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Car Insurance for BMW

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Car insurance is a must for all cars, especially for a premium luxury car brand like BMW. The repair cost of such an expensive car can be shocking. However, having a Comprehensive Car Insurance cover can reduce the monetary burden. It is a broad range of coverage that not only protects your finances against unexpected damages to your car but also covers third-party liabilities. Read ahead to know more about BMW insurance and its benefits.

What’s Covered in BMW Car Insurance? (Inclusions):

BMW Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan provides coverage against the following:

  • Losses to the car due to an accident.

  • Damage/losses to third-party property or life.

  • Damage to the car due to fire or an explosion.

  • Theft or total loss of the insured vehicle.

  • Damage to the car due to man-made disasters such as riots, vandalism, etc.

  • Losses to the vehicle due to natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc.

Exclusions of BMW Car Insurance:

BMW car insurance does not offer coverage against the following circumstances:

  • Damage/losses due to electrical/mechanical failure.

  • Damage to the car when driving without a driving licence.

  • Damage/losses to the car due to regular wear and tear caused over the year.

  • Damage to the car when driving under the influence of intoxicating substances.

  • Loss/Damage to the car due to reckless driving/improper handling.

  • Damages/losses occurred outside the specific geographical location.

  • Add-ons that are not purchased.

Benefits of Buying BMW Car Insurance Policy from ACKO

Below are the major benefits of buying a BMW Car Insurance Policy from ACKO:

Buy Online Car Insurance

You can buy/renew car insurance online at ACKO without any paperwork. Within a few minutes, the purchase or car insurance renewal will be done. Visit ACKO’s website or mobile app for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Quick Claim Settlements

Raising claims related to your car insurance policy at ACKO is extremely simple. Just log in to the website/app and file the claim online. You will receive instant claim settlements for minor damages. If the damages are major, the claims will be settled in a few days.

Expert Advice and Assistance

ACKO’s car insurance experts will assist you in choosing the right car insurance policy for your BMW car. Get advice and assistance for the entire process of buying or settling a claim.

Low-Cost Car Insurance Plans

At ACKO, BMW Car Insurance price is comparatively less. As there are no agents/middlemen involved in the buying/renewing processes.

Insurance plans for BMW;

Car insurance is of two types. Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-party Car Insurance. Below are the details of each plan for your BMW cars:

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is extensive coverage for your vehicle as it provides financial protection against damages or losses incurred due to accidents, fire, explosion, or natural and man-made calamities such as floods, riots, etc. Mandated by The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Third-party coverage is also offered under a  Comprehensive insurance policy. Additionally, you have the option to enhance your policy by adding car insurance add-ons.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy

A Third-party Car Insurance is mandatory and will invite penalties if you are caught driving your BMW car without this plan. Having a Third-party policy protects you against financial losses arising out of third-party policies. However, it neither covers damage to your vehicle nor offers an add-on option for your vehicle.

Add-ons for BMW Insurance:

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy allows you to expand the coverage via add-ons. Note that, your insurance premium increases as per your chosen add-on cover. Below are some add-ons for BMW Car Insurance:

Claim Procedure:

Follow the below steps to file a car insurance claim at ACKO:

  • Step 1 - Visit the ACKO website or Download the ACKO app.

  • Step 2 - Login to your account with the registered mobile number.

  • Step 3 - Click on the “Claim” button.

  • Step 4 - Submit the damage details and upload the picture of your damaged vehicle.

  • Step 5- For minor damages, you will receive an instant claim settlement.

  • Step 6 - ACKO’s car insurance expert will get in touch with you if the damage is severe.

