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Bike Insurance in Bhubaneswar

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Riding a two-wheeler in Bhubaneswar comes with its fair share of risks like accidents, theft, and natural disasters. Having a bike insurance policy helps protect bike owners from such unfortunate events and safeguards them from paying for damages from their own pockets.

Bike insurance in Bhubaneswar is mandatory by law. It is highly recommended, considering the city's traffic conditions and monsoon rains. A good bike insurance plan covers damages to your bike along with legal liabilities toward a third-party insurance. Read on as we explore the best bike insurance plans in Bhubaneswar, the benefits of buying from ACKO, the claims process, and more.

Bike Insurance Plans in Bhubaneswar
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When looking for bike insurance in Bhubaneswar, you will typically find the below major plans:

Third-party Bike Insurance Policy
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This basic bike insurance plan covers legal liabilities arising due to an accident involving your bike where a third party suffers losses. The policy pays for third-party property damage and bodily injury treatment costs. It does not cover any loss or damage to your own bike.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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Comprehensive bike insurance in Bhubaneswar covers the own damages along with third-party legal liabilities. It pays for the repair or total loss of your bike, along with damages to a third-party vehicle/property arising from an accident. One can also opt for add-on covers like zero depreciation, engine protector, etc.

Personal Accident (PA) Cover
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This provides coverage for injuries sustained or death of insured bike rider/owner due to a road accident. The policy pays out the insured amount as per policy terms. One should opt for PA cover as it is mandatory as per law..

Benefits of Buying Bike Insurance from ACKO in Bhubaneswar  
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Here are some great benefits of buying affordable bike insurance in Bhubaneswar from ACKO:

Cost-effective Policies  

ACKO offers comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans at low premiums in Bhubaneswar, which include own damage cover. The policies are light on the pockets without compromising on coverage benefits.

Hassle-free Claims  

Report your bike damage claims through the ACKO app and get quick claim approval, given all documents are in place. It ensures quick payouts and hassle-free repairs.

Seasonal Discounts  

One can benefit from ACKO's seasonal discounts, like monsoon offers on bike insurance purchases/renewals in Bhubaneswar. These help you save costs while getting adequate coverage.

Cashless Repairs  

ACKO has a network of authorised garages across Bhubaneswar for cashless repairs. You just pay the Depreciation Value to get your bike fixed without any hassles. 

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection  

Simply use your phone's camera at the time of purchase/renewal to get your bike insured in minutes. ACKO's bike insurance plans allow self-inspection without needing mechanics. 

24*7 Support

Get assistance through the process, from quote generation to claims, from ACKO's dedicated support team, which is available around the clock.

How to File a Bike Insurance Claim in Bhubaneswar with ACKO?
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Follow the below easy steps to raise a damage claim with ACKO on your insured two-wheeler in Bhubaneswar:

Step 1:  

Visit the ACKO website or mobile app and log in to your account. Locate your bike's insurance policy.

Step 2:   

Click on "Raise Claim" to initiate the process and fill in the details requested, such as accident location, cause, estimated loss amount, etc.

Step 3:

Upload clear photos showing the bike damages from different angles as visual proof and submit a claim request. 

Once you have raised the bike damage claim by providing the necessary information, ACKO will verify the details and initiate claim processing as per your policy terms and conditions. You can track updates on the ACKO app.

Challenges Faced By Bike Riders in Bhubaneswar
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Bhubaneswar's roads pose multiple risks for bike riders that need to be protected against by having adequate insurance.

1. Accidents:

2. Thefts:

Bike thefts see a major spurt during festive seasons as anti-social elements look to make quick money. Locked bikes parked in dark streets or garages get stolen overnight. Theft claims can be covered by insurance.

3. Monsoons:

Bhubaneswar receives heavy rainfall during monsoons, with waterlogging, flash floods and fallen trees compounding the problems for bike riders. Breakdowns are common, causing loss of time and money. Comprehensive insurance helps avoid repair costs.

