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Benelli Imperiale 400 Bike Insurance

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Benelli Imperiale 400 Bike Insurance

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The Benelli Imperiale 400 is a sturdy bike designed for long rides across terrains. This also means that it is open to risks associated with such rides and terrain. An insurance policy is a good way to manage the financial aspect of these risks. Apart from being a mandatory legal requirement, buying a Benelli Imperiale 400 bike insurance can help you immensely to save money if the bike gets damaged. Read ahead to know about different types of bike insurance, details about the add-ons and frequently asked questions about Benelli Imperiale insurance.

Benefits of Purchasing ACKO Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Benelli Imperiale 400 Two-wheeler
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Purchasing online two-wheeler insurance has become easy over the years. ACKO has not only made it easier but also simpler and quicker. Here are the major benefits of buying Benelli Imperiale 400 bike insurance with ACKO.

1) Buy Quick
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It just takes three to five minutes to insure your bike via the ACKO website or the app. The process is so simplified that even someone without prior experience of transacting online can do it. You just have to enter bike details, select the plan, and make the payment. Your bike will be insured and the policy will be available for download.

2) Buy for Less
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You can buy bike insurance at a lower price than usual from ACKO. This is because of lower operational costs and no dependence on agents. The savings from these two fronts are translated into lower-priced plans without affecting the coverage.

3) Buy and Keep Calm
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With ACKO, claim settlement is as convenient as the policy purchase process. You just have to let the claims team know about the claim and they will handle the rest thanks to Cashless Claims and a tech-enabled, transparent claim settlement process.

Insurance Plans for Benelli Imperiale 400
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There are three ways to approach the types of plans available for Benelli Imperiale 400 in India. They are as follows.

1) Less Premium, Less Coverage
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Here, you can cover your Benelli Imperiale 400 with the basic Third-party Bike Insurance Plan/Liability-only Plan.

2) High Premium, High Coverage
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Here, you can cover your Benelli Imperiale 400 with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan and enjoy the benefits of the previous cover as well. The advantage of this one over the basic plan is that such a plan covers damages to the insured bike, which is not covered in the Liability-only option.

3) Higher Premium, Higher Coverage
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Here, you can cover your Benelli Imperiale 400 with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan and enhance the cover with add-ons. The add-ons cost more but in return offer specific and valuable coverage.

What’s Covered in Benelli Imperiale 400 Bike Insurance (Inclusions)
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Here’s a section on the inclusions of a Comprehensive Plan for a Benelli Imperiale 400 two-wheeler. The inclusions are a set of conditions that state that the insurer will cover the situations mentioned in the section. The points mentioned under the inclusions section of a policy can be different in different policies.

What’s Not Covered in Benelli Imperiale 400 Bike Insurance (Exclusions)
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This section is the opposite of the above section. Mentioned below are points where the insurance company shall not cover the insured bike. Such situations are known as exclusions and they are also different for different plans. Thus, it is suggested to go through the fine print to know in detail about the exclusions. Here’s an overview of the exclusions section of a bike insurance policy.

Add-ons for Benelli Imperiale 400
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You should consider the following add-ons for the high-end Benelli Imperiale 400. These aren’t standalone covers and need to be bought with a Comprehensive Plan.

Do not go all out without thinking when it comes to the add-ons. It can be tempting to buy as much insurance coverage as possible. But think practically. Do you need a Pillion Rider Cover? Ask such questions to yourself and then buy the suitable add-ons.

Claim Process
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Here’s an overview of the process to raise a claim against a Benelli Imperiale 400 policy.

Step 1: Raise a claim by contacting the insurance company.

Step 2: Share details about the incident for which you want to raise a claim.

Step 3: The insurance company will verify your policy details and check if it covers the incident. They will let you know if the reason is acceptable or not. If it is not acceptable, the application shall not be processed. It will if it is applicable.

Step 4: A claims inspector shall be assigned to your case and you will be required to comply with the executive.

Step 5: The claim shall be settled based on your chosen settlement process: Cashless or Reimbursement. In the Cashless Process, the insurer will directly pay the garage. In the Reimbursement Process, you will receive the applicable claim settlement amount in your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions
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The following questions and answers section will throw light upon recurring queries about a bike insurance policy for Benelli Imperiale 400. Note that the queries mentioned below are on broader lines.

For specific questions and answers, feel free to initiate a dialogue with the insurance company.


Considering the Benelli Imperiale 400 is a costly two-wheeler, will its insurance policy also be expensive?

Compared to the cost of an average bike insurance plan, the cost of a two-wheeler insurance policy for a bike like Benelli Imperiale 400 will be higher. The Third-party Policy rates are fixed but you can get a Comprehensive Policy at a lower cost as compared to the market price by checking out quotes from online insurers.

I noticed that my PIN code is asked while buying the policy? Is the policy’s cover restricted to that location or is the cover applicable elsewhere as well?

The PIN code has nothing to do with the coverage area. Usually, it is asked to understand the location where the bike is likely to be used so that the premium will be charged accordingly. The insurance cover shall not be applicable beyond the geographical boundaries of India.

I have already passed the Driving License test and I ride safely. So why do I need to buy insurance for my two-wheeler?

The compulsory aspect of the two-wheeler policy is related to the liability cover, which comes in the picture if you accidentally injure someone or damage someone’s property while riding the insured bike. It is not related to your bike-riding ability.

Does the Third-party Plan cover for damages done by the insured bike to a pedestrian walking on a footpath?

As per the Third-party policy, the insurer shall cover the pedestrian as per the terms and conditions of the plan.

Is Comprehensive Coverage enough or do I need add-ons as well?

The answer to this query can be yes and no depending upon your insurance requirements. Please assess your needs and then seek the cover. If you are confused, feel free to speak to the customer care executive of the insurance company.

I had bought the bike insurance via the offline mode. Is it possible to now renew it via the online mode?

Yes, you can renew your plan via the online mode even if it was purchased via the offline mode.

How can we reduce the Third-party Premium in a bike insurance plan?

The Third-party Premium in a bike insurance plan is determined by the regulator. Unlike the Comprehensive Plan, discounts do not apply to this plan. Therefore, you cannot reduce the premium. However, the regulatory body might reduce the premium as it usually revises it annually. It can increase as well after the revision.

Does No Claim Bonus mean I will get cash from the insurer?

No, you will not receive cash from the insurer but will receive a discount on the renewal premium if you meet the terms and conditions of the plan.

Can I try out the Comprehensive Coverage for two months and then decide if I want it or not?

Such a trial-period policy is not available. You can buy it for a year and then switch to a different plan easily while renewing the policy.

Is it possible to raise a claim within a month of purchasing the Comprehensive Plan?

Yes, you can raise a claim within a month of buying the bike insurance policy.