When you buy comprehensive two wheeler insurance and face a claimable event you can raise a claim against the policy. The compensation can be availed via two methods, namely Cashless and Reimbursement. In this article, we will mainly discuss a cashless claim in two wheeler insurance.

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What is a Cashless Claim?

Every two wheeler insurance company has a network of garages, where they have a tie-up with each one. If, after an accident, you take your bike to a network garage for repairs, you can avail the cashless claim facility.

As the name suggests, these types of claims are transactions where you do not have to spend a large sum to money to get your bike repaired. As cashless claims might not be 100% cashless, you need to pay a negligible amount in the form of deductibles. An insurer expects you to pay a deductible amount in order to discourage frequent claims and encourage safe driving.

If you avail a cashless claim, you do not need to worry about a lot of paperwork also. As the insurer is in direct contact with the garage, the claim process which includes inspecting the extent of damage, repairing the damage, invoice bills and payment will be coordinated without your physical presence. This makes the process extremely hassle-free. Once your damaged bike is dropped for repairs, you do not need to worry about any further steps. Your repaired bike will be sent to you.

What if my Bike is not Repaired at a Network Garage?

In case your bike is repaired in a garage that is not in your insurer’s network, you will have to look into the entire repair process. This will be termed as a reimbursement claim. After the incident of damage, take your bike to a preferred garage and inform your insurer about the damage. Do not begin the repair process before your bike is examined by the insurer. If you skip this step, your claim might get rejected. After inspection, get the repair process started if you get a green signal from your insurer.

Collect all the invoices after getting the bike repaired and pay for the damage from your pocket. Later, raise a claim and get the amount reimbursement. This process is a bit tedious and inconvenient as you need to personally coordinate with the garage to get your bike repaired.

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How to Get your Two-Wheeler Insured?

For those who are looking for the process to buy a two wheeler insurance policy, here is how you can do it online:

Before you can begin with the actual process of buying 2 wheeler insurance online, you need to quickly access your requirements and be ready with information like your personal details and those related to your bike. This will make the process of buying online 2 wheeler insurance even faster. Also, compare two wheeler insurance online before buying your policy. You will come across an affordable policy that may be full of useful features if you compare two-wheeler insurance.

Once you are ready, visit your preferred insurer’s website and navigate to bike insurance. Enter the required details and set the insured declared value of your bike. Then, select suitable add-ons if you need them and proceed to make the payment. Once the policy is sent to your inbox, read the document and check if all the details are correct. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your bike insurance company.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are familiar with the types of claims in bike insurance, you can now face bike repairs more confidently. Note that, you will be financially covered in case of claims. However, avoiding claims and riding your bike safely is of utmost importance.

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