state government is liable to impose  Delhi road tax by computing it based on specific criteria. These parameters set by the government that influence the calculation of road tax for vehicles are as follows:

1. Seating capacity of the vehicle - The number of passengers it can accommodate

2. Vehicle category - Whether it is a two-wheeler or holds a four-wheeler status.

3. Age of the vehicle - The vehicle's IDV differs in relation to its age, with the road tax varying accordingly.

4. Engine capacity - Engine sizes are segregated into slabs in cc for the computation of road taxes.

5. Purpose of use - Whether the vehicle's intended use is for personal or professional purposes.

You may determine the amount RTO charges in Delhiby following the technique outlined in theDelhi Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1962.

Road Tax in Delhi for Two-Wheelers

Delhi road tax for two-wheelers is subject to the engine's cubic capacity, with tax rates being evaluated based on the same.

The applicable Delhi road tax concerning two-wheeled personal or private automobiles is displayed in the table below.

Passenger Vehicle Type

Tax Applicable Annually

Motorcycles with engines under 50 cubic capacity (Mopeds, Auto Cycles) 

Rs.. 650

Motorcycles and scooters over 50 cc

Rs.. 1,220


Rs.. 1,525

Motorcycles with trailers

Rs.. 1,525.00 + Rs.. 465.00

Road Tax in Delhi for Four-Wheelers

The vehicle's seating capacity, age, make, and model are some of the factors upon which the four-wheeler taxes in Delhi vary, the weight being the primary one. The RTO charges in Delhi regarding four-wheelers are outlined in the table below.

Vehicle Category

Road Tax Applicable

Motorcars under 1,000 kilograms

Rs.. 3,815

Cars weighing over 1,000 kilograms but not exceeding 1,500 kg

Rs.. 4,880

Cars weighing over 1,500 kilograms but under 2,000 kilograms 

Rs.. 7,020

Motorcars with a weight of above 2,000 kilograms

Rs.. 7,020+ Rs.. 4,570+ Rs.. 2,000 for each additional 1,000 kg

Road Tax for Goods Carrying Vehicles in Delhi

The Delhi tax applicable to commercial vehicles is assessed and determined based on their passenger capacity.

The tax structure regarding commercial vehicles is depicted in the table below.

Vehicle's Passenger Capacity

Annual Road Tax Payable

No more than 2, the driver not included

Rs.. 305

More than two but only up to 4, excluding the driver and conductor

Rs.. 405

Above 4 but 6 at the most, the driver and conductor excluded 

Rs.. 1,130

As many as 6 but not exceeding 18, except the driver and conductor 

Rs.. 1,915

Over and above 18, excluding the driver and conductor

Rs.. 1,915 for up to 18 passengers plus an extra Rs.. 280 for every additional passenger above that.

Additionally, the Delhi road tax payable annually for auto rickshaws is Rs. 305.

Road Tax in Delhi for Commercial Vehicles

The Delhi Government levies a road tax on vehicles used for transporting goods as part of the associated road tax for commercial freight vehicles. The table below illustrates a breakdown of the Delhi road tax imposed on goods-carrying vehicles.

Loading Potential of Goods Vehicle

Annually Applicable Road Tax

Under a tonne 

Rs.. 665

Beyond 1 tonne but within 2 tonnes

Rs.. 940

Above 2 tonnes but below 4 tonnes

Rs. 1,430

More than 4 tonnes but under 6 tonnes

Rs. 1,915

Above 6 tonnes but not exceeding 8 tonnes

Rs. 2,375

Beyond 8 tonnes but less than 9 tonnes

Rs. 2,865

Exceeding 9 tonnes but within 10 tonnes

Rs. 3,320

Above and beyond 10 tonnes

Rs. 3,320+ Rs. 470 per tonne

How to Pay Delhi Road Tax Online

All motor vehicle categories, including private or personal automobiles and commercial vehicles, are subject to a Delhi road tax levied by the government.

In addition to using the traditional offline payment method, you can now pay Delhi road tax digitally for a seamless experience. Follow the procedure mentioned below to pay Delhi road tax online:

1. Visit the Delhi Transport Department portal, which will redirect you to the official Parivahan website.

2. Register by entering a valid email address and mobile number and verify your new account through an activation link.

3. Navigate to the 'Online Services' tab and fill in your vehicle's registration number to generate an OTP.

4. Select the 'Vehicle Tax Payment' option.

5. Enter all the required information and other relevant details and verify the same.

6. Select your preferred payment method from the available online payment modes and make the payment.

7. You may download a copy of the receipt for your reference upon successful payment.

Mentioned below are steps you must follow if you wish to pay road tax offline in Delhi:

1. Visit the nearest Delhi RTO office with all relevant vehicle registration documents.

2. Request a road tax payment form from the RTO official.

3. Submit the form after filling in all necessary details with mandatory documents and the road tax fee.

4. Once done, you shall be provided with a payment receipt which you must keep safe for future records.

Penalty for Non-Payment of Road Tax in Delhi

The payment of a one-time road tax in Delhi is required of all registered vehicle owners. As per section 11 of the Delhi Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1962, failure to do so within the allotted time can subject you to hefty penalties and steep fines.

Defaulters may be charged a portion of the cost of their vehicle as a penalty in addition to the initially applicable road tax. However, you may settle your overdue taxes from the comfort of your home thanks to online Delhi road tax payments.

A point to be noted is that an individual who drives his/her vehicle from another state to Delhi and has previously paid the applicable road tax at his/her state's RTO is exempt from paying any further tolls for up to 90 days.

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The Bottom Line

Every vehicle owner in Delhi must abide by the law by paying the applicable Delhi road taxlevied on them. Be certain to settle all tax dues promptly to steer clear of hefty fines.

As a vehicle owner, you must also keep your precious possession as secure as possible by purchasing motor insurance. ACKO has you covered with our diverse range of insurance plans for all your requirements, along with various add-ons for superior coverage.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions related to Delhi Road Tax.


Can I verify my vehicle’s validity by its registration number?

Yes, you can. The procedure is as follows:

●Visit the official website of the Delhi Transport Department.

●Click on the 'vehicle registration' tab.

●Fill in your vehicle’s registration number as prompted and tap on the search button.

● Your vehicle’s registration data, comprising the expiry date, will be projected on the screen.

Where can I clear my vehicle tax?

You may deposit your vehicle tax physically through a local RTO through cash or demand draft.

To pay your vehicle tax online, visit the Parivahan portal and follow all the steps outlined in the article. You may use your preferred payment method, be it debit/credit card or net banking, to pay the taxable amount.

Can I drive a vehicle from a different state in Delhi?

Yes, you may, as long as your vehicle is registered at the Delhi RTO.

Transferring your out-of-state registration or applying for a new registration are options you can explore. Depending upon the category of vehicle you’re driving and its engine size, you must pay the road tax after registering it.

Which vehicles are exempt from paying road tax in Delhi?

Under the Delhi Motor Vehicles Taxation act, vehicles used for agricultural purposes on the registered owner's property are pardoned from paying Delhi road tax.

These actions involve:

●Planting, tilling, reaping.

●Transporting fertiliser, pesticides, seeds, etc.

●Moving agricultural produce to storage places and carrying them to the market thereafter.

Within what duration should the road tax be paid?

Road taxes should be paid once for personal or non-commercial vehicles. However, they are to be paid monthly, annually, or half-yearly for commercial and passenger vehicles.

Do we need to pay road tax multiple times in Delhi?

Suppose you purchased a vehicle in Delhi and paid the respective lifetime road tax but later wished to shift your residence to another state. You must re-register your vehicle there and pay the road tax according to the new state.

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