Indian Motorcycle Insurance – Buy/Renew Online

Indian Motorcycle is an American brand who sold its first bike in 1902, becoming the country’s first motorcycle company. Over the years, the company spread its operations across the globe with its Indian debut in 2014. For a premium brand such as the Indian Motorcycle, it requires bike insurance to protect you against liabilities. In this article, you can learn about Indian Motorcycle insurance, its benefits and coverages.

What’s Covered in Indian Bike Insurance (Inclusions)?

The Third-Party bike insurance covers third-party life and property, while the Comprehensive insurance covers the insured bike too. The latter provides the following coverages:

  • Accident-related damages to the insured bike.
  • Personal accident coverage for the owner-driver.
  • Third-party life and property coverage.
  • Losses due to fire or explosions.
  • Damages or losses due to floods, storms, etc.
  • Losses due to riots, vandalism, etc.

Exclusions of Indian Bike Insurance:

The Indian two-wheeler insurance also comes with the following exclusions:

  • Losses caused while riding in an intoxicated state.
  • Losses caused while riding with an invalid driving licence.
  • Regular wear and tear.
  • Breakdown due to electrical or mechanical issues.
  • Losses caused while riding outside the specified geographical limits.

Benefits of Buying Acko Bike Insurance Policy for Your Indian Motorcycle:

New-age digital insurance providers are disrupting the industry with innovative technologies. Insurers such as Acko provide online bike insurance with the following benefits:

Online Mode

The entire process is online. Buy, renew or raise a claim from anywhere and anytime through the website or the mobile app.

Quick Settlement of Claims

With a complete online presence, settling claims has become quicker than traditional methods.

Get Guidance From Experts

Get assistance from experts on all matters related to your bike insurance policy.

Cashless Experience

Get your Indian motorcycle fixed at any network garage and avail cashless service.

Insurance Plans for Indian Motorcycle:

Bike insurance for your Indian motorcycle is of the following two types:

Third-Party Bike Insurance

Third-party losses are covered and it is mandatory as per the law with no coverage to the insured bike.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Apart from covering third-party losses, it covers the insurance bike with the option to include Add-on covers.

CoverageComprehensive Bike InsuranceThird-Party Bike Insurance
Third-party property/lifeYesYes
Damage to the insured Indian motorcycleYesNo
Man-made calamities (riots, vandalism, etc.)YesNo
Personal Accident (PA) cover for owner-rider/policyholderYesYes
Theft or damage due to fire, explosions, etc.YesNo
Add-on coversYesNo
Customisable Sum Insured AmountYesNo

Add-ons for Indian Motorcycle Insurance:

Add-on covers offer wider coverage in addition to the basic Comprehensive plan. Below are the add-on covers for your Indian Motorcycle:

  1. Zero Depreciation

The depreciation of the parts being repaired or replaced will not be considered while settling claims.

  1. Invoice Protection

Get the sum-insured amount in case of a total loss due to fire or in case of theft of the insured bike.

  1. Pillion Rider Cover

In addition to the Personal Accident cover for the policyholder, get coverage for the pillion rider in case of an accident.

  1. NCB Protect

Get protection for your No Claim Bonus even if you raise claims during the policy period.

  1. Engine Protection

Get engine protection in case of oil leakage or due to water ingression.

Claim Procedure:

Acko provides a paperless experience while settling claims. Follow the steps below to raise a claim online:

  • Step 1: Access the Acko website or the smartphone app.
  • Step 2: From the drop-down menu select claims and register your claim by uploading the pictures of damages to your bike.
  • Step 3: A surveyor will be assigned to access the damage and get it fixed at the network garage for a cashless experience.

Note: The other option is the reimbursement method, considered a long-term process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about two-wheeler insurance for Indian Motorcycle:

How can I save on my Indian Motorcycle insurance?

There are several ways you can save on the insurance for your Indian. One of the ways to reduce insurance costs is to opt for a digital-first insurance company. Companies such as Acko follow the Zero Commission module, due to which the prices are comparatively low to a traditional insurance company. Furthermore, you can install anti-theft devices and become a member of the Automobile Association of India and/or the Western Automobile Association of India since insurers consider these factors before pricing the insurance policy.

How do I get an insurance quote for my Indian motorcycle?

Getting an insurance quote is simple, easier and quicker through the online mode. Visit new-age digital insurance companies such as Acko to get quotes for your Indian motorcycle. Enter a few details such as the registration number, year of manufacture, personal details and details of the existing policy (if any), and you will be able to view the insurance quote for your Indian.

Where can I buy bike insurance for my Indian Motorcycle?

Gone are the days when you had to depend on an agent or a middleman to buy bike insurance for your two-wheeler. Digital-first insurance companies offer hassle-free and paperless experience while buying, renewing and while raising a claim. You can visit the website or down their mobile app on your smartphone to transact with the insurer. Since there is no agent to sell the insurance for your bike, the insurance company is able to provide cheaper bike insurance while offering the best of services.

