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Ludhiana Traffic e-Challan Status Online

TeamAckoMar 26, 2024

Punjab Traffic Police has embraced e-Challans, a digital solution for traffic violations. It allows authorities to issue e-challans for traffic violations in Ludhiana, ensuring a seamless and efficient penalty system. 

Ludhiana Traffic e-Challan

This paperless solution has replaced traditional challans, making it easier for both the traffic police and vehicle owners. The e-challan Ludhiana initiative ensures transparency and efficiency, holding citizens accountable for traffic violations. 



Understanding Traffic e-Challans and Their Importance

Traffic challans are digital or physical documents issued by traffic police or transport authorities against a motorist for violating traffic rules. The e-challan Ludhiana serves as an official record of the violation, acting as a deterrent against traffic misconduct and discouraging irresponsible driving behaviours on our roads.

Penalties for Some Common Traffic Violations

Traffic Violation


Driving without a licence 

Rs. 5000 


Rs. 1000-2000

Not wearing a helmet/seatbelt 

Rs. 1000

Drunk driving 

Rs. 10,000

Red Light Jumping 

Using mobile while driving 

Rs. 1,000 - 5,000

Rs. 5000

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned fines and its conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the governing authorities.

After learning about e-challan, you must also know that it is important to stay insured as well. With ACKO's comprehensive car insurance and two-wheeler insurance you can protect yourself against potential traffic-related incidents and losses. With ACKO’s vehicle insurance policies, you also get handy add-ons like zero depreciation and engine protection for complete peace of mind on the road.

These comprehensive insurance offerings from ACKO cover damages to your vehicle and third-party liabilities due to accidents, all while giving you access to additional benefits like personal accident cover. Driving without valid insurance is a serious offence under the Motor Vehicles Act and can result in an e-challan payment Ludhiana. 

Checking Your e-Challan Status in Ludhiana

Here are the step-by-step process to check the status of your e-challan in Ludhiana:

Through ACKO App

1. Click here to download the ACKO app from Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Log in using your registered mobile number or email ID.

3. Once logged in, click 'RTO Info' available in the menu.

4. Under 'RTO Info', select 'e-challan status'.

5. Input your vehicle registration number in the designated field and tap on 'Search'.

6. The next page will display all pending and paid challans against your vehicle.

Through ACKO Website


1. On the right hand side, you will find a challan widget.

2. Enter your car number.

3. Click on ‘Check Challan’ to know the status of your e challan. 


1. Locate the ‘Check Challan’ button at the bottom of this article.

2. Click on the button and enter your car number.

3. Check your Ludhiana police e-challan status seamlessly. 

Through Parivahan App

1. Visit the Parivahan website.

2. Click ‘Check Challan Status’ under 'Online Services'.

3. Enter your vehicle number or driving licence number, along with captcha code.

4. Hit 'Get Details' to view your e-challan status and details.

Through Ludhiana Traffic Police Website

  1. Visit the Ludhiana Traffic Police's official E-Challan portal.

  2. Click ‘Check Challan Status’.

  2. Enter your vehicle number and captcha code.

  3. Click 'Get Details' to view your e-challan status.

Paying Your Ludhiana e-Challan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to pay your Ludhiana e-challan payment:

On IFMS Punjab Website

1. Visit the Integrated Financial management System (IFMS) Punjab website.

2. Click the 'E-Challan Payment' link.

3. Enter the e-challan number.

4. Verify your details and proceed to make the payment through your preferred mode.

5. Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation message.

On Parivahan Website

1. Visit Parivahan's official website.

2. Click 'Online Services', then 'e-challan Payments'.

3. Input your e-challan number or vehicle number to search for outstanding challans.

4. Choose the ones you wish to clear and proceed to payment.

Safety Rules You Must Follow to Avoid Challans

Here are some of the safety rules you should follow to avoid receiving an e-challan in Ludhiana:

1. Strictly Follow Speed Limits: The speed limit within city limits typically stands at 50 km/h. Any violation of this can result in an e-challan.

2. Avoid Drunk Driving: This rule needs no introduction, given its grave repercussions.

3. Always Wear a Seatbelt or Helmet: Life matters more than convenience, doesn't it?

4. Do not Use Mobile While Driving: It is not just about fines; it is about your safety too.

5. Adhere to Traffic Signals and Signs: They exist for a reason - follow them.


Understanding and promptly paying your e-challan Ludhiana is more than a legal obligation. It contributes to safer roads and a more orderly traffic system in the city. Now that you know e-challan payment Ludhiana process and how to check your e-challan status Ludhiana, ensure you clear any pending fines promptly.

In addition to adhering to traffic laws, you must ensure your vehicle is adequately insured. ACKO's accessible and comprehensive insurance plans cater to diverse driving needs. To explore our range of insurance options tailor-made for the Indian driver, visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ludhiana Traffic e-Challan Status Online



Q1. Can I pay challan online in Punjab?

Visit the official website of Punjab traffic police. Click the ‘Pay now’ button and input the vehicle registration number or challan number. Verify the details and make the payment.

Q2. What is the rate of challan in Punjab for not wearing a helmet?

The penalty for not wearing a helmet while driving a two-wheeler is Rs.1000.

Q3. How to pay challan in Ludhiana?

You can make the payment either through the Parivahan website or Punjab transport's official website. 

Q4. What is the validity of challan payment?

After generation of challan (CRN), it is valid for 15 days. 


The information on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources, which may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.

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