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Car Dash Cam - Benefits of Using Car Dashboard Camera

Team AckoApr 12, 2023

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace when it comes to car accessories. One such important accessory is the Car Dash Cam. In a country like India with chaotic road conditions, a dash cam has become a necessity. Moreover, there are plenty of options available with a pocket-friendly price tag, if you are looking for a dashboard camera for your car. Read on to know all the information and benefits of using Car Dashboard Camera.

Car Dash Cam and Benefits of Using Car Dashboard Camera



What is Dash Cam?

A dash cam is an image capturing device or camera, as called in layman’s language. A car dashboard camera is compact, and it can be easily fitted on the dashboard of the car or the windscreen (behind the rearview mirror). Dashboard camera records everything in front of the car. Some high-end dash cams even capture the rearview with the help of a rear-facing lens. Installing a dash cam for your car is a simple and effective way to capture your drive.

In other words, a dash cam acts as a ‘silent witness’ in case you are involved in any absurd incident. The compact nature of the device makes it easy to fit on a dashboard, and a simple operating mechanism makes it easy to use as well. In a nutshell, a dash cam is a third-eye, which records everything in front of you, when you go out for a drive.

How does a Car Dash Cam Work?

Usually, a car dash cam is mounted on the front windscreen, that is behind the interior rearview mirror. This position gives a clear vision for the camera to capture what’s going on ahead. A car recording camera is connected in such a way that it automatically switches on, and starts recording as soon as you switch on the car’s ignition. So, you will never miss out a recording while driving your car with a dash cam.

The recorded video files are stored in an SD card, and depending on the size of the card, you need to delete the old files. Some dashboard cameras even come with internal storage. But if the dash cam has a loop-recording feature, it automatically deletes the old files and makes storage space for the new files. So, a dash cam is efficient in its operation, and there are no chances of you missing out on any recordings.

Coming to the video capturing capability of the dash cams, they are equipped with a wide-angle lens, which captures the full-width of the road and the surroundings. So, no matter if it’s the side of the road or in the middle of the road, everything is captured. Some dash cams even have dual-lens, which capture the interior of the car. Apart from that, the dash cameras come with a GPS tracker which logs the speed of the car and the exact location. This will be helpful if you are involved in an accident.

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam:

Below are the benefits of using a car dashboard camera:

  • Evidence: With a dash cam fitted on your car, you’ve got the evidence of any incident. Given the unpredictable nature of Indian roads, having a proof of any incident helps.

  • Reduce Road Rage: Everybody’s in a hurry on the road, and road rage is a common sight in India. Road rage can turn ugly in no time. With a dash cam, you will have the video proof to confront or take action against the offender. This way, you can avoid unnecessary road rage.

  • Report Reckless/Rash Drivers: No matter if you are going on a short drive or a road trip, you will find aggressive/rash drivers. Such drivers can cause harm to you, surroundings and themselves. With a dashboard camera, you can note down the registration number of the vehicle, and if necessary, you can report the vehicle to the traffic police.

  • Avoid Harassment from Police: It’s unusual to find an unruly cop, but you might have to face one who is looking to make some quick cash. Such cops will throw false allegations such as jumping the red light, not wearing a seatbelt, etc. But with a dash cam on board, you will have concrete proof and can confidently say that you have not made a mistake. Even if things go dirty, the evidence is always on your side.

  • Records Every Time you Drive: A dash cam starts recording as soon as you switch on the ignition of the car. So, you will have the recordings of every drive, and in case/if you come across any incidents, the video proof might come in handy to you as well as other road users.

  • Capture Unforgettable Incidents: Indian roads are unpredictable. You never know what’s awaiting you around the corner. With a dashboard camera, you can capture incredible and unforgettable moments during your daily drives. With the current-era of YouTube videos, your capture can also earn you millions of views!

  • Monitor Young Drivers: If you are worried about the driving style of your younger ones you can monitor the driving behaviour via dash cam. Moreover, the latest dashboard cameras can live stream the feed to your smartphone, and you can evaluate their driving style.

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Why Should You Buy a Car Dash Camera in India?

Having a dash cam in your car is very important, especially in a country like India. You can expect the unexpected while driving on crowded Indian roads. Below are the reasons to buy a dash cam for your car:

  • Chaotic Roads: The roads in India are bustling with vehicles, pedestrians and even animals! Anything can happen on the road. A dash cam will help you to record any untoward incident, and you can also use the video as proof to prove your innocence. The video proof might also help the fellow road users, in case of any mishaps.

  • Reckless/Rash Driving: Rash/Reckless driving is one of the biggest problems you face on Indian roads. A car dashboard camera records unruly driving behaviour, and you can also report such drivers with the video proof. Rash driving can prove fatal at times, and having concrete evidence can help you to report such drivers to Police.

