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HSRP Number Plate Haryana Registration Process in 2024

TeamAckoJun 20, 2024

HSRP Number Plate Haryana

A High Security Number Plate or HSRP number plate is a mandatory requirement for all vehicles, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. This number plate is a more advanced number plate system that ensures safety by incorporating advanced security features. The main objective of making HSRP number plates mandatory is to reduce fraudulent activity and make it impossible to forge virtual number plates. In the section below, we will talk about the High Security Number Plate in Haryana.

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Benefits of HSRP Number Plate in Haryana

The HSRP number plates are tamper-proof in nature as they are made of up aluminum and also have a unique identification number. So, in the section below, let us talk about some of the benefits of the HSRP number plate in Haryana:

  • Security: As the name suggests, High Security Number Plates are designed to ensure more security and reduce fraudulent activities. Even in the worst case, if the vehicle gets stolen, it becomes easier to recover it using the HSRP number plate.

  • Easy Identification: This number plate has a unique identification number, facilitating easy identification for verification or other reasons. Moreover, it also aids the concerned authorities in tracking any illegal activity. 

  • Legal Mandate: Installing HSRP plates ensures compliance with Haryana laws and eliminates the chances of paying fines if you are found riding a vehicle without this number plate.

  • Ensure Road Safety: The unique identification number on the HSRP plate helps the authorities ensure road safety. This is possible because the HSRP number plate makes it easier to track vehicles that do not follow traffic rules or get involved in accidents. 

Colour Code of High Security Registration Plate in Haryana

High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) features a distinctive colour code system ensuring easy identification and authenticity. The colour coded sticker helps to identify the fuel type of the vehicle. Moreover, it is fixed to the windscreen of the vehicle. Each category of vehicle corresponds to a specific colour code, aiding law enforcement and authorities in quickly verifying vehicle types. For instance, blue stickers indicate that the vehicle has a petrol or CNG fuel type, green stickers are for electric vehicles, and orange stickers signify diesel fuel type. Further, BS6-compliant vehicles will have a green strip on the top of the HSRP plate. With its clear and intuitive color scheme, the HSRP contributes to efficient traffic management and reinforces regulatory compliance across diverse vehicle categories. So, make sure to have a colour-coded HSRP plate whether you are in Haryana or anywhere else in India. 

How to Apply for a High Security Number Plate in Haryana?

Listed below are the steps you need to follow to apply for a High Security Number Plate in Haryana:

  • Go to the official website of ‘Book my HSRP

  • Click on the ‘book’ option available under the ‘High Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker’ section

  • Then, enter the Haryana, along with other details like chassis number, engine number, and captcha

  • Next, select the appointment and location slot for getting HSRP number plate

  • Proceed with making the payment

  • Once the HSRP is ready for installation in your vehicle, you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number

How to Check the Status of HSRP Number Plate in Haryana?

There may be times when you would like to track the status of your HSRP number plate in Haryana. Here are the steps you need to follow for the same:

  • Visit the ‘Book my HSRP’ official website

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you will be able to see the ‘track your order’ option

  • Then, you will have to provide the order number, vehicle registration number, and captcha

  • Next, click on ‘search’ option after which you will be able to see the status of your HSRP number plate

How to Apply for Duplicate HSRP Number Plate in Haryana

If the HSRP number plate of your vehicle gets lost or damaged, you must apply for its duplicate plate. Wondering how? Then, here are the steps you need to follow to apply for a duplicate High Security Number Plate in Haryana:

  • Click on the official website of ‘book my HSRP’

  • Next, click on “ Replacement/Retain/Transfer”

  • A screen will appear where you will have to enter details such as Haryana, vehicle registration number, chassis number, engine number, and captcha

  • Once all the details are successfully entered, you will have to choose a preferred date and slot for getting a new HSRP number plate

  • Then, proceed with making the payment for the duplicate HSRP number plate

Difference Between HSRP and Normal Number Plate

Listed below are some of the significant differences between a normal number plate and High Security Number plate:


HSRP Number Plate

Normal Number Plate

Colour-code sticker


Not available

Legal requirement


Not mandatory




Authenticity verification


Lesser possibility 


Have a unique identification code and laser-etched branding

Lacks advanced security features


Not possible


HSRP Registration Process for Other States:

Frequently Asked Questions on Haryana High-Security Number Plate



Can I apply for HSRP number plate online in Haryana?

You can apply for an HSRP number plate online in Haryana.

Is High Security Number Plate mandatory?

Yes, a High Security Number Plate is mandatory.

What is the full form of HSRP?

The full form of HSRP is High Security Number Plate.

How is the HSRP number plate beneficial in Haryana?

A High Security Number Plate is beneficial in Haryana as it reduces the chances of vehicle theft, promotes easy tracking of vehicles, etc.

Can I apply for a duplicate HSRP plate in Haryana?

You can apply for a duplicate HSRP in Haryana through the ‘Book my HSRP’ website.


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