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Bike Insurance in mumbai

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Mumbai Bike Insurance

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a bustling metropolis. It is also known as Maximum City, a city that never sleeps. Saying that people lead a fast-paced life over here is an understatement: everyone is constantly moving, almost frantically! Mumbai’s streets are filled with auto rickshaws, buses, bikes, cycles, pedestrians, hawkers..., and the list goes on and on. 

Relying on public transport all the time can be challenging due to the sheer number of people using such modes daily. That’s why, perhaps, several Mumbaikars rely on their two-wheeled companions, their very own bikes and scooters, for the daily commute. If you are one such Mumbaikar, then please note that insuring your two-wheeler is mandatory. Besides, it’s always beneficial to have an insurer by your side in case of mishaps. Want to know more? Read ahead; this article is all about bike insurance in Mumbai.

Bike insurance plans in Mumbai
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In this section, we have listed the two primary bike insurance options in Mumbai.

Third-party Bike Insurance Policy
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According to The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all bike owners are required to insure their bike, scooter, motorcycle, etc., with at least Third-party Bike Insurance. It covers third-party liabilities such as injury (including death) and damage to property concerning a third party. However, please note that this policy does not cover damages to your own vehicle.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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A Comprehensive Bike policy includes both the Third-party Coverage (required by law) and Own Damage (OD) Coverage. An OD policy protects you financially against bike theft, collision damage, and damage caused by man-made and natural disasters. A Comprehensive Policy also includes the option to supplement coverage by purchasing appropriate add-ons (based on availability).

Personal Accident (PA) Cover
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A Personal Accident (PA) policy is technically not a motorcycle insurance policy. However, according to The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all motor vehicle owners are required to purchase one. A PA policy pays out a lump sum to the insured or their nominee in the event of accident-related disability or death while riding the bike.

Bike accidents are unpredictable. While driving safely and following traffic laws can help reduce the likelihood of accidents, some situations are out of your control. For example, you may be a careful rider, but other drivers on the road might not be that vigilant. So, someone else's mistake can result in a loss for you. That's why it's wise to insure your bike with a Comprehensive Bike Policy, as it covers damages to your insured two-wheeler.

Bike insurance in Bombay offers financial assistance in case of bike-related accidents. Additionally, it is required by law to have at least a Third-party Liability Policy for your vehicle. Failing to do so can result in monetary penalties. Therefore, it's best to insure your bike and keep your policy active by renewing it on time to comply with the law and safeguard your finances.

Benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance from ACKO in Mumbai
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In this section, we have provided compelling reasons why you should select our bike insurance in Mumbai.

Cost-effective policies
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We are a digital-first insurance company. Our digital infrastructure helps us reduce operating costs. This, along with our no-commission model, results in cost-effective policies.

Same-day claims
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With ACKO's quick claim process, you don't have to wait endlessly to receive a settlement for an accident-related claim. For instance, minor bike damage claims are processed and settled within 24 hours.

Seasonal discounts
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In addition to our low prices, we also offer seasonal discounts on the premium of our bike insurance policies. You can take advantage of this feature to maximise your savings while buying or renewing bike insurance from us.

How to file a bike insurance claim with ACKO
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Follow the below-listed steps to raise a bike insurance claim with ACKO.

Once we receive your claim request, we will process it as per your policy’s terms and credit the applicable settlement amount.

Due to Mumbai’s fast-paced life, bikers in Mumbai are at a high risk of bike-related accidents. Buying ACKO's Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy can provide financial protection against these incidents. Additionally, ACKO's quick claim process, affordable plans, and other benefits make for a hassle-free insurance experience. Therefore, consider purchasing ACKO's two-wheeler insurance in Mumbai.

How to select the best bike insurance plan in Mumbai
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Follow the below-given simple steps to select the best bike insurance plan in Mumbai.

Purchase bike insurance online
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One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to buy two-wheeler insurance is to do it online. Not only is it convenient, but also money-saving.

Compare different plans online
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Online two-wheeler insurance helps you explore multiple options. You can compare plans online and select the one that best suits your needs.

Choose a reputable insurer
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Before buying insurance from any company, it is important to verify their credibility. You can do this by checking their claim settlement ratio and reading online reviews.

Reasons you should buy/renew bike insurance in Mumbai
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Consider purchasing/renewing bike insurance in Mumbai for the following reasons.

Third-party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory under The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.Riding without it in Mumbai or anywhere else in India can result in heavy fines.

To receive financial coverage for third-party liabilities and damages to your own vehicle, you need to purchase a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan.

To ensure uninterrupted financial protection against accidental damages and related loss, it's essential that you renew your two-wheeler insurance before it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions
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In this section, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions on bike insurance in Mumbai.


How to renew my ACKO two-wheeler insurance in Mumbai?

To renew your ACKO two-wheeler insurance in Mumbai, you can log in to your account through our mobile app or website, enter your previous policy and bike details, choose a plan that suits your needs, and pay online. After your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with your renewed policy. Keep in mind that the price of your insurance cover will depend on the plan you choose. You can use ACKO's bike insurance calculator to get a free quote.

Which is the best bike insurance in Mumbai?

A Comprehensive Bike Insurance plan is the best option for motorcycle insurance in Mumbai because it provides coverage for both third-party liabilities and damages to your own bike, giving you well-rounded financial protection.

What is the price of two-wheeler insurance in Mumbai?

The price of two-wheeler insurance in Mumbai varies based on the type of insurance plan you choose. You can use ACKO's bike insurance premium calculator to get a free quote.