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Morris Garage (MG) calls itself a 94-year-old startup because it was founded in a garage called ‘Morris Garages’. The company made its entry into India in 2017 with its manufacturing plant in Gujarat. It launched the maiden MG car in India, the MG Hector in 2019. This article ventures into the benefits of MG insurance, how to buy, and renew MG motor insurance online.

What’s Covered in MG Car Insurance (Inclusions)?

Car insurance is of two types. One, Third-party car insurance which is mandatory as per law and second, the Comprehensive car insurance which covers third-party and the insured car. The latter offers the below coverages:

Exclusions of MG Insurance

Insurance plans come with certain exclusions or limitations. Following are the exclusions under the MG car insurance:

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for Your MG Car:

Acko is a new-age digital insurance company specialising in digitising transactions related to insurance to enhance the experience of customers. Below are the main benefits of Acko car insurance for MG cars:

Quick Online Process

From the process of buying and renewing car insurance to the servicing of claims, the process is entirely online by transacting through the website or the mobile app.

Faster Claim Settlement

With a paperless approach, claims have never been faster with the online procedure.

Help From Professionals

Get help from experts on car insurance to help you with the process of buying, renewing and claims.

Cashless Garages

Choose from over 1500+ cashless garages to repair your insured vehicle without the need to pay from your pocket.

Pickup & Drop

Acko will pick up your car and get it repaired at the cashless network garage and deliver the car.

Insurance Plans for MG Car

Vehicle insurance is mainly of two types, they are:

Third-Party Car Insurance

This insurance plan covers third-party life and property and does not cover the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This plan covers both the third party as well as the insured vehicle and has the option to choose Add-on covers.

Coverage Comprehensive Insurance Third-Party Insurance
Third-party property and life Yes Yes
Losses/Damages to the insured MG car Yes No
Vandalism, riots Yes No
Personal Accident (PA) cover Yes Yes
Theft of the insured vehicle Yes No
Add-on covers Yes No
Customisable Insured Declared Value (IDV) Yes No

Add-ons for MG Car Insurance

While the Third-party plan covers third party life and property, the Comprehensive plan covers both third party and the insured vehicle. However, the following Add-on covers provide extra coverage which is not covered by the two types of car insurance:

Claim Procedure

Following are the steps to raise a claim online. Insurers such as Acko provides a paperless experience while registering a claim:

Note: You can also opt for the reimbursement process which is considered cumbersome since it is not cashless.

About Car Insurance for MG Cars

In 1924, the first MG car was born and was called the “Old Number one”. William Morris founded the company in a garage which was referred to as ‘Morris Garages’ and that’s how the brand got its name. From then on the company has achieved several milestones in the racing circuit as well as off it. In 1957, the MG Ex181 broke the world record of attaining the speed of 245.64 mph at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats, a testing ground for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

In 2007, the company became part of SIAC Motor which gave it a lease of life and the new era for MG Motors began. The company established its presence in India in 2017 with a production facility in Gujarat. It launched its first vehicle in India in 2019 with the MG Hector SUV which boasts of several innovations and technologies. The company has planned several models for India keeping the requirements of customers while introducing new cars in the country.

For a brand which provides some of the most advanced technologies on its vehicles, it requires well-balanced car insurance as well. Car insurance for MG cars should offer a wide coverage at a lower premium. Furthermore, the insurance company should have the ability to service the insurance throughout the policy period. It should be able to offer an excellent post-sales service especially while settling claims, partnering with good car garages for cashless experiences and to provide expert guidance on the policy. While traditional car insurance continues to exist, online car insurance for MG cars provides easier and hassle-free experience and eliminates most of the paperwork.

Why Should You Buy MG Cars?

Morris Garages or MG Motors is known for its racing pedigree especially setting world records for top speeds. Some of their earlier sports cars such as the MG TF which was the best-selling sports car in the United Kingdom in the year 2002. While the company continues to introduce cars in the sports car segment, they have earnestly produced some of the practical and personal cars and SUVs.

MG Motors entered India with the intention of selling vehicles which packed a large number of equipment and features. They claim the MG Hector is India’s first internet car, which is also the country’s first 48V hybrid SUV. The brand has ensured that they provide practical vehicles along with new technologies such as the internet and a wide range of equipment.

MG Hector was the first vehicle to be launched in India by the company in 2019 and the SUV is equipped with MG’s signature star-rider grille. The company has taken inspiration from modern dance forms while designing the interiors of the MG Hector. If you are looking for a fully-loaded SUV with a wide range of features and modern technology, MG cars are at the forefront offering some of the best vehicles in this category.

MG Exterior

MG Interior

MG Hector Specification

Engine (cc) 1.5-litre Turbo 1.5-litre Turbo with Hybrid 2.0-litre Turbo
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol Diesel
Power (PS) 143 143 170
Torque (Nm) 250 250 350
Gearbox 6-Speed Manual/DCT 6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Manual
Seating Capacity 5 and 6 Seaters 5 and 6 Seaters 5 and 6 Seaters
Boot Space 587/155 587/155 587/155
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 60 60 60

MG Hector Plus Specification

Engine (cc) 1.5-litre Turbo
Fuel Type Petrol
Power (PS) 143
Torque (Nm) 250
Gearbox DCT
Seating Capacity 6 Seaters
Boot Space 155
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 60

