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Chevrolet Car Insurance

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Chevrolet Car Insurance

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Chevrolet is an American brand of automobiles that was popular in India. These cars offer a mix of high performance and safety. A Chevrolet car insurance policy can help you get the benefits of insurance coverage and services at a low price when buying from ACKO. This article sheds light on all important aspects of Chevrolet car insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Chevrolet Cars
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Here are a few benefits of buying online insurance for Chevrolet cars.

1. Instant Purchase
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No need to wait to get the policy document. The policy will be issued instantly when you buy car insurance online.

2. Compare and Buy
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Buying online car insurance gives you the flexibility of comparing plans from multiple insurers before purchasing the one that fits your needs.

3. Easy Claims
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Since online insurance is all about digital transactions, the claims process is also carried out digitally, from filing claims to submitting documents.

Chevrolet Car Insurance Price
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Following are the Chevrolet car insurance prices for new models in Bangalore.



Insurance Premium (3 Years Third-Party and 1 Year Own Damage)

Zero Depreciation Insurance Premium

Chevrolet Beat

Rs. 3.72 lakhs

Rs. 12,791

Rs. 13,974

Chevrolet Sail Hatchback

Rs. 4.66 Lakhs

Rs. 13,334

Rs. 14,815

Chevrolet Enjoy

Rs.4.74 lakhs

Rs. 13,378

Rs. 14,883

Chevrolet Optra

Rs. 6.74 lakhs

Rs. 30,717

Rs. 34,084

Chevrolet Cruze

Rs. 12.33 lakhs

Rs. 41,889

Rs. 51,402

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Chevrolet Cars
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It is fairly common knowledge that buying a car insurance policy is mandatory by law in India under The Motor Vehicles Act 1988. But buying the most suitable plan is the key to getting the most out of your car insurance policy. Car insurance is broadly divided into the following two types.

1. Third-party Car Insurance
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Third-party Car insurance offers cover against third-party injuries or death and property damage. Legal Liabilities are also covered under this plan. It is a basic policy and is enough to abide by the law. However, it will not cover your car for damages.

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance
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This policy covers Third-party liabilities as well as damage to your car, i.e. Own Damage. A Comprehensive Policy covers financial damages like a total loss, theft of the car, fire, natural or man-made calamities, etc. Another advantage of buying this plan is that it can be customised with various add-ons.

Add-ons for Chevrolet Car Insurance
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Add-ons can be purchased with a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy only. One can choose from the following list of add-ons with their car insurance policy.

  1. Return to Invoice Cover

  2. Outstation Emergency Cover

  3. Engine Protection Cover

  4. Roadside Assistance Cover

  5. Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

  6. Consumables Cover

  7. Key Replacement Cover

  8. Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

  9. No Claim Bonus Protection

What’s Covered

What’s Not Covered

What’s Covered in Chevrolet’s Car Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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Inclusions or coverage of a car insurance policy are situations where you must get in touch with the car insurance company and raise a claim. The following damages are usually covered under a Comprehensive policy.

  1. Damage from natural or man-made calamities

  2. Third-party damages

  3. Accidents

  4. Fire

  5. Theft

  6. Total loss, i.e. damage beyond repair

  7. Personal Accident Cover (Purchased separately)

  8. Add-on coverages purchased while buying the policy

What’s Not Covered in Chevrolet’s Car Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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Every car insurance policy has a set of exclusions or situations on which the policyholder cannot raise a claim for damages. The policyholder should bear the expenses related to such situations. The following list is about the general exclusions of a comprehensive car insurance policy.

  1. Regular wear and tear

  2. Consequential loss

  3. Driving in an intoxicated state

  4. Not carrying valid documents while driving

  5. Mechanical or Electrical damage

  6. Claim against an expired policy

  7. Intentional damage

How is the Chevrolet Car Insurance Premium Calculated?
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The Chevrolet car insurance premium is calculated after accounting for the following factors.

Why Should You Choose ACKO for Chevrolet Car Insurance?
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ACKO is one of the leading digital-first general insurance companies that offer the following benefits.

Low Premiums
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When you buy car insurance from ACKO, you get the lowest price through additional discounts, as there are no middlemen commissions involved. This decreases the premium of the insurance policy, and you get full coverage as per your choice at a lower rate.

Easy Claims
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Insurance claims have a reputation for being delayed and complex. However, this process is greatly simplified at ACKO. You can raise a claim from ACKO’s website or mobile app in a few simple steps without the hassle of submitting hard copies of documents.

Zero Paperwork
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There’s no paperwork involved to buy, renew or raise a claim on the ACKO platform. The entire process can be digitally completed from your smartphone, computer or laptop. There is no complex paperwork or documentation.

How to Buy/Renew Chevrolet Car Insurance
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Here are the easy steps to buy or renew Chevrolet car insurance from ACKO.

Step 1. Visit our website or app.

Step 2: Share your car details, select the plan and add-ons.

Step 3: Fill in your personal information and make the payment online to instantly buy or renew the policy.

How to File a Claim Under Chevrolet Car Insurance
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Making a claim is as easy as buying or renewing a car insurance policy online. The following steps will guide you to get started on the claim process.

Step 1 - Visit or download the mobile app.

Step 2 - Login to your profile and select the Claims option from the policy card.

Step 3 - Enter the required information and click on “Claim Now”.

ACKO will get in touch with you to understand the damage and guide you on the next steps once you submit the claim via your ACKO profile.

Documents Required to File Chevrolet Car Insurance Claim
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You will require the following documents to file a claim against Chevrolet car insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions
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The following questions will help you get a deeper understanding of car insurance policies.



My car insurance plan for my Chevrolet is about to expire, how long will it take for the car insurance renewal process?

You can renew your car insurance policy within minutes as the current policy is still active. You will also be given an option to set the start date of your new policy. Simply log in to your ACKO profile, enter the required details and renew the plan to get your new policy.

Is a car insurance policy bought online valid as per the law in India?

Yes, ACKO insurance is registered with the IRDAI i.e. the insurance regulator of India. Car insurance policies bought online from ACKO are fully valid and can be displayed to the authorities as and when required.

Why is Claim Settlement Ratio important while buying a Chevrolet car?

Many car owners consider Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) as one of the main factors of choosing a car insurance company. It is the number of claims settled upon the number of claims received in one financial year. This ratio is perceived as the capability of an insurer to settle claims.

How to make changes to my current car insurance policy for Chevrolet?

The process of making changes to a car insurance policy is called Endorsement. You can get in touch with ACKO if you wish to change the details present on your car insurance policy.

Why is comprehensive car insurance better for a Chevrolet?

A Comprehensive Policy covers the insured car as well as Third-party Liabilities. It can also be customized with car insurance add-ons of your choice. This is why buying a comprehensive policy is a better option as compared to a basic policy. You can get your car insurance quote on ACKO for a comprehensive policy by entering a few simple details.

Car Insurance for Chevrolet Car Models/Variants
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Below are the car insurances for Chevrolet models in India.