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Chevrolet Beat Car Insurance

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Chevrolet Beat Car Insurance

Chevrolet Beat is a small and stylish hatchback that comes equipped with advanced technological features. A vehicle insurance policy is necessary to be financially protected while driving your car. This article guides you through the process and benefits of buying Chevrolet Beat car insurance online. You will learn about choosing a policy based on Chevrolet Beat insurance price, features and coverages.

Benefits of buying online car insurance for Chevrolet Beat
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Here are the advantages of buying car insurance online for your Chevrolet Beat car.

Comparing plans
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The digital platform allows you to compare different plans for Chevrolet Beat car insurance. A comparison of policies helps to understand the variety of features and coverage combinations you can have in your motor insurance.

Instant availability
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With the online insurance purchase, you get 24*7 access to policy-related services. It allows you to obtain the required information instantly. Moreover, you can raise a claim on your policy digitally without having to make calls or book appointments.

Easy purchase
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To buy or renew a policy online, you don’t need any extensive paperwork. The process has become instant, which involves adding basic details of your car and previously purchased insurance (if available).

Types of car insurance plans for Chevrolet Beat
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Based on Chevrolet Beat insurance price and coverages, there are two major kinds of plans.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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A Third-party Liability Plan provides you financial coverage against conditions when your vehicle causes injuries, death or property damage to a third party. It is a mandatory insurance plan as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Thus, you must purchase this insurance to legally drive your vehicle in India. However, your policy won’t provide coverage against damages to or loss of your insured car.

Comprehensive Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Insurance Plan offers dual coverage for your vehicle. This type of policy combines Third-party Liability Insurance with Own Damage cover. Purchasing a Comprehensive Policy enables financial coverage against situations when your car gets stolen, lost or damaged. You can raise claims against damages due to natural disasters, man-made calamities, fire, explosions, accidents, etc.

Important: Whenever you purchase your motor insurance, don’t forget to buy a Personal Accident (PA) cover separately. The PA cover is necessary for financial protection in case of accidental death or injury (temporary or permanent).

What’s covered in Chevrolet Beat car insurance? (Inclusions)
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By purchasing a Comprehensive Chevrolet Beat insurance plan, you receive coverage in these conditions.

What’s not covered in Chevrolet Beat car insurance? (Exclusions)
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The following conditions are not covered in Comprehensive Chevrolet car insurance.

Add-ons for Chevrolet Beat car insurance
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You can customise the Chevrolet Beat insurance price to include additional coverage. The following car insurance add-ons are usually popular among vehicle insurance buyers. 

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Here are the advantages of choosing ACKO to buy vehicle insurance.

Incredibly Low Premium

Cost-effective policy
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ACKO operates via a completely digital infrastructure, involving no middlemen. This helps customers to directly obtain insurance without having to worry about agent commissions. Hence, the policy becomes cost-effective for you.

Go Paperless

Paperless purchase
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You can purchase or renew insurance at ACKO online without physical documentation. The process requires only a few details regarding your car and previous insurance (if available). Thus, you save yourself from lengthy paperwork.

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Pickup and drop
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For repair-related claims in select cities, you can get pickup and delivery service from ACKO. The insured vehicle gets picked up, repaired, and then delivered back to you. The repair duration may differ depending on the condition of the vehicle.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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To raise a claim on your Chevrolet Beat insurance, you can follow these steps.

Once a claim request is raised, the support team from ACKO initiates the settlement procedure. The duration of settlement is only a couple of hours for minor claims. But complex repair requirements may increase the period of settlement. The support team will guide you throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some of the commonly asked questions about Chevrolet Beat insurance from ACKO.


How do I go about car insurance renewal for my Chevrolet Beat at ACKO?

You can renew car insurance online at ACKO. It takes a few minutes to get a car insurance quote for your vehicle. You can enter your vehicle details and previous policy information. Thus, buying Third-party Car Insurance online or a Comprehensive Policy online becomes an instant process. 

How much does Chevrolet Beat insurance cost at ACKO?

There are many factors that apply to decide the Chevrolet Beat insurance rate. Some of these factors include policy choice, add-on covers, etc. Hence, you should visit ACKO’s digital platform (website or mobile app) to get an exact car insurance quote for your Chevrolet Beat.

Do I need an insurance plan for a second-hand Chevrolet Beat?

You must purchase an insurance plan even if your Chevrolet Beat is second-hand. While Third-party Insurance is mandatory by law, a Comprehensive Policy provides OD cover along with Third-party coverage. Moreover, you can purchase add-ons to extend the insurance coverage for your second-hand Beat.