Car Insurance for BMW Car Models/Variants

Below are the car insurances for BMW  models in India:

  • BMW  X1 Insurance

  • BMW  3 Series  Insurance

  • BMW  5 Series Insurance

  • BMW  7 Series Insurance

  • BMW  Z4 Insurance

  • BMW  X7 Insurance

  • BMW  X4 Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about BMW car insurance:


1. How can I renew my BMW Car Insurance online?

To renew your BMW car insurance online, you have to log in to your account either through ACKO.com or ACKO app. Select the policy against your vehicle and within a few minutes, you can renew the insurance policy without any documentation.

2. Can I purchase add-ons from another insurer, if I have purchased BMW insurance from one insurance?

No, you cannot buy add-ons from another insurer, if you have already purchased insurance from one insurer.

3. How to avail my previous NCB at the time of my BMW car insurance renewal?

 If no claim has been raised during your policy period, you can avail of your No Claim Bonus (NCB) at the time of your BMW car insurance renewal. Keep in mind that your car insurance renewal has to happen before the previous policy expires.

4. Is it compulsory to buy add-ons for BMW car insurance?

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy allows you to buy add-ons, but it is not mandatory to opt for an add-on. However, you can consider purchasing add-ons for your BMW car as it provides additional coverage benefits.

5. Can I buy add-ons along with the Third-Party Car Insurance Policy?

No. You can not buy add-ons along with a Third-party Car Insurance Policy. Only a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan gives you the option to choose add-ons.

6. How long will it take to insure my BMW  car?

You can insure your BMW car within a few minutes. Simply visit the ACKO website or mobile app, submit your vehicle details such as registration number, car model, etc. Select a plan for a BMW car and complete the online payment.

7. Which factors affect my BMW car insurance premium?

The major factors affecting the BMW insurance cost are the age of the vehicle, the car model, geographical location, and the approximate market value of the car. Apart from that other factors such as No Claim Bonus (NCB), which acts as a discount, also affect the premium.

About Car Insurance for BMW:

BMW is a premium brand known for its luxurious and stylish cars. It is very crucial to insure such an expensive car to avoid unexpected repair costs. In such a case, car insurance can be a saviour. It not only covers the vehicle damages but also makes sure that the owner complies with the legal requirement. 

On Indian roads, it is mandatory to have third-party insurance for a vehicle. A Third-party Car Insurance covers damages caused to the third-party if involved in an accident. However, third-party insurance does not offer Own Damage Cover (OD). The OD cover provides coverage against damage to your car.

To cover your expensive BMW car with a broad range of coverage, buy a Comprehensive insurance policy. It offers Own Damage Cover as well as protects third-party liabilities. Along with that, it provides options to choose add-ons for your car which enhances the standard insurance plan. However, you have to pay an extra premium for add-ons.  

Why should you buy BMW  Cars?

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is a German multinational brand that manufactures premium luxury cars across the globe. BMW sedans and SUVs show their iconic signature by featuring advanced elements like a new single-frame grille, LED headlights, and sloping roofline.

To make the heavy body-on-frame more capable, BMW has employed an aesthetic design characterized by short overhangs and long wheelbase on front. Aerodynamically optimized vehicle body, rain sensors, comfort suspensions, window exterior frame with aluminium finished and twin exhaust tailpipe in chrome finish are some of the extensive premium features of the BMW series. 

The interior of BMW cars equipped with automatic air conditioning with adjustable temperature features, air vents, panoramic glass roof with automatic sliding/tilting functions. For safety aspects, BMW series cars offer airbags, electric parking brake, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Brake assist, and side-impact protection features.  The reliable petrol and diesel engines of this exceptional car offer superior performance, which is apt for those long drives.