MG Gloster Specifications

Engine (cc) 2.0-litre Turbo 2.0-litre Twin Turbo
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel
Power (PS) 163 218
Torque (Nm) 375 480
Gearbox 8-Speed Automatic 8-Speed Automatic
Seating Capacity 6-Seater 6-Seater
Boot Space 343 343
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 75 75

MG ZS EV Specifications

Battery Capacity 44.5 kWh
Range 340 KMS*
Max Torque (Nm) 353
0-100 km/h 8.5 seconds
Max Power (PS) 143

Models of MG Motors, Fuel Type and Ex-Showroom Price:

MG Motors has launched three SUVs each catering to different segments in the four-wheeler passenger vehicles. MG car prices mentioned below are subjective to change:

Variants of MG MG Hector Seating Capacity Fuel Type Ex-Showroom Price (Rupees in Lakhs)*
MG Hector Style 5 Diesel 14
MG Hector Super 5 Hybrid 14.2
MG Hector Super 5 Diesel 15
MG Hector Smart 5 Hybrid 15.3
MG Hector Smart 5 Petrol 16
MG Hector Smart 5 Diesel 16.5
MG Hector Sharp 5 Hybrid 16.65
MG Hector Sharp 5 Petrol 17.55
MG Hector Sharp 5 Diesel 17.9
MG Hector Plus Style 6 and 7 Petrol 13.75
MG Hector Plus Style 6 and 7 Diesel 14.9
MG Hector Plus Super 6 and 7 Diesel 15.7
MG Hector Plus Smart (AT) 6 and 7 Petrol 16.7
MG Hector Plus Smart 6 and 7 Diesel 17.2
MG Hector Plus Sharp (AT) 6 and 7 Petrol 18.35
MG Hector Plus Sharp 6 and 7 Diesel 18.7
MG Gloster Super 7 Diesel 29
MG Gloster Smart 6 Diesel 31
MG Gloster Sharp 7 Diesel 33.7
MG Gloster Sharp 6 Diesel 34
MG Gloster Savvy 6 Diesel 35.4

MG Electric Car Models:

MG Motors has harnessed the electric mobility by launching the MG ZS EV within a year of launching its first vehicle in India in 2019. The MG EV car is the company’s first electric vehicle for the country with its intention to cater to buyers who are interested in owning an electric vehicle. The MG ZS EV is of SUV body type and the e-SUV has received a 5-star safety rating from the Euro NCAP. This was possible because of its long list of safety features such as six airbags, brake assist, ABS with EBD, stability control, among others. 

Apart from being a safe electric SUV, the MG ZS EV also comes with the brand’s i-Smart app which lets the user set alerts for exceeding preset speed limits, geo-fencing and locating the nearest charging station. However, the biggest USP is the motor which propels the EV. The electric motor is competent enough to punch out a maximum power of 142.7hp and a peak torque of 353Nm. The company claims that the 44.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack in the MG ZS EV offers a driving range of 340 kms on a single charge.

With several modern technology and equipment levels, the MG ZS EV is one of the best electric vehicles in its segment that is currently available in India. If you are conscious about the environment and want to reduce the carbon footprint due to fossil fuels, the MG electric vehicle ZS EV is an excellent choice.

Upcoming MG Cars in India

MG Motors has launched SUVs in the mid-size segment, the large SUV segment as well as in the electric SUV segment. The company continues to be positive about the Indian automotive industry and is expected to launch a vehicle in each of the segments such as the MPV and in the e-SUV segment.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance for MG Cars:

Motor insurance for your MG car is not just essential in terms of the law, but to protect you from third-party liabilities and own damages. Replacing car parts can be expensive and the car insurance will be the right financial protection. Compared to the Third-party insurance for your MG car, the Comprehensive cover provides wider coverage. Following the benefits of Comprehensive car insurance for MG cars:

Car Insurance for MG Car Models/Variants:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about MG cars and vehicle insurance:

Which country is Morris Garages from?

Morris Garages or MG Motors is a UK company which has its headquarters in London. It is the subsidiary of SAIC Motor UK, which is in turn owned by the China-based SAIC Motor. In India, the company sells locally-made MG cars and the company claims that the production of the MG cars in the country are highly localised.

How to buy cheap MG car insurance?

While shopping for motor insurance for your MG cars, ensure the policy provides a wider coverage at a lower premium. However, you should not compromise on the post-sales services provided by the insurance company before buying the policy. Keeping these factors in mind, if you require cheap car insurance for your MG car, you can buy car insurance online. Digital insurance providers have made the process of buying, renewing as well as the claims hassle-free and online making it cheaper compared to the traditional insurance policies.

Is MG car insurance expensive?

It is important you buy MG car insurance which offers maximum coverage and not go by the pricing factor. Replacing car parts in case of an accident can sometimes be expensive; however, with the car insurance, you can use the insurance to cover the liabilities. Also, new-age digital insurers have removed the need for an agent or middlemen to sell, renew or raise claims. This has led to a reduction in the operating cost, which is passed on to the customer. Hence, online car insurance is competitive compared to conventional vehicle insurance policies.

What is the time taken to renew an MG car insurance policy?

Instant. This is if you opt to renew the policy through the online method. It can be done via the insurer’s website or the mobile app. You can buy/renew the policy instantly and receive the new insurance policy document at the email address provided by you immediately.

What are the mandatory documents for MG car insurance?

Below is the list of mandatory documents needed to buy MG car insurance policy: >Registration certificate >Photos of the vehicle >Existing insurance policy >Address and ID proof of the policyholder >Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

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