How long does it take to renew Indian motorcycle insurance?

Almost instantly! Yes, this is possible through the online mode. Digital-first insurance companies have transformed their operations with innovations and advanced technologies. This has resulted in the reduction of the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for the renewal of motorcycle insurance. Visit the insurer’s website or the smartphone app, access your account and renew the policy which is due for renewal and receive the policy at your registered email address.

Is Acko bike insurance for Indian motorcycles expensive?

Typically, the insurance cost for a two-wheeler is impacted by factors such as the value of the bike, year of manufacture, the location of the vehicle, etc. However, Acko bike insurance for Indian motorcycles is lower since it does not have agents or middlemen to sell the insurance policy. In addition, Acko is a digital-first insurance company which has transformed the operations to the digital platform, thereby, reducing the operational cost. With the reduction in operational costs, the benefit is passed on to customers. This has resulted in cheaper bike insurance from digital insurance companies such as Acko.

What are the documents required to insure my Indian Scout?

Previously, you had to submit several types of documents to insure your bike; however, with digital insurance companies, the need for documents has been removed. Insurance companies such as Acko do not prefer documents and promote paperless transactions. That said, while insuring your Indian motorcycle, you will need only details such as the registration number of the vehicle, location, year of manufacture, the model, the existing policy details (if any) and personal details of the owner-ride. Enter these details on the website of the insurer and insure your Indian in minutes.

How does the Insured Declared Value (IDV) impact the insurance price for Indian motorcycles?

IDV is the current market value of the motorcycle and the insurance company will pay this amount in case of a total loss or damages to the insured bike. You have the option to increase or decrease the IDV and this will have a direct bearing on the premium you pay for the policy.

What are the best Add-on covers for my Indian Scout Bobber?

There is no suitable add-on cover for any particular bike. However, add-on covers provide extra coverage compared to the basic Comprehensive insurance. There are several add-ons that you can choose from. These include Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, etc. You can read more about it in the above-mentioned section.

My Indian motorcycle insurance has expired. Does it require an inspection before insurance can be renewed?

Insurance companies usually provide a grace period of up to 30 days to renew expired bike insurance. However, you can still renew it after the grace period by paying the required charges. The insurer will assign a surveyor to inspect the bike for any damages before the insurance policy can be renewed.

Can I transfer my Indian bike insurance to another insurance provider?

Yes, you can transfer your existing insurance policy from one insurer to another. You can visit the insurer’s website or their smartphone app to buy new bike insurance from another insurance company. You can also transfer the accumulated NCB from your existing policy to the new policy without being worried about the benefit being lost.

About Bike Insurance for Indian Motorcycles:

The Hendee Manufacturing Company began producing bicycles in the late 1890s and only in the 1901s that the company started to build petrol-powered bicycles mainly to race in competitions. These petrol or gasoline-powered bicycles were revered for their power, reliability and outstanding performance, which led the company to begin its first factory. And, in the 1920s the company expanded its retail presence in America by launching some of the iconic models such as the Scout, Chief, the best-selling Big Chief, Prince and Ace.

Indian Motorcycle Insurance

One of the brand’s most significant moments came when 68-year-old Burt Munro, in 1967, set a new official land speed record in his heavily modified Indian Scout. The motorcycle set a top speed of 184.087 mph at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Acclaimed for its frugal engine, the company’s sales declined during the 1970s and ceased to operate in 1977 and again, after a brief revival, the company ended operations in 2003. However, Polaris Industries, a brand known for its ATVs, purchased Indian Motorcycles in 2011 and brought the brand to India in 2014 with a new generation of Indian Motorcycles.

In India, Indian Motorcycles sells the Scout, the Chief range, Roadmaster and the Springfield. For premium motorcycles such as the Indian Motorcycle, it sure does require motor insurance to protect against the third party liabilities and losses to the insured bike. The best bike insurance for Indian motorcycles should offer a wider coverage at a lower premium. It should also be able to provide excellent post-sale services.

Why Should You Buy an Indian Motorcycle?

Indian Motorcycles are known for their high-performance and large-capacity engine that propel cruisers. However, in recent times, the company has ventured into the urban segment by launching exciting models such as the Indian FTR. But, the most popular or the evergreen models of Indian Motorcycle are the Big Chief and Roadmaster range of cruiser and touring motorcycles. The Indian Chief Vintage or the Roadmaster, these are designed to bring out the bygone classic era, but with modern equipment, engine and technology.

Indian Motorcycle has come a long way in reshaping their offering based on the present needs of customers. Modern features such as the touchscreen infotainment system offer turn-by-turn navigation, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. Also, on the specifications, the company has developed several new chassis to provide excellent handling and agile cornering. If you are looking for an aggressive and retro-modern cruiser or an urban scrambler type of motorcycle, Indian Motorcycle has a bike for you.

