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Latest Dubai Travel Guidelines in 2023

TeamAckoSept 13, 2023

Dubai is a tourist hub that welcomes hundreds of thousands of travellers like you every single day! The official airline of Dubai, Emirates Airlines, notes that almost ⅔ of the world's population lives within an 8 hour flight from Dubai! This hotspot oasis is the perfect place for the world to converge, dine, play, and work. Dubai is a literal diamond in the desert and a playground for the "experience collector". So, Habibi, come to Dubai! 

Post-COVID, travel restrictions have relaxed in Dubai, as tourists travel in crowds to the world's favourite holiday destination. However, you need to remember that, when you travel to Dubai, you need to follow the Dubai travel guidelines, which we'll cover in this article. We've noted the latest guidelines to share travel rules and regulations in 2023. 

Before you book your tickets to Dubai, take a look at these Dubai travel guidelines. 

Dubai Marina



Dubai Travel Guidelines in 2023

Dubai takes pride in being a modern, accessible, and organised city. As a traveller to Dubai, you'll be expected to follow Dubai's stringent safety and health measures while on vacation. Read more about Dubai travel guidelines below. 

General Dubai Travel Guidelines 

Valid Passport

First things first, be sure to have a valid passport when you travel to Dubai on vacation! If your passport is expiring, or invalid, you'll fall under the scary Inadmissible Passenger (INAD) status by the UAE immigration services and be denied entry. Your passport should have at least 6 months of validity before you travel to Dubai. 

Dubai Visa

Next, you will need a Dubai tourist visa if you're from a country that needs a pre-arranged visa. It's easy to apply for and get a visa to travel to Dubai. You can apply online, get a visa on arrival, or visit the embassy to apply. Some passports allow you to travel to Dubai visa free or by applying for a visa on arrival

Letter of Sponsorship

In addition to your passport and visa, you will have to provide a letter of sponsorship. Learn more about the sponsor letter below. 

Post-COVID Dubai Travel Regulations 

  • As of November 8, 2022, the COVID-19 Dubai travel guidelines have been removed or relaxed. 

  • When you fly to Dubai, you don't have to provide the immigration officers with negative PCR tests and/or COVID-19 vaccination and booster certificates. 

  • On the other hand, if you're travelling from or through Dubai on a layover, you may need to meet certain post-COVID travel restrictions. Several countries still enforce COVID-19 travel restrictions, so read up on your destination country's guidelines before you travel. 

Documents Required for Dubai Travel 

When you apply for a Dubai visa and travel, you'll need a set of official documents. The documents will prove your travel status, citizenship, and intent to return home after your delightful Dubai vacay. 

Valid Passport to Travel to Dubai 

To vacation in Dubai, you will need to apply for a tourist visa and also have a valid passport. The Dubai tourist visa requirements are straightforward and it is easy to apply for this tourist visa from anywhere in the world. 

  • To apply for the Dubai tourist visa, you'll need to scan and upload your passport with at least 6 months of validity. 

  • In addition, you have to upload 2 blank pages of your passport, along with a scanned copy of your photograph. 

  • Finally, you have to attach your confirmed return flight tickets to prove you won't be living in Dubai (but that's for another article!). 

An interesting thing to note about the UAE visa is that you will need to provide a sponsor letter. Many tourists continue to stay in Dubai without a valid tourist visa, or want to move there instead. A sponsor in Dubai acts as a mediator to vouch for travellers and to say that they will return to their home country after their vacation to Dubai. Having a sponsor is a requirement under the Dubai travel guidelines. 

Your sponsor in Dubai can be a company or an individual who will represent you while you're in the city. Usually, your sponsor will be a local or resident of Dubai. The sponsor will be responsible for helping you respond to official requests. Sponsors could be the hotel you're staying at, a travel agency, the airlines you are travelling on, or family and friends who are locals or UAE residents. Uphold the sanctity of your sponsorship while you're in Dubai! 

Visa for Dubai 

Did you know Dubai tourist visa validity periods start from 48 hours and go all the way up to 6 months or 180 days? Depending on where you're from, and what the purpose of your stay is, you can apply for visas for a quick overnight tour of the city on a layover or a long (half) gap year or sabbatical. 

You will need to pay the visa fee while you're completing your application. Some visa application processes may include additional fees. Dubai tourist visa fees are non‑refundable. Flight ticket prices are also non-refundable if your visa was already issued and if you travelled on it already. You can expect your visa to be processed in 3 to 4 business days. 

