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Road Tax in Mizoram: Complete Guide on Calculation, Rates and Payment

Team AckoApr 10, 2024

Mizoram, one of the most mesmerising among the seven sister states, is blessed with natural beauty and pleasant weather. The state is known for its lush green landscapes, picturesque views, and friendly people.

Mizoram is a popular tourist destination with a lot to offer to visitors. People who have recently shifted to the beautiful state of Mizoram or are travelling there for a vacation can find all information regarding the mandatory road tax in Mizoram levied by the Mizoram State Government below.




Mizoram Road Tax

The Mizoram State Government levies the requisite road tax on all vehicle owners as per the provisions of The Mizoram Motor Vehicles (Taxation) (Amendment) Act, 2019.

The road tax levied varies as per vehicle type and category. The Mizoram State Government generally utilises the road tax collected to maintain the existing roads of Mizoram and build new ones to facilitate easier movement of vehicles across the state.

Mizoram Road Tax Calculation

You can refer to the RTO website to calculate the road tax payable. Enter the required information, such as your vehicle type, engine capacity, and registration period, to get the exact tax amount payable.

The rates for road tax in Mizoram are:

Vehicle (type) Tax rate (%)
Motorcycles 12
Light motor vehicles 14
Heavy motor vehicles 16

The amount of road tax payable can be calculated using the following formula:

Amount of road tax = [{( Vehicle-type rate )x (Vehicle list price )} / 100]

Road tax in Mizoram is calculated based on the vehicle's engine capacity. The tax rates are as follows:

Vehicles with engine capacity up to 1000cc Rs. 500
Vehicles with engine capacity between 1001cc and 1500cc Rs. 1000
Vehicles with engine capacity between 1501cc and 2000cc Rs. 1500
Vehicles with engine capacity between 2001cc and 3000cc Rs. 2500
Vehicles with engine capacity over 3000cc Rs. 4000

To calculate the road tax, we can use the following formula:-

[Specified rate by the Engine Capacity (x) cubic centimetres (CC)].

For example, for a vehicle with an engine capacity of 1200cc, the road tax would be Rs. 1000 (1000 x 1.2).

Road Tax in Mizoram for Two-Wheelers

The road tax rates for two-wheelers in Mizoram have been discussed in the table below:

Age of Vehicle Tax levied for capacity up to 100 cc (Rs) Tax levied for capacity above 100 cc (Rs)
(New) up to 1 year 1,500 3,000
1-2 years old 1,400 2,800
2-3 years old 1,300 2,600
3-4 years old 1,200 2,400
5-6 years old 1,000 2,000
6-7 years old 900 1,800
7-8 years old 800 1,600
8-9 years old 700 1,400
9-10 years old 600 1,200
10-11 years old 500 1,000
11-12 years old 400 800
12-13 years old 300 600
13-14 years old 200 400
(More than) 14 years 100 200

Road Tax in Mizoram for Three-Wheelers

The applicable Road tax in Mizoram for three-wheelers is very reasonable. The rates are mentioned in the table below:

For petrol-driven three-wheelers Rs 500/-
For diesel-driven three-wheelers Rs 1,000/-

The above rates are for new vehicles. For old vehicles, the rates are as follows:

For petrol-driven three-wheelers Rs 300/-
For diesel-driven three-wheelers Rs 600/-

Road Tax in Mizoram for Four-Wheelers 

A vehicle's total engine displacement determines the Mizoram road tax for four-wheeler vehicles. The Regional Transport Officer (RTO) collects the tax during the vehicle's registration.

The following table details the road taxes to be paid by four-wheeler vehicle owners:

Age of Vehicle Tax levied for capacity up to 800cc (Rs) Tax levied for capacity from 801 cc to 1000cc (Rs)
New, up to 1 year 11250 12750
1 year - 2 years old 10500 11900
2 - 3 years old 9750 11050
3 - 4 years old 9000 10200
4 - 5 years old 8250 9350
5 to 6 years old 7500 8500
6 - 7 years old 6750 7650
7 - 8 years old 6000 6800
8 - 9 years old 5250 5950
9 - 10 years old 4500 5100
10 - 11 years old 3750 4250
11 - 12 years old 3000 3400
12 - 13 years old 2250 2550
13 - 14 years old 1500 1700
(More than) 14 years 750 850

Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Mizoram

The Mizoram state government levies road tax on commercial vehicle owners as well. The amount of road tax to be paid depends on the type and size of the vehicle, as can be seen below: 

