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Force Gurkha Car Insurance

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The legendary Force Gurkha is a quintessential SUV purpose-built for conquering rugged terrains and challenging obstacles. However, before you head out on those heart-thumping adventures, it is extremely important to get a comprehensive car insurance policy for your Force Gurkha. 

A suitable insurance plan will provide you financial protection in case any damage or mishap occurs to your beloved Gurkha or if it causes injury or property damage to a third party while you are driving it. Let's take a closer look at why you need Force Gurkha insurance and how to get the best possible coverage.

Why should you buy car insurance for Force Gurkha?
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It is legally mandatory
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Third-party liability insurance is compulsory by law for all vehicles driven in India. Driving without valid car insurance can lead to hefty fines, penalties or even imprisonment in some cases. 

Covers injury or damage caused to others
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Your Gurkha insurance policy will pay for medical bills and property damage caused to third parties in case your vehicle gets involved in an accident – even if the accident was not your fault.

Protects you from heavy financial losses
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Paying a relatively small insurance premium can save you from spending several lakhs to repair your Gurkha if it gets damaged in an accident, breakdown or any other unforeseen event. Comprehensive car insurance plans also cover theft and damage from natural calamities like floods, cyclones, etc.

The most common types of car insurance for Force Gurkha
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There are a few popular insurance options available specifically for SUVs, like the Force Gurkha:


Third-Party Liability Only
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This is the basic mandatory car insurance plan that covers injury or property damage caused to a third party due to an accident involving your Gurkha. However, any damages to your own vehicle are not covered under this plan.


Comprehensive Insurance
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The most commonly opted and recommended plan, it covers third-party liability along with own damage and theft of the insured vehicle. Compared to the TP-only plan, comprehensive insurance has significantly better features and more extensive coverage.

What is Covered

What is not covered

What is covered in Force Gurkha car insurance? (Inclusions)
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A comprehensive Force Gurkha insurance policy typically includes coverage for:

  • Bodily injury and property damage caused to third-party life or vehicles

  • Own damage to the insured Gurkha due to accidents, collisions, etc.

  • Theft of the vehicle, either total or of parts and accessories

  • Loss or damage from natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms, etc.

  • Damage due to man-made causes like fire, explosion, arson, riot, strike, etc.

  • Medical expenses related to treatment of injuries suffered by third parties

What is not covered by Force Gurkha car insurance? (Exclusions)
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Though comprehensive policies are quite extensive, there are some limitations and exclusions, such as:

  • Wear and tear caused by regular usage over time or ageing of the vehicle.

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown due to faulty parts or improper maintenance.

  • Damage caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating substance.

  • Losses occurred outside the geographical limits of India.

  • Any damage deliberately or intentionally caused by the owner of the insured vehicle.

  • Accessories not explicitly insured along with the vehicle.

Add-ons for Force Gurkha car insurance
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Some useful add-ons that provide extra features by paying a small additional premium:

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance for your Force Gurkha
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Opting for ACKO insurance provides several useful benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: ACKO policies provide comprehensive coverage for your Gurkha against damage, theft, accidents, etc. This includes both third-party and own damage insurance cover.

  2. Add-On Covers: You can customise your policy by adding add-ons like zero depreciation, engine protection, accessories cover, etc., as per your needs.

  3. Cashless Garages: ACKO has tie-ups with a large number of garages across India for hassle-free cashless claims. It avoids out-of-pocket expenses for repairs.

  4. Quick Claim Settlement: ACKO settles claims quickly through the app and website. The process is transparent and paperless.

  5. Personalised Premium: Premium is calculated based on your individual profile, location, model, usage, etc., for fair pricing. You only pay for what you need.

  6. 24x7 Support: Dedicated support team for policy purchases, claims or renewals via phone or email.

  7. Long-Term Discounts: Get increased discounts on own damage premium for trouble-free renewals over the years.

How to buy/renew Force Gurkha insurance from ACKO
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The steps to buy or renew Force Gurkha insurance from ACKO are quite simple:

That's it! Your new Force Gurkha insurance policy softcopy will be emailed to you within minutes.

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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Here is how you can quickly raise a claim with ACKO in case of any damage to your insured Gurkha:

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Insuring your prized Force Gurkha with a suitable comprehensive policy is crucial before taking it on adventures across various terrains. Compare insurance plans, add-ons and premiums online and buy or renew an optimal policy seamlessly through ACKO. This ensures you can drive stress-free and make the most of your powerful Gurkha SUV!

Frequently Asked Questions on Force Gurkha Car Insurance
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How is the IDV of Force Gurkha calculated for insurance?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of Force Gurkha is calculated based on the manufacturer's listed selling price, depreciation as per age, model and current price. Additional factors like accessories, modifications, location, etc. may also be considered.

Is personal accident cover important for an off-road SUV like Gurkha?

Yes, personal accident cover is highly recommended, as Gurkha is used extensively on risky terrains. It covers injury or death of insured passengers and drivers up to the specified limit.

Can I get discounts on Force Gurkha insurance?

Yes, you can get discounts on your own damage premium for features like membership in a recognised automobile association, installing anti-theft devices, etc.

How soon should I inform the insurance provider about the sale of my Gurkha?

You must inform the insurer immediately after selling your insured Gurkha to get a refund of the unused premium and avoid liability for future incidents.