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BMW X1 Car Insurance

Car Insurance for BMW X1

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BMW X1 is a compact crossover that offers a perfect amalgamation of luxurious features and a smooth driving experience. With an athletic appeal outside and a feature-rich cabin, this car has become a popular choice among buyers in India. When buying a BMW X1, it is important to purchase car insurance, so that you can get financial coverage against various potential damages, loss or theft. In this guide, you will find about the BMW X1 insurance cost and the benefits of purchasing insurance online. 

Benefits of buying online car insurance for BMW X1

Here are the reasons why you should purchase BMW X1 insurance online.

24x7 access

Unlike the offline method, the digital platform allows you 24x7 access to all information and procedures associated with BMW X1 car insurance. It takes away the requirement for calling the insurance company or booking appointments when you want to buy/renew a policy or just want to register a claim.

Policy comparison

If you want to compare BMW X1 insurance price, features, benefits or services, the online platform proves to be easier than the offline approach. You can use your smartphone to browse insurance policies from anywhere. This easy comparison of policies offers the ability to make an informed decision.

Quick procedures

All insurance procedures, such as buying or renewing a policy or raising a claim, become faster due to the online platform. The digital method removes the need for lengthy documentation and saves from frequent visits to the traditional insurance office.

Types of car insurance plans for BMW X1

Here are the two major types of car insurance policies for BMW X1.

Third-party Insurance Policy

To legally drive any motor vehicle on Indian roads, the vehicle owner needs to insure the vehicle with a Third-party Insurance Policy. This type of policy is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and offers financial coverage in case the vehicle causes an injury, death or property damage to a third party. However, you don’t get coverage against loss, theft, or damages to your insured BMW X1 with this type of policy.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

To get wide-ranging coverage for your BMW X1, you can choose a Comprehensive Insurance Policy. This insurance type combines the features of a Third-party Insurance Policy with Own Damage cover (OD). Thus, you obtain financial protection for your BMW X1 in case of accidents, calamities (natural/man-made), fire/explosion, theft, etc. Interestingly, it also allows you the ability to extend your insurance with multiple service-specific add-ons.

What’s covered in BMW X1 car insurance? (Inclusions)

The coverage range for BMW X1 with a Comprehensive Insurance Policy includes the following circumstances.

  • Injury to a third party

  • Damages to property of a third party

  • Death of a third party

  • Damages to the insured BMW X1 due to an accident

  • Damages to the insured BMW X1 due to man-made or natural disasters

  • Damages to the insured BMW X1 due to explosion or fire 

  • Theft of the insured BMW X1

  • Coverage based on the included car insurance add-ons

Note: Along with your regular insurance plan, buying a Personal Accident (PA) cover is a must. A PA cover has been made mandatory by law to make sure that the car owner is covered against temporary or permanent injuries and death as a result of a vehicle accident. 

What’s not covered in BMW X1 car insurance? (Exclusions)

In the following situations, a Comprehensive Insurance Policy will not provide financial coverage.

  • Driving the BMW X1 under the influence of any intoxicating substance

  • Driving the BMW X1 in illegal racing events

  • Driving the BMW X1 without valid vehicle documents

  • Avoiding traffic rules while driving the BMW X1

  • Damages to the BMW X1 caused by electrical or mechanical failures

  • Damages to the BMW X1 caused outside the geographical boundaries specified in the policy

  • Damages to the BMW X1 caused by regular wear and tear

  • Claims submitted for an inactive policy

Add-ons for BMW X1 insurance

Add-ons are extensions for Comprehensive Insurance you can purchase to customise your policy. Each add-on provides coverage against a specific liability and offers services or benefits that a primary plan does not cover. Here are the add-ons you can choose with X1 insurance.


The following reasons make ACKO the right choice for your BMW car insurance.

Affordable policies

ACKO embraces a direct-to-customer model, removing the need for middlemen. This approach allows the operating costs to stay low, resulting in the ability to provide significantly low-cost policies.

No paperwork

There is no physical paperwork required to purchase or renew a policy at ACKO. The 100% digital infrastructure involves easy steps to buy/renew a policy by simply providing the vehicle’s information and previous policy details (if required).

Hassle-free claim

From registering a claim to its settlement, ACKO ensures a swift process. Our support team offers guidance throughout the process and settles minor claims within a few hours in most cases.

