Our claims won't take you for a ride.

Our claiming process is completely hassle-free. Just submit the picture of your damaged motorbike and we’ll process your claim in just two hours.

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Ride easy with our stress-free claims.

Instant Settlements

Submit the picture of your damaged motorbike and get money directly in your account with our revolutionary claiming process. All in a matter of just 2 hours.

Zero Paperwork

Why waste paper when you can go digital? With us, you completely skip monotonous paperwork.

Cashless Claims

We don’t let you spend money out of your pocket at any point during your claim.

How does instant settlement work?

You send a picture.

Click a picture of your damaged bike and upload it to our website.

We send the money.

After assessing the damage, we transfer the estimated cost of repairs directly to your account.

You ride, stress-free.

Get your bike repaired at your convenience and get rolling again.

Minor damages got you in a spot?
Get it repaired on the spot.

Whether it’s a broken headlamp or a dented oil tank, our expert mechanic will fix your bike right at your doorstep. And if any part needs replacement, we’ll get it done at one of our garages.