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Road Tax in Kerala: Complete Guide on Calculation, Rates & Online Payment

Team AckoJul 5, 2023

Kerala offers incredible experiences to tourists as much as the locals, who enjoy staying there. The famed Keralan backwaters are a thing of beauty that is best witnessed with your own eyes.

The tropical state is a good place to live out a peaceful retirement. If you are planning to stay in Kerala for the long term, you would need to know about vehicle ownership (so you can get around independently) and road taxes in Kerala.

This article will enlighten you about Kerala road tax online to make your life a little bit simpler when living there.




Road Tax in Kerala

Payment of road tax is mandatory if you buy a vehicle. It is one of the crucial processes after a vehicle purchase.

Other mandatory rules include having a valid bike or car insurance and holding a valid Driving Licence if you wish to own and drive a vehicle.

If you wish to own a vehicle in Kerala, it is essential to know how taxes work here.

Kerala imposes road tax based on the Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1976 (Amended 2020). Various aspects are considered for deciding the applicable tax on different vehicles, for example:

  • Intended use of the vehicle

  • Passenger capacity

  • Engine rating

  • Age

Additionally, your vehicle may also be liable for a Green Tax based on the age of your vehicle. Older vehicles are an environmental hazard; hence a Green Tax would be applicable.

Kerala Road Tax Calculation

Road tax in Kerala is supposed to be paid on a one-time basis when you purchase your vehicle. The amount of tax due to the government is determined depending on the following factors:

  • Whether you are buying a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler

  • Whether the vehicle is for personal or other uses

  • Whether you have a car registered in another state for use in Kerala

The factors listed above change the value of road tax in Kerala. It is best to read the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act to determine which class your vehicle falls in for exact tax calculations. Alternatively, you can check online for Kerala road tax calculator tools to help you arrive at the right figure.

Two-wheeler Road Tax in Kerala

Taxes for two-wheelers are different from road taxes for cars in Kerala. The table below displays the road tax applicable if you purchase a new two-wheeler in Kerala:

Class of two-wheeler

Applicable one-time tax

New motorcycles, including two-wheelers that have mechanisms or attachments to propel the vehicle with mechanical power, according to the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1976 in Kerala, up to Rs. 1 Lakh in value, other than electric vehicles

10% of purchase value

For purchase value between Rs 1 Lakh and Rs 2 Lakhs

12% of the purchase value

For purchase value over Rs 2 Lakhs

21% of the purchase value

This tax rate is applicable for a privately owned vehicle with two wheels that is not being used for commercial or any other purposes. 

Road Tax in Kerala for Three-wheelers

You are liable to pay road tax in Kerala if you come to be in possession of three-wheeler vehicles. The table below shows the amount of tax owed to the state for the ownership of a three-wheeler vehicle:


Quarterly Tax Applicable

One-Time Tax Applicable

Three Wheelers (tri-cycles and cycle Rickshaws) other than electric vehicles

Rs. 45

8% of the purchase value of the vehicle 

Road Tax in Kerala for Four-wheelers

Road tax in Kerala applicable to four-wheelers depends on the cost of the vehicle. The tax rate is typically a percentage of the vehicle's purchase value, also depending on the engine capacity rating in cc. The table below shows road tax in Kerala for four-wheelers:

Vehicle Class

Tax Percentage of Total Vehicle Cost

Private vehicles and motor cars (personal use, NTV) of purchase value up to Rs 5 lakhs


Vehicles costing between Rs 5 lakhs and Rs 10 lakhs


Vehicles costing between Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 15 lakhs


Vehicles costing between Rs 15 lakhs and Rs 20 lakhs


Vehicles costing over Rs 20 lakhs


Commercial Vehicles Road Tax in Kerala

Road tax in Kerala for commercial vehicles is payable on a 5-year basis. The table below shows the commercial road tax rates:


5-year Tax

Motorcycles, mechanically powered two-wheelers

Rs 900

Three-wheelers, rickshaws, mechanically-operated tricycles

Rs 900

New auto-rickshaws

Rs 2,500

Old taxis

Rs 7,000

Tourism taxis

Rs 8,500

Motor cars less than 750 kgs in weight

Rs 6,400

Road tax for Other State Vehicles in Kerala

For vehicles with registration belonging to other states, the road tax in Kerala is as follows:

Age in Years

Tax in Percentage of Purchase Value

< 1 year


1 to 2 years


2 to 3 years


3 to 4 years


4 to 5 years


5 to 6 years


6 to 7 years


7 to 8 years


8 to 9 years


9 to 10 years


10 to 11 years


11 to 12 years


12 to 13 years


13 to 14 years


14 to 15 years


How to Pay Kerala Road Tax Online?

Follow the steps outlined below to swiftly pay road tax in Kerala through the online method:

  • Open the Motor Vehicles Department webpage.

  • Click on the 'Vehicles' tab.

  • On the page displayed, click on the 'eTax - Online Tax Payment' option.

  • Provide the last five digits of your chassis number and the vehicle number in the fields.

  • Your vehicle details will appear. Now fill in your Aadhar number, mobile number and email.

  • Provide any details that the portal requests and click 'Next.'

  • Your tax details will be displayed.

  • Make your payment through the preferred payment method.

If you would wish to pay the road tax in Kerala offline, you can do so in the following steps:

  • Visit the nearest RTO office in your city.

  • At the single window, request a Parivahan Tax Form.

  • Fill out the form and submit it to the single-window officer along with the tax amount you are liable to pay.

  • Collect your receipt for road tax in Kerala.

Penalty for Non-Payment of Road Tax in Kerala

The penalty for the non-payment of road tax in Kerala is very straightforward. For those who miss out on paying the taxes for the first time, the penalty is Rs 100. For those who have repeated the offence, the penalty is fixed at Rs. 200.

List of Motor Insurance Plans in Kerala

Kerala, for all its beauty and abundance, is a state that is meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace and with complete peace of mind. This includes opting for insurance plans that provide you with the best coverage no matter the situation or the type of vehicle you own.

To that end, ACKO provides the most comprehensive insurance plans for all types of motor vehicles in Kerala, covering all purposes and ownerships.

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Commercial Car Insurance

Wrapping Up

Road tax in Kerala isn't expensive when paid on time. It is your duty as a law-abiding citizen to ensure that all the liabilities on your vehicles are squared off well before deadlines.

Doing so helps the government maintain the road-based infrastructure in the state and ensure the requisite road safety standards. Road tax in Kerala, much like any other tax you pay to the government, is utilised to improve the quality of life for the citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the common answers to the most asked questions related to Kerela road Tax.


How can I check the validity of my vehicle in Kerala with the registration number?

There are two ways to check vehicle validity in Kerala:

  • By using the Parivahan website and entering your registration details.

  • By using the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department website.

Where can I pay my vehicle tax in Kerala?

Kerala allows you to pay your vehicle tax in two ways:

  • By visiting the RTO office and applying for tax payments.

  • By paying taxes online either through the Parivahanwebsite or Motor Vehicles Department website.

What is the window to pay road taxes in Kerala?

Typically, road tax in Kerala is supposed to be paid within 15 days of the purchase of the vehicle. From then onwards, the payment frequency may be quarterly, like in the case of some two-wheelers. For new vehicles, a one-time tax is supposed to be paid within a fortnight.

How can I check my road tax in Kerala?

Road tax in Kerala can be checked online by visiting either of the two websites:

All you need is your registration number and your mobile phone to verify the one-time password to check the status of your taxes.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.


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