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How to File an Insurance Claim for a Car Accident in Mumbai?

Team AckoFeb 16, 2024

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and also a popular tourist destination. The number of vehicles in the city has increased exponentially in the last few decades, leading to heightened traffic woes and road accidents.

The traffic department in the city has taken special initiatives to ensure road safety and reduce the number ofcar accidents in Mumbai.  However, if you, unfortunately, meet with an accident despite this, your insurance cover can help you deal with the financial burden. Find out how to file an insurance claim in Mumbai and stay safe.




Car Accidents in Mumbai

Mumbai and traffic are synonymous with each other. With heavy traffic comes an increased probability of accidents, and NCRB data shows just that. In 2020, despite a drop in the number of vehicles on the road due to COVID-19 induced lockdowns and restrictions, Mumbai still recorded one of the highest rates of accidents in the country. 

Reports have shown time and time again that dangerous and careless driving is the primary reason for the high number of car accidents in Mumbai. Further, the number of deaths caused by car accidents in the city went up by 11% in 2021. Speeding continued to be the main cause of accidents, followed by drunk driving and lane cutting. 

Number of Road Accident Cases Reported in Mumbai

On the bright side, the car accident rate in Mumbai has seen a steady decline in the past few years. Here are the numbers as released by the Ministry of National Highways. 

  • Road Accidents in Mumbai in 2020 - 1812

  • Road Accidents in Mumbai in 2019 - 2872

  • Road Accidents in Mumbai in 2018 -3162

This has also resulted in a considerable drop in fatalities and injuries over the years, and the numbers speak for themselves. 


Total Number of Fatalities 

Total no of Injuries










Every life is precious and every life saved is good news. However, a disturbing trend has been observed in Mumbai over the last few years. A report released by the Mumbai police has revealed that over 42% of all fatalities in the city in 2020 were a result of hit-and-run cases. Most of the lives lost were of young men between the ages of 20 and 34. 

These statistics show that no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen when you least expect them. The best you can do is be alert and follow all traffic rules to mitigate your chances of being involved in a car accident in Mumbai. 

Safety and Car Insurance as A Protection Against Car Accidents in Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai, you know that the city offers many benefits but also comes with its own challenges. Sometimes, despite following safety rules and taking precautions, you may be involved in acar accident in Mumbai.Occasionally, natural disasters, arson or theft can also cause damage to your car resulting in financial and mental stress.

Don't just buy an insurance policy to save yourself from the fine you may have to pay in case you are found to be driving without one. Having sound knowledge about insurance can help you make an informed choice about what policy to go for based on the level of coverage you need.

ACKO offers a host of insurance policies to suit your every coverage need:

  • Third-party insurance: Third-party insurance protects you from financial liabilities in the event your vehicle has damaged a third party's vehicle or their property or caused bodily harm to them. This is the most basic insurance policy and is the legal minimum requirement in India. These insurance policies do not cover damages to your own vehicle if you are at fault. If the fault is not yours, you can raise a claim against the third party's insurance policy. 

  • Comprehensive Insurance: These policies are a step up from third-party insurance policies. While they come with higher premiums, they offer all the benefits of third-party insurance, along with covering the cost of damages to your vehicle. Apart from this, you are also covered in the event your vehicle is stolen or if it has been damaged by disasters beyond your control, such as floods, fires, earthquakes or riots. 

  • Zero Depreciation insurance: This plan, also known as the bumper-to-bumper plan, includes all of the benefits of comprehensive insurance while covering the depreciation costs of parts. This eliminates any deductions from your final settlement amount that would have happened due to the loss of value of your vehicle due to depreciation.

We also offer a host of add-ons you can opt into when purchasing or renewing your insurance policy. These add-ons can plug any coverage gaps that the policies mentioned above may have. Note that add-ons do increase your premiums, but they offer many benefits in the event the unthinkable happens. 

Documents Required to Make a Car Accident Claim in Mumbai

When you buy insurance from ACKO, you do not require any physical paperwork to raise a claim against your policy. You can upload soft copies of the required documents through our digital platform. The required documents are mentioned below, though they may vary depending on the claim:

  • Driver Licence

  • Car Insurance Policy

  • Car Registration Certificate

  • First Information Report (FIR), if required

  • Original car keys

  • Non-traceable Certificate (if required)

  • Proof of identification of the policyholder

  • Fire brigade report (if lodged)

  • Original car purchase invoice (if opted for Return to Invoice add-on cover)

  • Original repair bills

  • Original payment receipts

How to Buy Car Insurance Policy in Mumbai at ACKO?

ACKO offers various car insurance plans that suit your needs, and suitable add-on covers to offer enhanced coverage. To ensure your convenience, we offer you the option to buy car insurance online - no need to visit an office; you can get a cover for your car anytime from anywhere.

  • Log in to the ACKO website and go to the car insurance menu.

  • Fill in the required details for your car.

  • Choose the insurance plan and add-ons depending on your requirements.

  • Pay the premium and get your car insured.

  • Your insurance policy will be sent to your inbox.

It is essential to renew your car insurance policy before the expiry date to enjoy continuous protection. Just like buying insurance, you can renew car insuranceonline, too - the process is the same. This ensures you do not miss out on getting continuous coverage. 

Things to Remember 

Car accidents in Mumbai may be a cause of worry for everyone who lives in the city or even visits it. Here are some things to note and be careful about while driving on the streets of Mumbai:

  • Follow traffic rules; they are there for a reason. 

  • Be alert at all times, especially at night, as that is when Mumbai sees a lot of hit-and-run cases. 

  • Always wear your seatbelt. You can't always prevent an accident, but you can always take small steps to reduce the chances of sustaining injuries that could have easily been avoided. 

  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained. Failing brakes or fused headlights can turn the tide against you. 

Also, keep these tips in mind to ensure that your claim gets processed without a hitch:

  • Inform the insurer within 24 hours of the accident. Failure to do so can result in your claim being rejected. 

  • Always keep important documents handy and provide them to the insurer without delays to help your claim get processed faster.

  • Know what type of claim settlement to file for. If you have a comprehensive plan, you are eligible for a cashless claim. Let your insurer know the right details. 

  • In cases of third-party claims, if you are not at fault, raise the claim using the third party's insurance details. That's what third-party insurance is for. Do not forget to get the insurance details of the person who caused the accident. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about car accidents in Mumbai.

1. When should you claim accident insurance?

You should inform your insurance company about the accident immediately and file the claim within 24 hours of the incident. If there is a delay, your claim might get rejected.

2. Is a car accident a crime in India?

If the accident occurs due to negligence of the driver or rash driving and results in physical harm to a person, it is considered a crime under Section 279 of the Indian Penal Code.

3. What affects car insurance premiums?

Factors that affect car insurance premiums include engine capacity, car age, claim history, insured declared value, amount of insurance cover, and cost of add-ons and deductibles.

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