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Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

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Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Calculate your Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI & plan your finances wisely

Loan Amount
Rate of Interest(p.a)
Loan Tenure
Monthly EMI
₹ 1,135
Total Interest
₹ 36,258
Principal Amount
₹ 1,00,000
Total Amount Paid
₹ 1,36,258

While deciding to take a loan, one should evaluate their earnings first. The personal loan EMI calculator for Punjab & Sind Bank provided by ACKO makes this easier by letting people adjust the details of the loan to fit what they need.

The calculator offers a customised monthly instalment figure for personal loans from Punjab & Sind Bank. Simply provide your desired borrowing amount, choose the preferred repayment duration and consider current interest rates. In moments, an individualised EMI approximation will land in your possession.

Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator – Effortless Online Calculation of EMIs
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About Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loans
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Punjab & Sind Bank is a prominent financial institution. It offers personal loans with a lot of features:

How Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator Can Enhance Your Financial Strategy
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Our EMI calculator is designed based on the established formula. This tool simplifies the intricacies inherent in calculating personalised loan figures.

EMI = P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1]

Here's a meticulous breakdown of the indispensable components:

- P is for the principal amount.

- R signifies the monthly rate of interest.

- N denotes the temporal expanse of the loan in months.

Let us find out the monthly instalment payment for a personal loan of ₹3 lakhs. It has an interest rate of 10.55% and is taken for a time period of 4 years -

- P = Rs 3,00,000

- R = 10.55/12 = 0.87 per month

- N = 4 years * 12 months = 48 months

By inserting these values into the formula:

EMI = (3,00,000 * 0.87 * (1+0.87)^48) / ((1+0.87)^48-1)

EMI = Rs 7,688

The EMI stands at ₹7,688. 

A Guide to How Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator Computes EMIs
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The EMI calculator from ACKO uses a detailed calculation method. It breaks down the two main parts of EMI -

Let's delve into the specifics further, utilising an illustrative example:

With an annual rate of 10.55%, the monthly rate computes to 0.87%.

[3,00,000 * 0.87 * (1+0.87)^48) / ((1+0.87)^48-1]

This yields an EMI of Rs 7,688.

Loan Repayment Schedule
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Opening Balance

Interest paid during the month

Principal repaid during the month

Closing Balance
























































How to use ACKO Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator: Streamlining Your Personal Loan Planning
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Explore a user-centric journey in personal loan planning with this step-by-step guide:


1. Define Your Loan Requirements
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Evaluate your financial goals and determine the ideal loan amount that aligns with your objectives. Our platform accommodates loan requests up to Rs 20 lakhs, following the eligibility criteria set by the Punjab & Sind Bank.


2. Customise Your Repayment Duration
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Tailor your repayment schedule by selecting a loan term ranging up to 84 months. Compare EMIs for different durations to choose the option that best suits your financial preferences.


3. Review Current ROIs
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Use our EMI calculator to easily access the latest personal loan rates offered by Punjab & Sind Bank. This information serves as a valuable reference point to assist you in making an informed decision.


4. Explore Personalised EMI Estimates
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Enter your specific loan details, and our system will promptly generate personalised monthly payment estimates. This customised calculation empowers you to assess the feasibility of repayment before committing to the loan.

Personal Loan and Term Insurance
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Think about getting a term insurance plan for covering the borrowed amount when you take out a personal loan that lasts many years. This careful step helps to keep your family financially safe if something unexpected happens. A term insurance policy, when the person holding it sadly passes away, gives the covered money to people they have chosen. This large amount of money is very important for paying off any remaining debts and helps prevent extra stress on our relatives.

Advantages of using ACKO Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator
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Unlock the Convenience of Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator-

24/7 Accessibility, Anywhere

Experience the freedom to estimate your loan EMIs at any time and from any location, eliminating the need for branch visits. Calculate with ease at your convenience.

Streamlined User Experience

Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth navigation experience. Input essential details with just a few clicks, and receive customised results almost instantly.

Strategic Financial Planning

Get early visibility into expected EMI amounts, allowing you to map your income, expenses, and loan obligations pragmatically. Plan future cash flows confidently.

Empowered Decision-Making

Our estimate provides a clear view of the financial commitment before applying for the loan. This empowers you to assess loan affordability and avoid potential repayment stress.

Customisation Options in the ACKO Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator
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Unlock Personalized Estimates with Our EMI Calculator

Tailor Your Loan Amount for a Personalised Estimate
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Customise the loan amount according to your needs, considering eligibility and expenses, with an upper limit of Rs 10 lakhs. Compare EMIs by adjusting the loan figure to align with your repayment capacity, ensuring a personalised estimate.

Explore Flexible Tenure Options
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Select a loan term ranging from 1 to 6 years to match your cash flow comfort. Opt for shorter tenures of 12-24 months for faster closure with larger EMIs or choose longer tenures of 60-72 months for smaller periodic instalments but more interest over time, offering flexibility to align with your preferences.

Access prevailing Punjab & Sind Bank personal loan rates through our system. Additionally, input any exclusive promotional rates offered by the bank to calculate specialised savings. Evaluate historical trends to ensure optimal benefits when considering interest rates, providing you with comprehensive information for informed decision-making.

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Explore the seamless utilisation of ACKO's state-of-the-art Punjab & Sind Bank personal loan EMI calculator, offering a bespoke initiation for your borrowing expedition. Effortlessly procure a personalised estimate of monthly instalments with a mere few clicks, enabling you to scrutinise affordability and harmonise with your cash flows before initiating the application process. Immerse yourself in our technologically-driven innovations meticulously designed to streamline financial products, cultivating an atmosphere that empowers astute decision-making. Should any inquiries arise, our proficient advisors stand poised to provide assistance. Do not hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Which details are necessary for an accurate estimation of my loan EMI?

For a precise computation of your loan EMI, it is vital to provide details such as the personal loan amount, preferred repayment tenure, and the prevailing rate of interest. Our calculator seamlessly incorporates the current interest rates offered by the Punjab & Sind Bank.

What is the recommended EMI to monthly income ratio one should aim for?

Financial advisors typically advise maintaining an EMI commitment within the 40-50% range of one's monthly income. This precaution ensures that the loan repayment stays comfortably within manageable limits and avoids undue financial stress.

Are there any charges or subscription fees associated with using the calculator?

The EMI calculator is completely free of charges or subscription fees.

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