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Purchasing your dream car, the Chevrolet Sail sedan is truly an exhilarating feeling. However, your joyride can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not have adequate car insurance coverage. Without comprehensive car insurance, a single accident can result in heavy financial losses. Not only can repairs and medical bills pile up, but you also face the risk of legal consequences for driving uninsured. 

Hence, getting car insurance is an absolute must before taking your new Chevrolet on the road. This article will provide an in-depth look into the various car insurance options for your Chevrolet Sail sedan, along with tips for seamless purchases and claims.

Why should you buy car insurance for Chevrolet Sail?
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Having a valid car insurance policy is critical for all vehicle owners, including the Chevrolet Sail. Here are some key reasons why you must get adequate coverage:

As per The Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for all cars plying on Indian roads to have at least third-party liability insurance. Driving without valid insurance can attract heavy fines or even lead to imprisonment in some cases. 

Financial Security Against Accidents
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Without insurance, you are completely liable to pay for damages from any accident involving your Chevrolet Sail sedan. This includes medical expenses for third-party injury or death, repairs to third-party property as well as expenses to fix your own car's damages. 

Protection Against Theft and Natural Damage
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Even if your Chevrolet Sail is safely parked, it faces risks like theft, flooding, hail damage, lightning strikes, etc. 

The most common types of car insurance for Chevrolet Sail
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When choosing car insurance for your Chevrolet Sail, you generally have two options:


Third-Party Liability Only
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This basic policy is mandated by law and provides protection only to the other party in case of an accident caused by you. Any harm to third-party property or injury/death of third-party individuals will be covered. However, any damages to your own Chevrolet Sail will not be paid for in any situation.


Comprehensive Coverage
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A comprehensive policy includes third-party liability along with extensive coverage for your own vehicle. It means damages to your Chevrolet Sail due to man-made disasters like accidents, theft, damage by rioters, terror attacks, etc., are covered. Even natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, storms, etc. are included. This ensures complete peace of mind at a reasonable premium.

What is Covered

What is not covered

What is covered in Chevrolet Sail car insurance? (Inclusions)
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The following aspects are typically covered when you opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy for your Chevrolet Sail:

  • Accidental injury or death claims by third party individuals such as motorists, pedestrians, passengers, etc.

  • Third-party property damage, like vehicles, buildings, etc., due to accidents arising out of your Chevrolet.

  • Own damage to your car due to incidents like collisions, overturning, accidents, etc.

  • Protection against human-induced damage such as burglary, theft, malicious activities and damage by anti-social elements during strikes, protests or riots.

  • Loss or damage arising out of natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, floods, lightning, etc., provided no prior warning was issued.

What is not covered by Chevrolet Sail car insurance? (Exclusions)
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While comprehensive insurance is extensive, some scenarios are excluded, such as:

  • Any damage due to regular wear and tear, negligence in upkeep or lack of maintenance.

  • Gradual depreciation of the vehicle over time or with usage.

  • Mechanical or electrical failure, including battery/air-conditioner malfunction, unless caused by an accident.

  • Damage caused outside the geographic boundaries of India.

  • Losses when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Damage resulting from the use of the vehicle for illegal purposes.

Add-ons for Chevrolet Sail insurance
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You can increase your protection by opting for add-ons like:

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance for your Chevrolet Sail
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ACKO offers an optimal, hassle-free car insurance buying experience with the following benefits:

How to buy/renew Chevrolet Sail insurance from ACKO
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Follow these easy steps for purchase:

Step 1: Visit or download/open ACKO mobile app.

Step 2: Enter your car registration number and click "Continue".

Step 3: Select the insurance plan, customise it with add-ons and compare quotes.

Step 4: Provide basic details and nominee information and make payment via net banking, card or UPI.

Step 5: Policy copy is emailed instantly on successful payment completion.

You can renew the expired policy before the end date through the app or site by re-entering the car number.

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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Raising a claim with ACKO takes just 4 steps:

Step 1: Intimate claim by calling the toll-free number or using the ACKO app/website.

Step 2: Click on "Claim Now" and furnish a few basic details.

Step 3: Submit required documents, including FIR, KYC details, etc., based on claim type.

Step 4: The claim will be settled with the approved amount credited within a few hours for minor damages; for major claims, ACKO will send an assessor to evaluate the damage and accordingly process the claim request. 

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Getting optimal insurance for your prized Chevrolet Sail is vital for the safety of your asset and peace of mind. Comprehensive coverage adequately secures you from financial shocks from accidents or natural damage. Choose ACKO for a seamless, transparent car insurance buying and claims experience. Be sure to drive safely to enjoy your Chevrolet without worries.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chevrolet Sail Car Insurance
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What documents do I need when purchasing Chevrolet Sail insurance?

You'll need a copy of the Registration Certificate (RC), previous policy if renewing, KYC documents like Aadhaar, driving licence, passport size photos, invoice copy for a brand new car and cheque for payment if not paying online. At ACKO, you need not submit any documents to buy/renew car insurance.

Is lapsed car insurance valid to drive my Chevrolet Sail?

No, driving with a lapsed policy is against the law, and you will not be covered for any claims during such lapsed period. Renew before expiry to stay protected.

Can I switch my Chevrolet Sail policy from one insurer to another?

Yes, portability enables switching insurers while retaining accrued No Claim Bonus from the previous insurer if the policy is ported within 90 days of expiry.

How can I pay my Chevrolet Sail insurance premium?

You can pay online via net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI or e-wallets.

Can I make modifications to my insured Chevrolet Sail?

Yes, minor cosmetic modifications like seat covers, suspension lift kits, alloy wheels, etc., can be done. But inform the insurer before substantial alterations to avoid claim denial later.