Highlights of BMW Cars:

  • Premium interior with soft-touch materials

  • Vibrant metallic colour options

  • Twin power turbo 4-cylinder engines

  • Cruise control with braking function

  • Interior mirror with anti-dazzle features

  • Powerful petrol and diesel engines with automatic transmission

BMW Models with Specifications, Variants and Ex-Showroom Price:

Refer to the following tables for BMW car price, variants and specifications:

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Specifications:

Variant 220i M Sport
Fuel Type Petrol
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min 280/1,350-4,600
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 141(190)/5,000
Transmission 7-Speed Automatic Gearbox
Drivetrain All-wheel-drive
Airbags 6
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 14.82 

BMW 3 Series Specifications:

Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min 400/1,750-2,500
Transmission 7-Speed Automatic Gearbox
Top Speed (km/h) 243
Cylinder/valves 44290
Fuel Tank 40 Litre
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 141(190)/4,000
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 20.37

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine Specifications:

Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 140(190)/4,000
Top Speed (km/h) 235
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min 400/1,750-2,500
Cylinder/valves 44290
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 20.37
Fuel Tank (L) 59
Capacity (ccm) 1995

BMW 5 Series Sedan Specifications:

Variant BMW 520d Luxury line
Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Top Speed (km/h) 235
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min 400/1,750-2,500
Capacity (ccm) 1995
Cylinder/valves 44290
Fuel Tank (L) 66
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 20.37
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 140(190)/4,000

BMW 7 Series Specifications:

Variant BMW 730 Ld
Capacity (ccm) 2993
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 195 (265) / 4,000
Cylinder/valves 44292
Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Fuel Tank (L) 78
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 15.13
Top Speed (km/h) 250

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe Specifications:

Variant BMW 840i
Cylinder/valves 44292
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 250 (340)/ 5,000-6,500
Capacity (ccm) 2998
Top Speed (km/h) 250
Fuel Tank (L) 68
Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 11.3

BMW X1 Series Specifications:

Variant BMW X1 sDrive 20i
Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 141(192)/5,000 - 6,000
Capacity (ccm) 2998
Top Speed (km/h) 226
Cylinder/valves 44290
Fuel Tank (L) 51
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 14.82

BMW X3 Series Specifications:

Variant BMW X3 xDrive 20d
Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Power in kW(hp) at 1/min 140(190)/4,000
Capacity (ccm) 1995
Top Speed (km/h) 213
Cylinder/valves Inline 4/4
Fuel Tank (L) 60
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 16.55

Below are the BMW car variants and ex-showroom price:

