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Cashless Garages for Vehicle Insurance

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Cashless Garages in Vehicle Insurance

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Damaged your car? ACKO Cashless Garage offers a simple and stress-free way to fix your car/bike damages. With the help of ACKO Cashless Garages, you can get your vehicle repaired and also settle claims in a hassle-free way. 

What are ACKO Cashless Garages?
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At ACKO, we have tied up with hand-picked garages that are specialised and well-equipped to help you with all the car repairs under one roof, to give you a seamless experience. When you get your vehicle repaired at a specialised ACKO Garage, you don’t have to pay for anything except deductibles as per policy guidelines. We will settle the remaining amount directly with the garage.

Policyholders can opt for ACKO Cashless Garage while buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance or a Two-wheeler insurance plan (in the case of two-wheeler, it is available for partnership business only). One cannot enjoy the benefits of ACKO Cashless Garage while buying only Third-party Insurance Plan, as it doesn’t cover damages caused to your car during an accident, fire, natural calamities, or riots. 

How ACKO Cashless Garages Make Claim Settlement Process Stress-free?
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Easy, super-fast, and convenient - that’s exactly how your vehicle gets repaired and the claim is settled with ACKO Cashless Garages.

Step 1
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You can inform ACKO about the damages either via call, email, or mobile app. Once you inform us, our dedicated team will verify the claim-related details.

Step 2
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After successful verification, we will arrange for a free pickup of your vehicle within 1 hour (in select cities). We will take the vehicle to our ACKO Cashless Garage, where we repair your car.

Step 3
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The mechanic and our surveyor will assess the damage and arrive at the repair cost. Once the repair costs are estimated, ACKO cashless garages will start the repair work.

Step 4
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The repaired car shall be delivered back to you once the repairs are completed.

Step 5
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ACKO will settle the bill directly with the garage. You might be asked to pay for expenses/deductibles as per the terms and conditions of the policy.  

Please note that this is an overview of the claims process. Exact details might vary on a case-to-case basis.

Benefits of ACKO Cashless Garages
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1. No Upfront Payment
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Sometimes, the vehicle’s repair cost can be huge, and it can be difficult for you to arrange the money without letting your financial plan go for a toss. Unlike a Reimbursement Claim, you do not have to pay money to the garage for repairing the car/bike.

2. Zero-hassle Process
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As ACKO settles the bill directly with the garage, you do not have to worry about the details related to coordination, communication, and cost of repairs. Considering our tie-up with handpicked and specialized garages, we take care of everything - pickup, repairs, delivery, and bills. This ensures that your claim is settled without any roadblocks.

3. Optimize Savings
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ACKO will pay the invoice bills after considering the deductible of Rs. 5,000 when you get your car repaired at a non-network garage. Hence, if you think that the chances of claim are higher, it is advisable to opt for ACKO Cashless Garage to pay less during settlement and enjoy a trouble-free repair experience.

All about Car/Bike Garages
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No one wishes for their vehicle to be damaged. However, in cases of damage, all you would care for is that the repair and claim settlement process is seamless and stress-free. And that's where ACKO Cashless Garages can be a big savior. With our wide network of specialized garages, we ensure that your vehicle repairs are fixed in a quick, easy, and stress-free manner. 

What are Cashless Garages?
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A Cashless Garage or a Network Garage in the parlance of vehicle insurance means a vehicle repair shop that has a tie-up with the insurance company. Often, insurance companies have such tie-ups with garages across the country to offer ease and convenience to their customers. Cashless Garages do not charge repair fees from you (i.e. policyholder). The garage and the insurer settle the bill amongst themselves.


How do They Work?
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As you are not required to pay cash (money) to the garage for the repairs, the garage is termed as a Cashless Garage and the claim is termed as a Cashless Claim. Note that this arrangement and claim settlement process is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. You may be required to pay for deductibles, extra repairs, etc.


How Does Cashless Garages Work?
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There are two ways of raising an insurance claim under the Comprehensive policy. You can either take the damaged car to a garage of your choice (which might not be a part of the insurer’s network) or you can get your car repaired at a garage that is a part of the insurer’s network.

Reimbursement Claims
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When you take the car/bike to a garage of your choice or a non-network garage, you may have to first take your vehicle to a garage, follow-up for repairs, settle and pay bills, get your vehicle back home and then get your bills reimbursed from ACKO. In this case, ACKO will reimburse the bills after considering the deductibles as per the terms and conditions. Looks like a lot of time and effort here!

Cashless Claims
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As the name goes by, Cashless Garages enable you to get your vehicle repaired without having to pay the bill. In this case, all you have to do is inform ACKO about the damage and ACKO will do the rest for you. We will arrange for a pickup within 1 hour (in select cities), get your car instantly repaired, and deliver at your doorstep. And between all this - you don’t have to pay anything except deductibles as per terms and conditions. Rest all, we shall settle the bill directly with the garage.

Note: You can opt for ACKO Cashless Garage only while buying a Comprehensive Insurance Plan and is not applicable while buying only Third-party Insurance Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cashless Garages
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Here are some common questions regarding car/bike cashless garages.

Generic FAQs


Why is it necessary to inform the insurance company before getting the car repaired?

The insurance company needs to have a look at the vehicle before it is repaired to gauge the extent of the repairs it requires and to ascertain the damages covered as per the policy.

How can I come to know if a garage is part of the insurer’s network?

If you want to enquire about a garage, you can ask the insurer (in this case ACKO) about it via call or email. 

Along with the repairs, I also want other services of the garage. How does that work out in a Cashless Garage?

The Cashless Garage arrangement with ACKO is only related to the damages covered as per the policy. If you want to engage with the garage for other services, you must do it individually. ACKO will not pay for it.

Can I ask ACKO to tow the damaged car to a garage of my choice?

Yes, you can get into a discussion with ACKO regarding such an arrangement.

Can I repair my car and then inform ACKO?

No, you must inform us at the earliest to avoid rejection of the claim. And it should always be before getting the car repaired on your own.

I want the list of ACKO’s Cashless/Network Garage. What should I do?

With ACKO, you don’t have to worry about anything while getting your vehicle repaired. Depending on the damages, and the repair required, and to offer you quick and quality services, we take your car to the most convenient network garage and deliver it back to your doorstep. We offer cashless claims across a wide network of garages, hence it is difficult to share the list.

Claim Settlement Related FAQs


I want to take my car to a garage of my choice. Can I still enjoy the cashless claims facility? 

When you get your car repaired from our partner garages, you save a lot of time, effort, and money. However, if you still want to get your car repaired at a garage of your choice, we can still offer a cashless-like settlement at a non-network garage. We transfer our liability for any legitimate claim directly to the garage, even before the delivery of the car, within a few hours of invoice receipt. In this case, the policyholder needs to share non-network garage bank details for cashless-like settlement. However, in such cases, you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 extra as a deductible amount when you opt for ACKO’s exclusive insurance plans. 

What happens if I get my car repaired at a non-network garage?

During claims, if you get your car repaired at a non-partner garage, you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 as a deductible amount depending on the terms, conditions, and the type of plan that you have purchased.