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Force Car Insurance

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Force Motors began operations in India back in 1948 with its main focus on manufacturing commercial vehicles. However, in recent times, the automobile company has diversified its product offering to include personal vehicles and manufacturing of engines and its components. Vehicles by Force Motors offer customers the build quality which is best suited for Indian roads. These vehicles require a robust insurance policy that offers wide coverage. Read on to learn about Force car insurance and how to buy and renew vehicle insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Force Cars
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Motor insurance for any of the Force Motors vehicles acts as a shield against any losses or damages to the insured vehicle in case of an accident. Besides, the cost to replace damaged car parts can be expensive. Hence, car insurance for your vehicle is indeed important and essential. The Third-party car insurance will cover you against liabilities arising due to loss of third-party or property, while the Comprehensive insurance will cover both third-party as well as the insured vehicle. Below are the benefits of buying car insurance for your Force Motor vehicle

Coverage for the insured vehicle.

Coverage to third party life and property.

Personal accident cover for owner-driver.

Coverage against total loss or damages with sum insured amount.

Coverage against man-made calamities such as riots, vandalism, etc.

Protection against natural calamities such as floods, storms, etc.

Coverage against losses due to theft.

Coverage against losses or damages due to fire.

Coverage Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Third-party life or damages to property
Damages to the insured vehicle
Man-made calamities
Personal Accident (PA) for owner-driver
Theft of the insured vehicle
Add-on covers
Modify Insured Declared Value (IDV)

What’s Covered in Force Car Insurance (Inclusions)?
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Third-party car insurance covers third-party life and property, while the Comprehensive plan offers the following wide range of coverage:

Exclusions of Force Car Insurance:
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Just like other types of insurance policies, auto insurance also comes with the following exclusions:

Add-ons for Force Car Insurance
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The comprehensive plan comes with exclusions such as water ingression to the engine. With Car Insurance Add-on covers, these can be covered as well:

Zero Depreciation
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The insurer pays the full cost of the car parts being replaced without considering the depreciation.

Engine Protection Cover
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Covers damage to the engine due to oil leakage or water ingression.

Return to Invoice
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Get the invoice value (ex-showroom) of the insured car in case of total loss or theft.

No Claim Bonus Cover
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Protects the No Claim Bonus even if you raise a claim during the policy period.

Roadside Assistance Cover
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Get assistance from the insurer in case of breakdown or change of flat tyre, fuel fill, etc.

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for Your Force Car:
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Acko is a digital insurance company which has digitised the transactions related to auto insurance to ease the process for customers. Below are the main benefits of the Acko car insurance for your car from Force Motors:

Online Process:
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Be it the purchase, renewal or the servicing of the claim, Acko does it all online. Customers can use the website or the mobile app to raise any concerns.

Smoother Claim Settlement:
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Compared to the traditional procedure, the claim settlement process is quicker due to online support.

Help from Professionals:
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During the entire process of buying, renewing or settling a claim, get help from trained professionals to ease the process.

Claim Procedure
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Raising a claim for your vehicle has never been easier and quicker through online insurance companies. Below is the procedure to raise a claim:

Note: You can even opt for the reimbursement method, however, it is generally considered a cumbersome process.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about car insurance:



How to get the best insurance for Force Motor cars?

The best insurance for Force Motor cars should provide wider coverage at a lower price or premium. Additionally, the insurance company should be able to provide a robust post-sales service, especially during claim settlements. Apart from these, the process to buy, renew or to register a claim should be hassle-free and easy. While traditional insurance companies required you to go through the cumbersome process of paperwork, new-age digital insurance companies are streamlining the process by digitising the transactions which have reduced the cost of the insurance.

My Force Motor’s vehicle insurance policy has expired. Is inspection mandatory to renew the policy?

Typically, when the insurance policy expires, the insurer will send a surveyor to inspect the vehicle before the insurance policy can be renewed. It is essential to renew car insurance policy by the expiry date to avoid a null or a void insurance cover for your vehicle. While there is generally a 30-day grace period to renew the policy, the policy is considered void until it is renewed. You can renew vehicle insurance post grace period, but you may have to pay the required fees or late charges to renew the insurance.

I have purchased a Force Motors second-hand vehicle. Will I get a No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

The No Claim Bonus is a discount provided by the insurer while renewing the policy for not raising any claim during the policy period. Since the discount is provided to the owner of the vehicle, it cannot be transferred to anyone else. As a buyer you cannot use the NCB enjoyed by the previous owner of the vehicle; however, as a seller, you can transfer the NCB to a new insurance policy.

What is the turnaround time to renew a Force car insurance?

Traditional insurance companies required the policyholder to complete the paperwork and approach the branch or ask the insurance agent to renew the policy. This is time-consuming and takes several days before you can get the new policy document. But this has changed in recent times, digital insurance companies such as Acko are transforming the entire process of renewal. Simply visit their website or mobile app to renew the policy within minutes and receive the policy instantly to your email address.

What are the best Add-on covers for Force Motors vehicles?

Add-on covers provide extra coverage to the basic comprehensive car insurance. There are different types of add-on covers which provide coverage for a specific part or service. Add-on covers for Force Motors vehicles should offer a wide coverage. You can choose from Zero Depreciation, Return to Invoice, among others mentioned above.

Which insurance company has the best claim settlement ratio for Force Motors cars?

The claim settlement ratio of an insurance company is dynamic since it depends on the underwriting capabilities of the insurer as it can change. For more details, you can visit the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) web portal.

What are the upcoming vehicles from Force Motors?

While the company has not divulged details of the upcoming Force Motors cars, the company is expected to launch the 2020 Force Gurkha. Force Motors continues to develop niche light commercial vehicles along with personal vehicles which are rugged and address the off-road segment vehicles in the country. Visit their website for more details about new launches from Force Motors.

How do I raise a claim for damages on my Force Gurkha?

Online insurance companies have made the process of raising a claim and settling the same a lot faster and easier. You can visit the insurer’s website or their mobile app to register the claim. The insurer will send a representative to pick up your car and get it repaired at one of the network garages. Or, you can opt for the reimbursement method, which is generally considered time-consuming and cumbersome.

How to reduce the insurance premium for a Force Motors vehicle?

There are several ways you can decrease the premium for your Force car insurance. Installing safety devices such as anti-theft devices will reduce the cost. Also, if you are a member of the Automobile Association of India and Western India Automobile Association can help you get a discount on the renewal of the insurance policy.

Is Force car insurance expensive?

No. If you are purchasing the car insurance from a digital insurance company such as Acko, the premium is lower. This is because the new-age digital insurers are reducing the cost by digitising most of its operations. Also, they do not depend on agents or middlemen to service the policy since everything is online. This transformation of operations has led to the reduction in pricing the insurance policy. The insurance premium for Force cars is competitive compared to traditional insurance providers.