Model Variant Ex-Showroom Price
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé 220d Sport Line Rs. 40.4 Lakhs
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé 220i M Sport Rs. 40.9 Lakhs
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé 220d M Sport Rs. 42.3 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series 320d Luxury ‘Edition Rs. 47.9 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series 330i Sport  Rs. 42.6 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series 330i M Sport  Rs. 49.9 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine 330Li Luxury Line  Rs. 51.5 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine 320Ld Luxury Line  Rs. 52.5 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine 330Li M Sport ‘First Edition Rs. 53.9 Lakhs
BMW 5 Series 530i Sport Rs. 56 Lakhs
BMW 5 Series 520d Luxury Line Rs. 61.5 Lakhs
BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport Rs. 61.5 Lakhs
BMW 5 Series 530d M Sport Rs. 69.1 Lakhs
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo 620d Gran Turismo Luxury Line Rs. 66.5 Lakhs
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo 630i Gran Turismo Luxury Line Rs. 65.9 Lakhs
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo 630d Gran Turismo M Sport Rs. 77 Lakhs
BMW 7 Series 740Li M Sport Rs. 14.05 Lakhs
BMW 7 Series 745Le xDrive Rs. 16.93 Lakhs
BMW 7 Series 730Ld DPE Signature Rs. 13.79 Lakhs
BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé 840i Gran Coupé ‘M Sport’ Edition Rs. 15.8 Lakhs
BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé 840i Gran Coupé Rs. 13.25 Lakhs
New BMW X1 X1 sDrive20i xLine Rs. 40 Lakhs
New BMW X1 X1 sDrive20d M Sport Rs. 42.9 Lakhs
New BMW X1 X1 sDrive20i SportX Rs. 37.2 Lakhs
BMW X3 X3 xDrive30i SportX Rs.56.5 Lakhs
BMW X3 X3 xDrive20d Luxury Line Rs.62.5 Lakhs
BMW X3 X3 xDrive30i Luxury Line  Rs.61.8 Lakhs
BMW X4 X4 xDrive30i M Sport X Rs.65.7 Lakhs
BMW X4 X4 xDrive20d M Sport X Rs.62.4 Lakhs
BMW X4 X4 xDrive30d M Sport X Rs.68.9 Lakhs
BMW X5 X5 xDrive30d SportX Rs.75.5 Lakhs
BMW X5 X5 xDrive40i M Sport Rs.87.4 Lakhs
BMW X5 X5 xDrive30d xLine Rs.85.9 Lakhs
All-New BMW X6 X6 xDrive40i M Sport Rs.96.9 Lakhs
All-New BMW X6 X6 xDrive40i xLine Rs.96.9 Lakhs
BMW X7 X7 xDrive30d DPE Signature Rs.1.06 Crore
BMW X7 X7 xDrive30d DPE Rs.93 Lakhs
BMW X7 X7 xDrive40i M Sport Rs.1.09 Crore
BMW Z4 Roadster Z4 sDrive20i Rs. 67 Lakhs
BMW Z4 Roadster The BMW M2 Competition Rs.85 Lakhs
BMW Z4 Roadster The BMW Z4 M40i Rs.81.9 Lakhs
BMW Z4 Roadster The first-ever BMW X3 M  Rs.99.9 Lakhs
BMW Z4 Roadster The All-New BMW X5 M Competition Rs.1.94 Crore
BMW Z4 Roadster The first-ever BMW X7 M50d Rs.1.65 Crore
BMW Z4 Roadster The first-ever BMW M8 Coupé` Rs.2.18 Crores
BMW Z4 Roadster The BMW M760Li xDrive Rs.2.46 Crores

*Prices are subjected to change

Comparison of BMW Cars With Top Cars:

This section is all about comparing BMW cars with its competitors based on common specifications and features.

Upcoming BMW Cars in India:

BMW is working on manufacturing more numbers of variants to enhance customer satisfaction and riding experience. Below are the BMW upcoming cars in India:

  • BMW 2 Series Sportline: BMW has revealed its upcoming launch of a 2nd series sportline car with power and performance enhancement features.

  • BMW X6 M50d: The new X6 M50d BMW car will feature aggressive design and technological advancement. BMW may launch the updated M50d in India in the mid of 2021.

  • BMW X6 M50i: Another creation of the BMW X-6 series will be shown as a model M50i. Equipped with a multi steering wheel 4WD drive type, this car is expected to offer a premium riding experience. It is expected to launch along with the BMW X6 M50d model in India.

  • BMW i3: The German automaker has already unveiled the all-electric car of the Bavarian carmaker, and the new model will have a power of 33kWh battery which gives a power output of 184PS. Expected to launch by mid-2021 in India.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance for BMW Cars

BMW cars offer an experience of comfort and luxury for their riders. To maintain this luxury, you need to insure your expensive cars from unfortunate incidents. Buying extensive coverage such as a Comprehensive insurance plan can be a solution to shield your finances from paying for unexpected repair costs. It also meets the legal requirement to ride BMW cars on Indian roads. Let’s have a look at some benefits of buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for your BMW car:

1) Avoid Penalties

With a Comprehensive car insurance policy for your BMW series, you will be safeguarded from non-compliance penalties regarding your car insurance.

2) No Expensive Repair Bill

As a Comprehensive Policy offers Own Damage cover, a major part of your BMW cars repair bill will be settled in a reimburse method or in a cashless manner with the cashless garage. That means you do not have to pay the expensive car repair bill in case of damages covered by the policy.

3) Get Coverage for Third-party Liabilities

If you find yourself in an unfortunate incident where you have caused damage to a third-party life or property, then your policy will cover such liabilities.

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