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15 Ways To Remain Healthy During Social Distancing

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

The global outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 or Coronavirus took the entire human race by surprise with its stubborn attitude of infecting people across the world. Within a few weeks, it changed the way humans live on earth. It changed how we work, interact and socialize.

Countries across the globe are referring to maintaining social distancing, isolation and quarantine. With the directive of ‘Stay at Home’ by the government of India, it is crucial for maintaining your health, be it physical or mental, during these trying times. In this article, learn different ways to remain healthy during social distancing.

15 Ways To Remain Healthy During Social Distancing

Ways to Remain Healthy During Social Distancing:

Being home is great. But it is important to keep a vigil on long-term health and fitness of your body and of your mental health. Stress continues to be one of the biggest factors to impact your health. So, what can you do to remain healthy during social distancing? Well, here are some of the ways to keep yourself and others around you healthy during this pandemic:

1) Stretching Your Muscles During the Morning:

Whether you have five minutes or thirty minutes, spend some time stretching your muscles the first thing in the morning. Working on your joints and muscles not just your body but your mind as well. This workout gets you prepared for the day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

2) Create a Routine:

Just because you’re working from home or you are maintaining social distance by staying at home does not mean you extend your sleep hours or eat whatever or whenever you want. Creating a routine brings order and purpose to daily tasks. Wake up early and exercise, eat healthy and ensure you spend your time wisely. You could probably read a book which you have postponed for a long time.

3) Stay Connected:

You may be staying at home and not visiting friends or family but that does not mean you need to maintain distance with your dear and near ones. In this world of bright technology, phone or a video call can do wonders to you and to the person you are talking to. Having a conversation could help relieve anxious thoughts or sad feelings.

4) Learn Something New:

This is indeed the best time to find your inner creativity or skill. Find a skill or topic such as cooking, painting, baking, etc. that can be taught by family or friends through video calls. You will never know, there might be a hidden skill or creativity that has been locked inside you for many years.

5) Spend Time With Pets:

Be it during the lockdown or social distancing, pets can be a stress reliever. Just spend time playing with them and they will enjoy it, and you will too. While spending time with your pets, you tend to forget your anxious thoughts and help you stay focused and positive.

6) Actively Perform Daily Chores:

Be it cleaning your house or dirty vessels in the kitchen sink, actively contribute in performing daily household chores. You can also get creative in the kitchen by cooking some delicious meals.

7) Reduce the Risk of Infections:

Ensure you maintain good hygiene by washing your hands frequently. Also, clean and wash perishable goods before you store them. Keeping storage cartons in the sunlight for 8-10 hours will remove mold, germs or bacteria.

8) Spend Time With Your Kids:

Now is the time to spend quality time with your children. Remember they are also staying at home and need attention. Set a schedule for the day such as studying, co-curricular activities, games and also to teach them to help you in doing home chores. They will be happy to help you out provided you give them the much needed attention.

9) Get Up Out of Your Couch or Chair Every Hour:

Since you are maintaining social distancing, travelling outside or moving out is restricted. Move more and do not sit on the chair or couch all the time. Ensure you move every hour, stretch your muscles, have a beverage and probably look out of your window for a few minutes. This ensures blood circulation to your brain which will help you remain positive and energetic.

10) Stay Positive:

Discuss feelings and experiences with your loved ones. Keep a daily routine of talking to your family and friends and practise mindfulness and relaxation exercises. It can do wonders to you and to those you are taking to.

11) Get Enough Sleep:

Managing anxiety and stress is essential for getting a good and sound sleep. Getting a sound and enough sleep is crucial to remain healthy during social distancing. Meditation or yoga are excellent tools to keep you calm and remove stress to a large extent. There are several online classes and videos which help you meditate or perform yoga and they can be done in a small space.

12) Get a Health Insurance:

Get health insurance if you do not have one. Coronavirus or COVID-19 has stressed the importance of having health insurance especially during these trying times. You need not worry about your hospitalisation expenses when you have health insurance.

13) Get Some Outdoor Time:

While you are required to maintain social distancing, taking a stroll through your garden for a few minutes can do wonders to your mental health during these trying times. If you do not have a garden, open a window and let fresh air in. There is something very calming about nature especially during times of stress and uncertainty.

14) Eat Healthy:

This is the time to eat homemade foods. A sedentary male requires about 2400 kcal while a sedentary woman needs about 2000kcal. Hence, eat as per the requirement and do not overeat. Avoid oily and fatty foods which can cause an increase in lipids and cholesterol. Ensure you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which act as immune boosters. Also, ensure you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

15) Do Not Panic and Stay Positive:

If you have symptoms of a flu, like cough and cold, ensure you cover your mouth and nose. There are different types of cough and cold due to different seasons and it need not be Coronavirus related. If you need more information, then call the Coronavirus helpline number to enquire about your symptoms. But most importantly, stay positive.

FAQs About Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Social Distancing:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) and social distancing:

What does a coronavirus infection mean to a healthy person who is less than 40 years?

The chance of getting coronavirus infection for a healthy person less than 40 years is as high as the chance of someone else contracting the infection.

Who is more prone to develop the infection from coronavirus infection?

While researches are still being conducted about how the COVID-19 infects people, people with pre-existing conditions (blood pressure, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes or cancer) and older people seem to develop serious illness more often than others.

Can I catch coronavirus infection from my pet?

While the instance of an animal being infected by the COVID-19 infection is minimal, there is no evidence that a pet can transmit the virus. The infection is primarily spread through droplets produced by an infected person when they sneeze, cough, or speak. The government is monitoring the latest research and will update as new findings are available.

Does social distancing help in containing the spread of COVID-19?

Social distancing helps communities slow down the spread of coronavirus infection and slows down the transmission. Several research suggests that in regions and urban areas where the infection is spreading rapidly, social distancing such as working from home, cancelling large gatherings or events, shutting schools and colleges can significantly flatten the curve.

I am healthy and do not have any pre-existing diseases. Should I still maintain social distance?

Yes. The infection spreads through droplets produced by an infected person and if you venture out and not maintain social distancing, then there are more chances of you getting infected by the virus.

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