  • Road Rage: In India, road rage can be fatal at times for the victims. With a dashboard camera onboard, you can use the video proof to confront the other party and can settle the issue without much fuss. With a dash cam in your car, you can avoid unnecessary road rage.

Car Dash Cam and Insurance Benefits:

A car dash cam is one of the must-have accessories for your car. Having video footage as proof of an incident can be helpful. By simply installing a car dashboard camera, you cannot reduce the car insurance cost, but it can indirectly contribute to reducing the premium. The video proof can also come in handy when you apply for a car insurance claim. Although, there is no dash cam insurance, dash cam car insurance can be a critical factor. Refer to the below points for insurance benefits of car dashboard cameras:

  • Avoid False Allegation: Imagine you are slapped with a fine by the cops for jumping a signal or causing a collision, but in reality, you were not at fault. A dash cam footage can help you avoid such false allegations, and your driving history remains clean. Bad driving history can contribute to the increased car insurance premium, and by having a dash cam, you can avoid such situations.

  • Determine the Driver at Fault: The video footage from a dash cam can prove vital after an accident. You can easily prove who was at fault for the accident by using the video captured by the onboard dash cam. You can use the video while applying for a car insurance claim and can prove that you were not driving aggressively or recklessly.

  • Avoid Fraudulent Accident Claims: Some fraudsters might stage an accident, and make it look like you were at fault for the collision, and try to make money out of it. But with a dash cam, you have the video proof to avoid such harassment. Moreover, there will be no black mark on your driving history. A clean driving history contributes to reducing the premium while buying/renewing car insurance online.

  • Improve your Driving Skills: Your driving skills can indirectly affect the premium of the car insurance policy. By reviewing your car’s dash cam footage, you can improve your driving skills. If you ever have a close call, you can always go back to the drawing board by analysing the video and can correct the error if you are in the same situation next time.

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam?

Well, now you are aware of the importance of a dash cam and its benefits. Now that you have decided to buy a dashboard camera, the next step is to choose the right car dash cam. There are plenty of options in the market which can leave you confused. To make things easier, below are the points to consider while buying a dashboard camera for your car:

  • Video Resolution: One of the most important factors to be considered while buying a dash cam is the video resolution. The modern dashboard cameras can shoot in 4K resolution, but if you are not willing to spend a handsome amount on a dash cam, you should at least go for a dashboard camera which shoots in 1080p or full-HD resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the video.

  • Field Of View (FOV): Usually, the car dash cams come with a wide-angle lens which gives you a wide field of view. Always check the FOV of the lens before buying a dashboard camera. The wider the FOV, the better it is.

  • Chipset: A dash cam can function smoothly only if it has a good chipset onboard. With an average chipset, the camera can lag at times, and there is a risk of the camera not recording during the crunch time. So, always go for a dash cam which has a powerful chipset.

  • Storage: The video files captured by the dash cam are heavy and require a lot of storage space. So, buy a dashboard camera which accepts at least a 32 GB SD card. Nowadays, the dash cams even accept SD cards up to 64-128 GB.

  • Connectivity: High-end dash cams come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to control the dashboard camera via your smartphone. You can also download video files directly to your smartphone. So, having the option of Wi-Fi connectivity can come in handy in tricky situations.

  • GPS: High-end car dashboard cameras are equipped with an in-built GPS tracker, which can log the vehicle’s position and speed. The data are very useful when analysing the video footage of an accident. The camera can pinpoint the exact coordinates of the vehicle, and you can check the location via online map services such as Google Maps.

  • Gyro Sensor: A G-sensor will enable the dash cam to save a recorded video and lock the camera if it senses an upfront collision or accident. The gyro sensor will also detect any movement while the vehicle is parked, and triggers the camera to start recording. This feature comes in handy in case of a hit and run incident or vandalism.

  • Loop Recording: One of the most important features of a dash cam is loop recording. When the storage space runs out, the dashboard camera starts loop recording, which deletes the older video files and replaces them with newly recorded files. This feature makes sure that every incident is recorded on your car’s dashboard camera.

Best Dash Cams in India:

There are plenty of options when it comes to car dashboard cameras. Below are some of the best dash cams you can buy in India:

  • Nextbase 522GW: The Nextbase 522GW is of the affordable dash cams in the market which comes with a host of features. The dash cam records 1440p and comes with 140-degree wide-angle lens and GPS tracker. The dashboard camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Overall, the Nextbase 522G is a value for money dash cam.

  • Garmin Dash Cam 66W: Garmin is a popular brand when it comes to dash cams. The 66W model features a 180-degree wide-angle lens and shoots at 1440p. Other features of the dash cam include a G-Sensor, GPS tracker and voice recognition.