ACKO’s claim process

You need to follow the below simple steps to raise a claim against your car insurance policy at ACKO.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account via the official ACKO website or mobile application.

  • Step 2: Select ‘Claim’ under your BMW X1 policy card.

  • Step 3: Provide answers to the damage-related questions, upload pictures of the damaged areas of the vehicle, and register your claim.

The support team from the claim settlement department will connect with you and guide you through the process. If the claim is minor, the settlement amount may reach your bank account in a few hours. However, claims associated with significant damages can take around three working days or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the common questions answered regarding car insurance at ACKO.

What will be the cost of BMW car insurance for my X1?

The BMW X1 insurance cost in India may differ from one insurer to another. Moreover, the BMW X1 insurance cost depends on a variety of factors such as the policy type, add-ons, etc. You can visit the online platform to get the exact insurance quote for your BMW X1. 

How can I renew car insurance online for BMW X1 at ACKO?

With ACKO’s 100% digital approach, you can easily renew your BMW X1 insurance online. The official portal and mobile app allow access to purchase policies and add-ons. You can choose an insurance plan, enter your BMW X1 details, and provide the details of your previous policy to get a car insurance quote. Then, with a click, you will be able to renew the policy instantly. 

What documents are required for BMW X1 insurance renewal at ACKO?

With ACKO, you don’t need any physical document to renew BMW X1 insurance. The whole process can take place online with the vehicle and previous policy details. That way, you get a paperless experience when renewing your vehicle insurance with ACKO.

Do I need insurance for my second-hand BMW X1?

As mandated by law, every vehicle owner needs at least Third-party Insurance to drive on Indian roads. This law applies to all motor vehicles, brand new as well as second-hand. Moreover, additional coverage of Comprehensive Insurance can help you protect your second-hand BMW X1 against damages or loss in various circumstances. Thus, purchasing an insurance policy for a second-hand BMW X1 becomes important.

What are add-ons from ACKO relevant for BMW X1 insurance?

You can customise the insurance cost of BMW X1 by purchasing add-ons with a Comprehensive Insurance Policy. Some of the popular add-ons for BMW X1 insurance are Key Protection Cover, Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover, and Engine Protection Cover

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About car insurance for BMW X1

A car insurance policy for BMW X1 protects you financially against damages and loss in various circumstances. There are two policy options available: Third-party Insurance Policy and Comprehensive Insurance Policy.

A Third-party Insurance Policy is mandatory by law to keep the vehicle insured against third-party liabilities such as the death of a third party, injury caused to a third party, or damages to third-party property. However, you can’t obtain any coverage for your BMW X1 with this policy alone.

Therefore, a Comprehensive Insurance Policy turns out to be a more practical choice for vehicle owners. This vehicle insurance offers OD or Own Damage cover to protect your BMW X1 against damages or loss due to fire, explosion, accident, man-made/natural calamities, vehicle theft, etc. 

Why should you buy a BMW X1?

The BMW X1 is designed to offer a pleasing driving experience and turn eyeballs with its attractive build. This compact crossover comes equipped with excellent features such as the panoramic roof, keyless entry, ambient lighting, etc. The safety features such as rear parking camera, tyre pressure monitoring technology, and traction control make your driving experience more comfortable.

You get the choice of both diesel and petrol engines in BMW X1. While the petrol unit comes mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox, the diesel unit gets an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Specifications of the BMW X1

Check out the key specifications of a BMW X1 car.

Parameters Details
Engine (cc) 1995 cc (diesel), 1998 cc (petrol)
Power (bhp @ rpm) 187.74 bhp @ 5000-6000 rpm
Torque (Nm @ rpm) 400 Nm @ 1750-2500 rpm
Gearbox Automatic
Fuel type Petrol/Diesel
Seating capacity 5
ARAI mileage 19.62 kmpl (diesel), 14.82 kmpl (petrol)

BMW X1 variants: fuel type and ex-showroom price

Check out the BMW X1 price in India for each variant below.

BMW X1 variant Fuel type BMW X1 price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
X1 sDrive20i SportX Petrol Rs. 38.90 lakhs
X1 sDrive20i xLine Petrol Rs. 41.30 lakhs
X1 sDrive20i Tech Edition Petrol Rs. 43 lakhs
X1 sDrive20d xLine Diesel Rs. 43 lakhs

CIN: U66000KA2016PLC138288

IRDAI Registration No: 157

Category: Non-Life Insurance

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