4. Natural Disasters:

Being on the eastern coastal belt, Bhubaneswar often faces natural calamities like cyclones and floods, which extensively damage vehicles. Have adequate insurance to claim the required repairs or total loss settlements in such cases.

Having a robust bike insurance policy from ACKO helps Bhubaneswar bike owners overcome these multiple perils, risks and losses. Their efficient claims process also ensures you are back on the road quickly after any unfortunate incident.

How to Select the Best Bike Insurance Plan in Bhubaneswar?
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Here are useful tips on choosing suitable two-wheeler coverage in Bhubaneswar:

Compare Quotes
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Use online comparison tools to check quotes from insurers like ACKO before selecting the best premium and policy benefits.  

Evaluate Necessary Covers
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Analyse the bike insurance features you need – third-party or comprehensive cover, add-ons like NCB protection or zero depreciation etc. based on the bike's IDV, usage, etc.

Check Exclusions
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Review policy documents to identify exclusions like driving under the influence of alcohol, damage due to terrorism, war, etc. and see if major risks are covered.

Understand Claims Process
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Check insurers' claim settlement ratios, network garages for cashless repairs and app/website facilities for smooth claims. ACKO excels in these aspects.

Compare Rider Benefits
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See additional perks like personal accident protection, emergency assistance, bike towing services, daily conveyance allowance, etc., offered along with the main bike insurance policy.

Read Customer Reviews
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Check online reviews and testimonials for insurers to understand actual users' claims and service experience before purchasing your preferred bike plan.

Reasons to Buy/Renew Bike Insurance in Bhubaneswar
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Here are compelling reasons to keep your bike insured or renew existing cover:

A comprehensive cover shields you from high bike repair bills or total loss in case of mishaps, theft, riots, terrorist activities, etc., without paying anything from pocket.

Bike policies protect from third-party legal claims due to property damage, disability or death arising from accidents involving your two-wheeler.

Having coverage against unfortunate incidents gives immense mental peace, allowing you to ride freely without worrying about your bike or finances.

Accumulate up to 50% NCB on your own damage premium for every claim-free year to reduce subsequent renewal costs.  

A good claims record ensures easy availability of bike policies from insurers for renewal or when buying a new two-wheeler.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bike Insurance in Bhubaneswar
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Is bike insurance mandatory in Bhubaneswar?

Yes, two-wheeler insurance is compulsory by law in Bhubaneswar and is highly advisable, considering the heavy traffic and monsoon weather conditions.  

How much does bike insurance cost in Bhubaneswar?

Bike insurance premium starts from around Rs. 500 in Bhubaneswar for third-party policies, whereas comprehensive cover pricing depends on the bike's make, model, cubic capacity (CC), IDV value, etc.

What documents are required to buy bike insurance?

Essential documents include a duly signed proposal form, bike registration certificate (RC), ownership proof, previous policy copies, if any, and valid KYC documents like driver's license, Aadhar, passport, etc. A PUC certificate may also be needed. However, you need not submit any documents when buying bike insurance from ACKO.

Can I renew my expired bike insurance?

Yes, expired bike policies can be renewed normally up to 90 days after expiration. Late renewal fees may be applicable beyond the grace period. After an extended period, though, insurers may insist on fresh policy purchases.

Is engine protect add-on cover beneficial?

Yes, the engine protector add-on provides additional coverage against internal damage to bike parts like gearbox, engine, etc., due to lubrication issues or water ingression during floods. 

What documents are needed to make a bike insurance claim?

Usually, you need a claim form, FIR or Panchnama for accidents/thefts, repair estimates, bike inspection reports, RC copy, policy copy, KYC documents, etc., based on the claim type.

Is NCB transfer allowed on used bikes?

Yes, transfer of NCB from the old insurer to the new insurer is allowed on sale/purchase of second-hand bikes.

Can I enhance my bike IDV at renewal?

You can opt for IDV enhancement of up to 20% at renewal if the Insured Declared Value seems inadequate considering the bike's prevailing market value. Higher IDV translates into higher cover.