  • Kenwood DRV-830: The DRV-830 dash cam from Kenwood is the best in the business when it comes to storage space. The dash cam has an expandable storage capacity of up to 256GB. Other features include a 144-degree wide-angle lens and G-Sensor. The dashboard camera records at 1440p and the image quality is excellent.

  • 70mai Pro Car Dash Cam: The 70mai Pro is one of the best-selling car dash cams in India. The camera comes loaded with features such as a 140-degree wide-angle lens, loop recording, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS tracker and night vision. The dash cam is capable of recording at 1944p resolution at 30FPS (Frames Per Second).

  • Blueskysea B1W: The B1W dash cam packs a punch for its size. It’s a very compact dashboard camera with a 36-degree rotatable lens. The dash cam records in 1080p full-HD resolution and comes with features such as a G-Sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity and a parking mode.

  • DDPAI Mini3 Dash Cam: The DDPAI Mini3 is a feature-rich dash cam in the mid-range segment. The car dashboard camera is equipped with a 140-degree wide-angle lens capable of recording in 1600p resolution. Other features include loop recording, night vision, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi and 360-degree rotating lens.

  • Aukey Dash Cam: The Aukey car dashboard camera also comes in the mid-range segment with a host of features. The dash cam features a 170-degree lens which records at 1080p full-HD resolution. Other features include G-Sensor, night vision and loop recording.

  • Procus Convoy Dash Cam: The Procus Convoy is an entry-level, affordable dash cam. The dashboard camera comes with features such as a 120-degree wide-angle lens, 1080p recording, G-Sensor, loop recording and a dedicated parking monitor mode.

  • JVC GC-DRE 10 Dash Cam: The GC-DRE 10 from JVC is one of the affordable dash cams in the market. The dashboard camera comes with features such a 145-degree lens recording at 1080p resolution, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity and internal mic for audio recording.

  • Blaupunkt BP 2.1 Dash Cam: The BP 2.1 is an entry-level dash-cam, which comes with basic features. The car dashboard camera is equipped with a 120-degree lens capable of recording at 1080p resolution. Other features include a G-Sensor, loop recording and built-in microphone and speaker.

Bottom Line:

A dash cam is one of the vital accessories for your car, and especially for Indian conditions, it is a must-have gadget. A car dashboard camera can save you from a lot of hassle when you are involved in an untoward incident. The video proof will save you from tricky situations, and it will also come in handy during car insurance claims. In a nutshell, if you own a car, you should invest in a good dashboard camera, which captures good quality video and has essential features such as loop recording, G-Sensor and GPS tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are the most common questions related to car dash cam:

Is it legal to use car dash cams in India?


In India, there is no specific law for dash cams. A car dashboard camera is your personal property, and it is for personal use. But when you enter a restricted area such as defence offices, you might have to get permission to use the dash cam.

My car dashboard camera is damaged. Will it be covered by car insurance?


No, a car insurance plan does not cover damages to the dash cam. A car dash cam is an accessory, which does not come under insurance coverage.

I have installed a dash cam in my car. Will it reduce the cost of car insurance?


No, a dash cam does not reduce the cost of insurance, but it can indirectly contribute to reducing the premium. A dash cam footage will also help you during car insurance claims.

I am buying a new car. Will it come with a dash cam pre-installed?


No, a new car does not come with a dash cam. You have to purchase it separately and install, as dash cam is an additional accessory for your car.

Can I use my phone as a car dashboard camera?


Yes, you can use your phone as a car dashboard camera. Make sure you get a good quality mount for the phone and mount it securely. Next, you need to download a dash cam app to start recording. Note that it is not recommended to leave your phone inside the car when parked, as it can damage the phone and also attract thieves.

Is it worth buying a dashboard camera for my car?


Yes, buying a dash cam is worth it as it records everything while you are driving. A dash cam footage will be concrete evidence when you are involved in an incident, and it’s not your fault. Dash cam video will also come in handy when you apply for a car insurance claim.

Can my car dashboard camera footage be used against me?


The answer is a big Yes. If you are at fault for an accident, the video captured by the car dash cam will reflect the same. So, it can be used against you.

How much will a car dash cam cost?


The cost of a car dashboard camera depends on the make and the model, and the features it offers. Entry-level dash cams cost less, while the high-end dashboard cameras can get very expensive.

Should I buy a rear dash camera for my car?


A rear dash cam is not necessary, but if you have the budget to buy one, you can consider installing a rear dash cam. The rear camera will be able to record any rear-end collision or any incident behind your car.

Can I leave the dash cam inside the car?


Yes, you can leave the dash cam inside the car even when it’s parked. Some dash cams come with a movement sensor, and the camera starts recording if there is any sudden movement. This feature enables you to capture any act of vandalism when your car is parked.


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