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Car Essentials: 20 Beneficial & Functional Vehicle Accessories

Team AckoApr 12, 2023

Some car owners view their vehicle as an extension of their personality. They see it as an opportunity to express themselves. Just as a person might choose certain clothes to highlight their style quotient; car lovers might opt for aesthetic enhancements for their loved vehicle. They increase their vehicle’s appeal with the help of car accessories.

Car Essentials & Functional Vehicle Accessories



Shiny lights, fancy rims, and a unique paint job are some of the popular ways in which car owners opt for aesthetic enhancement of their four-wheeler. But what about functional enhancements? Aren’t they important as well? You need to maintain the right balance between aesthetic and functional enhancements so that the car stands out when it comes to style as well as convenience. Here are some beneficial and functional accessories to improve your driving experience.

List of Useful Car Accessories:

Some of the following accessories are for city riders while some are for road trip enthusiasts. Nevertheless, these accessories are functional and designed to add value to every car.

1) Neck & Back Rest:

Driving should be a comfortable process for you. Thus, it is better to purchase a Neck Rest and a Back Rest for the driver’s seat. This way, you shall be comfortably seated while stuck in traffic or during long journeys.

2) Air Purifier:

Pollution is getting worse day by day. If you happen to spend a considerable amount of time in your car, you must install an air purifier in our vehicle. An air purifier can improve the air quality in your vehicle within 15 minutes.

3) Phone Mount:

Nowadays, online maps (accessed via mobile phone) have become extremely accurate. Such maps not only help to navigate a route but also help you to find the quickest way to reach your destination. A phone mount will ensure that you do not need to get your hands off the steering wheel and the gear to check your mobile phone.

4) Universal Charger:

It is difficult to function without our gadgets. Phones, tabs, laptops, etc. might need charging on the go. This is where a universal charger will come to your rescue. Purchase one with multiple ports. It can be of great help during road trips.

5) Floor Mats:

No one likes a messy car. Floor mats can be used to keep your car hygienic. They are extremely helpful during the monsoon season. Rubber mats are readily available and are easy to clean.

6) Portable Vacuum Cleaner:

This accessory is a must if you have kids and they travel a lot with you in your car. No matter how much you try to discipline kids, chances are they are going to be a bit disorganized when they have to sit in a confined position for a long time. They might drop eatables and spill the liquid. This is where a vacuum cleaner will keep things hygienic. Also, if you take your pet with you for a ride, a vacuum cleaner can save you a lot of trouble with respect to cleaning the car’s interior and keeping bacteria at bay.

7) Fire Extinguisher:

Here’s hoping that you will never be in a position where you have to use a fire extinguisher. But if you do, then it is better to have access to a fire extinguisher than scampering around for one. A portable fire extinguisher stored in your car can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency.

8) Seat Cushion:

An uncomfortable seat can spoil your car journey, especially if you are the one driving the vehicle. You can ensure a comfortable driver’s seat with the help of a seat cushion.

9) Car Cam:

A Car Cam (camera) is also known as a Car Dash Cam, which can be mounted on the dashboard. It is a digital camera that records your journey. It can be used to create a cool trip video or a tool for beginners to understand their mistakes and get better at driving. This can also come in handy in case of an accident as the camera will capture what really happened.

10) Jump Starter:

If you are someone who prefers going on long road trips, then you must have a jump starter kit in your vehicle. This kit becomes all the more necessary if you visited colder terrains and isolated areas. It can act as a power source when your car’s battery doesn’t respond.

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11) Tyre Pressure Monitor:

Some people are extremely particular about certain details while some do not pay that much attention to it. If you belong to the first category, you might be interested in a Tyre Pressure Monitor kit. Your car’s tyres need to be in good shape and this kit will ensure that the tyres have the right pressure to travel. If there is any deviation, your pressure monitor will let you know and you can get the issue resolved.

12) Car Cover:

A car cover is a must. It can act as a layer of protection during the rainy season and protect the car from harsh UV rays during the summer. Also, it acts as a shield against bird droppings and dust. Pick a good quality cover and ensure it has sturdy straps.

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13) Driving Gloves:

This accessory can prove beneficial if you drive in old conditions. It can also be of great help on long road trips as these gloves can offer a better grip and keep your hand muscles comfortable.

14) Bottle Jack:

A Bottle Jack is used to lift your car effortlessly so that a flat tyre can be changed. Car owners must keep a Bottle Jack in their car just as they keep a spare tyre.

15) Mini-fridge:

A mini-fridge is ideal for those who drive when it’s the hottest. You can store juices and fruits in it to keep you hydrated and nourished during long trips.

16) Massage Cushion:

A Massage Cushion can be placed on your car’s seat and switched on for a quick relaxation session. This can be a friend in need for drivers and passengers with back problems.

17) Car Trunk Organizer:

A Car Trunk Organizer is like having a big bag or a compartment in your car’s trunk. It can be viewed as a box with compartments to help you categorise and store things in the car’s trunk in an organized manner.

18) Car Seat Organizer:

A Car Seat Organizer is like a pouch that can be hanged to the seat. Essentials can be kept safely in the pouch. It is helpful if you drive with kids seated at the back.

19) Escape Hammer:

An escape hammer can be used in an emergency. It can be used to break the car’s window and escape out of the vehicle. Some escape hammers also have seat-belt cutters.

20) Anti-theft Devices:

You can install anti-theft devices in your vehicle for safety. These devices can play a crucial role in preventing car theft. They can also fetch you discounts on car insurance premium.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all the above-mentioned accessories available in shops?


All the above accessories might not be available in Indian shops. However, you can search for them online and get them delivered.

Is there a particular type of anti-theft device that I should opt for?


Yes, you should opt for anti-theft devices that have a national certification. They need to be certified by the Automotive Research Association of India.

Are there any compulsory accessories that need to be purchased?


Purchasing any of the accessories mentioned above is a choice. There is no compulsion. You need to find the one that suits your needs and make the purchase decision accordingly.

Are car accessories covered under a Third-party Liability car insurance policy?


No, car accessories are not covered under a Third-party car insurance policy.

How can I get an insurance cover for my car’s accessories?


You can insure your car’s accessories (those fitted additionally) by paying extra insurance premium.


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