Vehicle (type) Tax rate
Light commercial vehicles Rs. 500
Medium commercial vehicles Rs. 1000
Heavy commercial vehicles Rs. 2000

Road Tax for Other State Vehicles in Mizoram

According to the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, anyone whose vehicle is not registered in Mizoram but is still running on its roads is obligated to pay a taxable amount. The tax amount payable depends on the vehicle's ex-showroom price, as seen below:

Vehicle (type) Tax rate
Private cars and two-wheelers 5% of the vehicle's ex-showroom price
Commercial vehicles 8% of the vehicle's ex-showroom price

How to Pay Mizoram Road Tax Online?

Mizoram has an online portal for payment of road tax. The process for payment of road tax is as follows:

  1. Visit the Vahan Parivahan website

  2. Enter the required details such as name, address, contact number, email id, vehicle registration number, etc.

  3. Choose the mode of payment (online by credit/debit card or through net banking)

  4. Make the payment

  5. Upon successful payment, a receipt will be generated, which needs to be printed and kept for future reference.

People can also pay the applicable road tax online on the Parivahan website.

Those who do not have access to online facilities can pay the road tax in Mizoram offline at the RTO office. The procedure is as follows:

1. Fill up the application form for road tax payment and submit it at the RTO office.

2. Make the payment through cash/cheque/DD.

3. Collect the receipt and keep it safe for future reference.

Penalty for Non-payment of Road Tax in Mizoram

If you fail to pay your road tax in Mizoram, you will be liable to pay the penalty. The penalty amount will depend on the vehicle type and the period for which the tax has not been paid, as can be seen in the table below:

Vehicle (type) Applicable Penalty Rate (Rs)
Two-wheelers Rs. 200 for each month or part thereof during which the offence continues.
Three-wheelers Rs. 500 for each month or part thereof, during which the offence continues.
Medium and heavy motor vehicles Rs. 1,000 for each month or part thereof during which the offence continues.

List of Different Motor Insurance Plans

As per the mandate of theMotor Vehicles Act of 1988, all vehicle owners should purchase auto insurance. Failure to comply with the mandate regarding the purchase of the same may result in unwanted penalties being levied on the concerned owners.

The table below displays several motor insurance plans in Mizoram that people can opt for from reputed insurance providers like ACKO:

Car Insurance Bike Insurance
Comprehensive Car Insurance Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Third-Party Car Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Commercial Car Insurance

Final Word

All vehicle owners residing in Mizoram and people motoring through the state must pay road tax in Mizoram mandatorily, as levied by the State Government in accordance with theMizoram Motor Vehicles (Taxation) (Amendment) Act, 2019.

They should also remember to purchase their vehicular insurance coverage policies from reputed insurance providers such as ACKO, as buying the same protects them against undue expenditure in case of any potential mishap.

ACKO is the perfect place to start. We can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next vehicle purchase. We also offer online payment options so that you can take care of everything from one convenient location. Contact us today to get started! 

Frequently Asked Questions



What Kinds of Cars Do Not Have to Pay the Mizoram Road Tax?

As per the latest rules and regulations, the following vehicles are exempted from paying road tax in Mizoram:

  1. Two-wheelers with engine capacity not exceeding 50 cc

  2. Electric vehicles

  3. Hybrid vehicles

  4. CNG/LPG-fueled vehicles

  5. Vehicles registered under the diplomatic corps

Can I Check the Validity of My Vehicle with the Registration Number?

Yes, you can check the validity of your vehicle by its registration number. The RTO office in Mizoram is located at Aizawl. The contact details are as follows:

Where Can I Pay My Vehicle Tax?

You can pay your vehicle tax at any of the following locations:

1. The Mizoram Road Transport Authority (MRTA) office

2. The Regional Transport Office (RTO)

3. The District Transport Office (DTO)

4. The Sub-Regional Transport Office (SRTO)

5. Any authorised bank or financial institution

Can I Drive Another State Vehicle in Mizoram?

Yes, you can drive another state vehicle in Mizoram as long as the vehicle has a valid registration and is insured. You will need to pay the applicable road tax and RTO charges for the car.

Within How Many Days Should the Road Tax Be Paid?

In Mizoram, the road tax must be paid within 15 days from the date of purchase or acquisition of the vehicle. After that, a late payment fee of 10% will be levied on the total road tax amount.

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