Traffic Rules and Traffic Violations

It is of utmost importance that one drives according to the traffic rules in India. Traffic rules are created to ensure safety and to decrease the number of accident in the country.

Traffic rules and traffic violations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

In the year 2017, Tamil Nadu government took strict actions to curb increasing road accident and violation of traffic rules. The change is brought...

Traffic Rules and Traffic Violations in Pune, Maharashtra

Whether you’ve recently moved to Pune, Maharashtra or are already residing in the city, it’s very important to know the traffic rules and violation penalties before hitting...

Traffic Rules and Traffic Violations in Delhi

Road rage is one of the main causes of accidents and undue trauma in our country today, and traffic police across the country are...

Traffic Rules and Traffic Violations in Hyderabad, Telangana

The traffic rules in Hyderabad are strict. Authorities are putting their best foot forward in terms of creating the most safest possible on-road environment. As...

Traffic Rules and Traffic Violations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

One of the primary responsibilities of every citizen is to have proper knowledge important traffic rules and regulations that are in place in the...

Indian Motor Vehicles Act 2017 – Changes In Fines And Penalties For Violators

Lok Sabha passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill in 2017. The amendments were targeted towards bringing changes in the transport sector to encourage safer...