Please note that a successful visa application does not necessarily ensure a successful entry into the UAE. The UAE immigration office may approve or reject Dubai visas on entry and at their discretion. The UAE immigration services determine Dubai travel guidelines in 2023.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa 

1. 2 colour photographs

2. A full-colour copy of your passport. 

  • Your passport should have a minimum of 6 months validity 

3. Download the visa application form 

4. Present a copy of your airline ticket

  • You need to furnish an onwards/return ticket as well 

5. Show sponsor letter 

Types of Dubai Tourist Visas 

When you go to Dubai on a holiday, you'll be using one of 2 types of tourist visas. The following are the 2 types of Dubai tourist visas. 

14-day Tourist Visa 

The 14-day tourist visa to Dubai allows you to stay in beautiful Dubai for 2 weeks. You can holiday within 2 months from the date of applying for this visa. Some passports allow you to get this 14-day visa upon arrival. 

30-day Tourist Visa 

You can stay in Dubai for up to 30 days with this visa. You're allowed to spend 30 days in Dubai within a 60 day period. This visa can be extended up to 10 days, if (and you probably will) you want to extend your fun-tatsic Dubai holiday! 

Dubai Travel At A Glance 

The song says that "all you need is one night in Dubai", but we're here to say you need more nights! Many visitors renew or extend their Dubai tourist visa because Dubai is that awesome, and we're pretty sure you will, too. Dubai has the best and biggest of everything in the entire world. From the tallest skyscraper to the biggest mall, it's all in Dubai. 

Check out this overview of Dubai and then apply for your visa! Dubai is waiting to amaze you with its iconic gold souks, thousands of famous restaurants, and of course attractions like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. 


  • Summer (June to August) 

    • 33 - 42°C

  • September to October (Fall) 

    • 25 - 38°C

  • November to March (Winter) 

    • 17 - 30 °C

  • April to May (Spring) 

    • 26 - 38°C

Average Tour Price 


  • Rs. 22,750


Dubai has surf, sand, and mountains. The natural bounty of Dubai makes the ideal setting for fun activities and cultural tours. 


  • Dune bashing in the desert 

  • Desert safari and evening desert camp

  • Jet Skiing in Dubai Marina 

  • Yachting with breakfast or dinner   

Cultural Activities 

  • Al Shindagha Museum

  • Museum of the Future 

  • Dubai Museum

  • Al-Serkal Avenue 

  • Al Fahidi Art District 


  • Dubai Shopping Festival, January to February 

  • Art Dubai, March 

  • Dubai International Film Festival, December 

  • Taste of Dubai, February 

  • Global Village, beginning of fall and good through until spring 


  • Eat on the sidewalk at Al-Fareej restaurant 

  • Lgaimat namaste Emirati sweet

  • Manousheh, an Emirati "Pizza"

  • Iranian sangak kebab

  • Chelo Kebab 

  • Al Harees soup 

  • Mandi, rice dish usually served with meat 


Ready to travel to beautiful Dubai and enjoy the marvels of this desert oasis? Be sure to follow the Dubai travel guideline in 2023 to enjoy your dream Dubai vacation! There's so much to see, do, and eat in Dubai. Your dream holiday destination is waiting for you. 

To make your holiday even better, apply for travel health insurance when you're far from home in Dubai. ACKO offers you travel insurance to cover you in case of illnesses or medical emergencies when you're far from home. In Dubai, your insurance from home may not be valid and if that's the case, it won't cover your medical expenses. Rest easy and relax on vacation knowing that you have travel insurance as your safety net.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions answered regarding latest dubai travel guidelines in 2023


Do I need a visa to enter Dubai?

Depending on where you're from, you may or may not require a visa to visit Dubai. Almost all passport holders can get a visa on arrival, and the rest can apply for a visa before travelling. 

How long can I stay in the UAE?

Dubai visas allow you to stay in the UAE from between 14 and 180 days. You will need to check the length of time depending on your passport and visa approval status. 

What is a sponsor letter for Dubai travel? 

A sponsor is a person or organisation who will represent you and vouch for you while you holiday in Dubai. You'll need to attach a sponsor letter when you apply for a tourist visa. 

Do I still need to show a vaccine certificate or PCR tests to go to Dubai? 

No, Dubai travel requirements have relaxed post-COVID, so you don't need to show vaccine certificates or PCR tests anymore. 

What is a valid passport to travel to Dubai?

Your passport needs to have at least 6 months validity if you're planning to apply for a Dubai visa. 

What documents do I need in order to apply for a Dubai visa? 

You need the following documents to apply for a Dubai visa:

  • 2 photographs

  • Photocopies of your passport

  • Printed visa application form 

  • Copy of airline ticket

  • Sponsor letter


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