Indian Scout Specifications:

The Indian Scout is the entry-level model from Indian Motorcycle. Compared to its elder siblings, the Indian Scout is smaller, lightweight and the low seat offers an easier ride for both experts as well as beginners. The motorcycle comes in different iterations, such as Indian Scout Sixty, Indian Scout Bobber and the Indian Scout. 

Engine (cc)1133
Fuel TypePetrol
Peak Torque (RPM)5600
Torque (Nm)97
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)12.5

Indian Scout Sixty Specifications:

The Indian Scout Sixty is the smaller sibling of the Scout range. With a smaller capacity engine, the Scout Sixty is quick and is also the lower-priced Scout from the Indian Motorcycle family.

Engine (cc)1000
Fuel TypePetrol
Peak Torque (RPM)5000
Torque (Nm)88
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)12.5

Indian Scout Bobber Specifications:

To access motorcycles from Indian Motorcycle, the company has built three models of its entry-level Scout. One of them is the Indian Scout Bobber. It has the signature bobber design cues while still being propelled by the 1133cc engine that powers the Indian Scout.

Engine (cc)1133
Fuel TypePetrol
Peak Torque (RPM)5600
Torque (Nm)97
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)12.5

Indian FTR Specifications:

To offer an exciting and fun on the dirt track, Indian Motorcycle introduced the Indian FTR, inspired by the flat track version of the Indian FTR 750 race bike. The Indian FTR is a street fighter and is available in three versions such as the Indian FTR 1200, Indian FTR Rally and the Indian FTR 1200 S.

Engine (cc)1203
Fuel TypePetrol
Peak Torque (RPM)6000
Torque (Nm)118
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)12.9

Indian Vintage/Springfield/Chieftain/Roadmaster Specifications:

Among the legends of the Indian Motorcycle, the Indian Vintage created a niche for itself with its stylish design language and powerful engine. While the Vintage, Springfield, Chieftain and the Roadmaster share the same engine, they are different and cater to different requirements.

Engine (cc)1890
Fuel TypePetrol
Peak Torque (RPM)2800
Torque (Nm)168
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)20.8

Indian Challenger Specifications:

Targeted at the touring segment, the Indian Challenger is a cruiser built especially for touring. It comes with several premium and luxury features as well as a host of equipment for safety, comfort and entertainment.

Engine (cc)1768
Fuel TypePetrol
Peak Torque (RPM)3800
Torque (Nm)178
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)22.7

Models and Ex-Showroom Price of Indian Motorcycle:

Indian Motorcycles in India have various models catering to the cruiser, bagger, touring, and the scrambler segment. Below are the prices of Indian Motorcycle models being retailed in India:

Indian Motorcycle ModelsTypeEx-Showroom Price (Rs.)
Indian ScoutCruiser13 Lakh
Indian Scout SixtyCruiser11 Lakh
Indian Scout BobberCruiser12 Lakh
Indian FTRScrambler16 – 18 Lakh
Indian RoadmasterTouring39 Lakh
Indian Roadmaster LimitedTouring48 Lakh
Indian Chieftain Dark HorseCruiser30 Lakh
Indian Chief ClassicCruiser21 Lakh
Indian SpringfieldBagger33 Lakh
Indian ChallengerCruiser40 lakh

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance for Indian Motorcycle Models:

To ride a motorcycle in India, it is a legal requirement to hold the bike insurance before riding the bike on public roads. Apart from being a mandatory document, it is all the more important to protect yourself against third-party liabilities and damages to your insured bike. Indian Motorcycles are built with sophisticated motor parts, hence, they are expensive compared to a regular commuter bike. Repairing or replacing these parts can be expensive; however, with vehicle insurance, liabilities are borne by the insurance company. Below are the benefits of buying comprehensive bike insurance for Indian Motorcycle models:

  • Damages or losses caused to third-party life/property.
  • Damages or losses caused to the insured bike.
  • Personal Accident cover for owner-rider.
  • Coverage against losses arising due to riots, vandalism, etc.
  • Coverage against losses arising due to floods, fire, theft, etc.

Two-Wheeler Insurance for Indian Bikes Models:

Below are the Indian Motorcycle models for which bike insurance is available:

  • Indian Scout
  • Indian Scout Bobber
  • Indian Bobber Twenty
  • Indian FTR 1200
  • Indian FTR Rally
  • Indian FTR 1200 S
  • Indian FTR Carbon
  • Indian Vintage
  • Indian Vintage Dark Horse
  • Indian Springfield
  • Indian Springfield Dark Horse
  • Indian Chieftain Limited
  • Indian Chieftain Dark Horse
  • Indian Roadmaster
  • Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
  • Indian Roadmaster Limited
  • Indian Challenger Dark Horse
  • Indian Challenger Limited

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