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10 Basic Bike Care Tips During the Coronavirus Period

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

The World Health Organization has stated that the COVID-19 disease is a pandemic. Countries are under lockdown, trade and commerce has taken a hit, and people are scared for their lives. Amidst this life-altering scenario, Social Distancing has emerged as a precautionary measure that can put the brakes on this accelerating virus.


Ensuring personal and family’s safety by staying indoors and following the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities is of prime importance. Once you have made sure that you are staying home and your family’s health needs are taken care of, you can think about your beloved bike. Here are ten tips to take care of your two-wheeler while Social Distancing during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.



10 Basic Bike Maintenance Tips:

India is a vast and diverse country with people belonging to different economic strata of society. What probably is a common factor among middle-class Indians in rural and urban areas is their love for and dependence on a two-wheeler for the daily commute.

The following basic tips are shared keeping in mind a wide spectrum of riders ranging from those who have a house with a compound in which they park their bike, to those who reside in an apartment and park their vehicle near the building’s gate. Read ahead and apply the tips accordingly.

1) Right Parking Spot:

Considering your bike is going to be stationary for a long time, it is crucial to pick the right parking spot for it. Your two-wheeler should stay secured if it is parked under a roof. This will protect it from getting exposed to bird droppings. Cleaning it can be one big task, therefore, it is best to take precautions.

Avoid parking your motorcycle in a secluded area. It can be accessible to rodents if it is parked around the grass. The right parking spot is where you can have your eyes on your vehicle, example – you can see it from your window.

2) Cover It Up:

It is beneficial to cover up your two-wheeler when it is parked. It is especially necessary during times such as a Lockdown where you won’t be riding it for a long period. Placing a cover goes a long way in ensuring your bike doesn’t catch a lot of dust. Covering your vehicle is also one way of shielding it from getting noticed by thieves.

Covering your vehicle becomes even more necessary if it is not parked under a roof. In the absence of a roof, the cover is a must to prevent the sunlight from damaging the vehicle’s paint and act as a protective layer against bird droppings.

3) Let It Roar:

A lot of riders prefer to start the ignition occasionally if they know that the two-wheeler is not going to be used for a long time. Just key-in and let the engine roar for a while considering the bike will not be used during the Social Distancing period. Keeping it unattended for a long period may cause issues. Example, battery-related problems.

In times of Social Distancing, you can choose to turn the ignition on once a while, for example – while stepping out to buy essentials, you can spend a few minutes to simply start the vehicle and then stop. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after doing so.

4) Regular Cleaning:

Riders either prefer to clean their vehicle themselves or seek help from a cleaner who can help them out with it. Cleaning the vehicle daily might not be possible for those who do not park their bike within their house compound. Those who live in apartments might find it difficult to do so.

If you can clean the two-wheeler without flouting Social Distancing and self-isolation norms, do it once a week. It can be a good change in routine for you as well.

5) Lubrication:

Try to ensure that the bike stays lubricated. You can lubricate the chain and change the oil only if you have certain experience in doing so and you can do it without breaking any rules stated by the authorities considering the pandemic.

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6) Tire Pressure:

In case of a Lockdown or strict Social Distancing measures, it is not advisable to go on the road on your two-wheeler looking to fuel it or to fill the air. Some bike enthusiasts might have the right mechanisms to manage things at home. For others, have patience and wait it out.

7) Main Stand:

Whether your two-wheeler is parked on the street, within building premises or in your compound, make it a point to put it on the main stand. This will lift the rear tire and prevent flat spots. It will also lend a good balance to the two-wheeler and prevent it from falling in case of nudges.

8) Lock It:

It is better to be safe than sorry and lock your bike. In case you do not have tech-enabled anti-theft devices, securing it the old-school way with a chain can also be helpful especially if the locality has a history of theft.

9) Documents:

A lot of people store their two-wheeler’s documents underneath the pillion rider’s seat. You can take the documents off from there and keep them safe in your cupboard since you will not be using the bike for a while. However, place them back again when the situation normalizes and you can ride freely without any Social Distancing restrictions.

10) Renew Insurance Policy:

It can be easy to lose track of renewing your bike’s insurance policy amidst Social Distancing. Keep a track of the two-wheeler’s insurance renewal date and keep the policy active by renewing. You do not have to step out of your house to renew insurance.

Earlier, you had to buy or renew insurance through agents or by visiting the dealership office from where you purchased your vehicle. However, times have changed. They have improved. In 2020, you can easily renew insurance online within minutes. You can do so in the Lockdown as well by using your smartphone and the internet.

Visit your preferred online bike insurance website, pick the right kind of policy, fill in basic details, make an online payment, and receive the policy in your email instantly after the payment is processed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This section of the article is about common questions related to bike care during times when people are self-isolating and engaging in Social Distancing.

What should I do if my two-wheeler gets damaged by a car driver during the Lockdown and Social Distancing period?


You should inform your insurance company immediately about the damage and speak to them about the claim process during this period. You can call the company or send an email on their official id. Check out their website or your Policy Document for the official contact information.

What should I do if my two-wheeler’s servicing is due during the Lockdown?


Unfortunately, you will have to let it pass. Your service centre will most likely be closed during the Lockdown and the Social Distancing period. Your vehicle’s servicing session can wait as the priority during Social Distancing is to stay home and stay safe.

My two-wheeler insurance is about to expire; can I renew it online from my smartphone?


Nowadays, a lot of bike insurance providers offer the online policy renewal feature. For example, you can renew your vehicle’s insurance by visiting You can do it from your internet-enabled smartphone as well as your laptop, desktop, tablet etc.

What should I do if my existing insurance provider does not have an easy-to-use online interface and my two-wheeler’s policy is about to expire?


If your existing insurance provider does not offer smooth online renewal facilities and you are thinking of switching your insurance company, you can pick a new-age insurance company that offers easy online renewal and swift claim settlement.

Can I renew my basic Third-party insurance policy online?


Yes, you have the option to renew the basic Third-party policy as well as a Comprehensive policy online. You can also switch policies and insurance companies as well while buying or renewing two-wheeler’s insurance policy via the online mode.

Will insurance companies renew my two-wheeler online even during the Coronavirus period?


Online insurance companies should not have a problem renewing insurance policies during the Coronavirus period. You can check it out by visiting your preferred insurer’s website or contacting their support team.

What things should I keep in mind concerning my two-wheeler once the Lockdown is over and things return to normal?


It can take some time for things to come to normal. Only step out of your house after the authorities declare that it is safe to do so. Assuming the situation is back to normal, you can take your vehicle to the service centre and let the mechanic have a look at it. Get the Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate updated as well. Make sure the two-wheeler’s insurance policy is active before riding it on the road.

How many people are allowed to travel on one bike during Lockdown or while Social Distancing?


People should avoid travelling on a bike during the Lockdown or while Social Distancing. If it is essential, then only one person should ride on the bike without a pillion rider.

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