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Tips to Maintain Your Electric Bike/Two-wheeler

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Electric vehicles are a boon for the environment. Where mainstream two-wheelers and other vehicles are wreaking havoc on the pollution levels, electric bikes are a breath of fresh air laced with technology. The concept of electric bikes is not very popular today and if you own one, you have to weigh your options when it comes to maintaining your “EV” (electric vehicle) in terms of spare parts or an experienced mechanic. So here is an article about the tips for maintaining your electric two-wheeler.




Basic Maintenance Tips for your Electric Two-wheeler:

E-bike maintenance is limited to a few garages peppered around the country. These workshops will truly help you when your electric bike needs repairs. But you need to make sure that trips to a workshop are saved for rare occasions. Thus, here is a list of useful tips to maintain an electric 2 wheeler:

1. Stick to a Schedule for Cleaning the E-bike:

An electric bike should be thoroughly washed every week. Apart from that, always go out of your way to keep the dust and other types of debris away from the engine and the chain. Accumulated dust can meddle with the engine and reduce efficiency. This will lead to frequent visits to the workshop. Keeping the bike clean will enhance the performance and prolong the bike’s life.

2. Avoid Extra Weight While Riding Your Bike:

Overloading your bike means putting extra weight on the tyres and more work for the motor. This is okay in rare situations and the bike will happily carry the load for you. However, frequent overloading will result in an overworked engine and you will notice a drop in performance. This goes for tyres as well. Their life will be greatly reduced if you keep overloading the bike on a daily basis.

3. Power off when the bike is not being used:

It is not a good idea to keep the bike running when not in use. This means you need to shut it down when you are waiting somewhere, maybe a red light, or when you wish to use the bike after some time, say 20 minutes. Turn the power off and let the bike rest. This will conserve power and your bike will have more juice left when you go on a ride.

4. Check the Tyre Pressure Frequently:

Since electric bikes are pretty lightweight, you may not “feel” a change in tyre pressure while riding. However, low pressure can meddle with the performance of the bike and the engine might get affected in the long run. Avoid riding on a low-pressure tyre by checking for the required amount of pressure frequently. Many low-price devices are available in the market for this purpose.

5. Avoid Emergency Brakes:

Frequent and emergency braking will damage any vehicle be it an ebike or a petrol/diesel motorcycle. When riding an electric two-wheeler avoid immediate braking as it will stall the mechanical and electric components of the bike. Always be careful and alert while driving any vehicle.

6. Keep the Moving Parts well Lubricated:

Improper lubrication can create friction between the moving parts and this can hamper the bike’s performance. If you are a first-time owner of an electric two-wheeler, then getting a demo from an experienced person can be helpful. This person can guide you on how and when to check moving parts for friction and when to seek professional help.

7. Care for the Battery:

Just like an engine is called the heart of fuel-powered two-wheelers, for an electric bike, its heart is the battery. You need to take proper care of the battery to ensure you get the maximum from your electric vehicle. Treat the manufacturer’s manual of the bike as the ultimate guide when it comes to the battery. Follow the instructions for charging. Ensure that the socket provides the correct electric output and that you are not overcharging the battery. Ensuring that these things will result in better battery life for the ebike.

These were few maintenance tips for electric two-wheelers.

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Maintaining Electric Two-Wheeler in COVID-19 Lockdown Period:

Maintaining Electric two-wheelers during the COVID-19 lockdown can prove to be a challenge owing to the fact that already less help might be available for repairs or spare parts. Be proactive when it comes to taking extra care of the bike during the lockdown. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your electric bike amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.

  1. Keep the bike in a cool and dry place:An electric bike can be affected by temperature changes and humidity. The electrical and mechanical parts of the bike can deteriorate if kept in a hot and damp location. Avoid this by parking the bike in shade away from direct sunlight.

  2. Disconnect the battery when not charging:A battery that is connected to the bike when not charging can drain and you may not be able to use the bike to its full potential. Disconnecting the battery will also help avoid any malfunction and damage to the bike when not in use. The best time to disconnect the battery is when you know for sure that you will not be using the bike for some time, say 3 to 4 days.

  3. Connect the battery and charge every few days:It is necessary to keep the battery charged. Don’t let it drain fully as this will result in a trip to the workshop. You need to get the battery jump starter kit and let it charge for a few hours if it completely dies. The best way to keep the battery active is to charge it every 2 to 4 days.

  4. Don’t attempt to open the battery:It is a bad idea to open the battery. It can be a potential hazard due to the chemicals present in the battery. One would try to “fix” the battery when facing charging issues or when it gets discharged more quickly. All you can do is reset the battery of your ebike before seeking professional help.

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Maintaining an electric bike is different than maintaining a conventional fuel-powered bike. A little extra care can not only enhance the bike’s performance but also its life. Follow the above-given tips for electric 2 wheelers and you can achieve both, performance and a better life for the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions about electric bikes:

Why are electric bikes good for pollution levels?


An electric bike does not emit many harmful gases like an fuel-powered bike in the atmosphere that can add to air pollution. If more people opt for electric vehicles, there would be very less air pollution in the country. Thus, electric bikes are a boon for pollution levels.

Is it legally necessary to buy insurance for an electric two-wheeler?


Currently, one does not need to buy insurance for a two-wheeler that is below 50cc. Since electric bikes equivalent to this power are not available on a large scale, one may not have to buy a separate bike insurance policy as yet.

Does the ebike charge by itself when in use like the battery of a conventional two-wheeler?


No, the batteries of an electric vehicle are not similar to a conventional bike. The battery needs to be charged externally for the bike to be up and running. The battery charge will only drain with more use.

What is a battery cycle and why is it important for an ebike?


Battery cycles are the number of times the battery can be charged from zero to 100%. The battery life depends upon such cycles and can help you determine the time for which your electric bike can be usable. Some electric bikes have a battery life of 500 to 700 cycles, and they last for 2 years.

Is it a good idea to completely use the battery before charging?


This depends upon the type of ebike you own. Some ebike need the battery to be on zero before you can charge the unit. However, modern ebikes have no such requirement. In fact, it is a good idea to recharge the battery even after using the bike for a short distance.

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