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Rolls Royce Ghost Car Insurance

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Rolls Royce Ghost Insurance

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The Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the most powerful plug-in hybrid vehicles in the country. It exemplifies sheer driving pleasure, superior control and power, and an iconic road presence. Having an insurance policy is a must-have cherry on top of that classy yet sporty sundae. Protect this prized possession of yours with the right insurance policy.

Let's learn about the basics and the importance of buying insurance for your Rolls Royce Ghost.

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance for Rolls Royce Ghost?
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Legally mandated
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Driving without a valid third-party car insurance policy is illegal in India. It is a legal must-have if you want to drive your Rolls Royce Ghost on Indian roads.

Cost protection
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A good insurance policy eases large financial strains in case of unexpected and/or unforeseen incidents like a road accident.

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Cars getting stolen is, unfortunately, a common reality. An insurance policy will ensure you get reimbursed in case your car is stolen.

Added Benefits
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Car insurance also provides more helpful benefits like cashless repairs at network garages, 24x7 roadside breakdown support, zero depreciation, return to invoice, and much more.

The Most Common Types of Car Insurance for Rolls Royce Ghost
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Third-party car insurance
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It is compulsory (as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988) that every vehicle owner purchases adequate third-party car insurance. The objective of this policy is to protect a third party from damage caused by your vehicle. It's important to note that third-party car insurance will not cover damages to your vehicle. 


Comprehensive car insurance
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This type of policy covers not just the liabilities to a third party but also damages incurred by your Rolls Royce Ghost. It also provides you with the option of purchasing add-ons to amp up your car’s financial protection. 

What is Covered

What is Not Covered

What is Covered in Rolls Royce Ghost Car Insurance? 
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When you opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy, the following are some of the inclusions in the coverage:

  1. Damage caused by your vehicle to a third-party vehicle/life/property.

  2. Coverage for damages caused by accidents.

  3. Coverage for damages caused due to civil unrest and public disruption such as riots, vandalism and other such man-made disasters.

  4. Coverage from damages due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, lightning, etc. 

  5. Coverage for damages incurred because of self-ignition-inflicted fire or explosion.

What is Not Covered by Rolls Royce Ghost Car Insurance? 
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While a comprehensive policy covers a wide range of scenarios, here are some exclusions you should know about:

  1. Damages incurred when driving without a valid driver's license.

  2. Damages incurred when driving under the influence of alcohol.

  3. Damages incurred due to electrical or mechanical failures in the car.

  4. Any damage caused outside the insurance company’s geographical limits.

  5. Regular wear and tear due to the natural ageing process of parts of the car.

Add-ons for Rolls Royce Ghost Car Insurance 
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Comprehensive car insurance policies open the doors to smart add-ons that you can opt for as a part of your policy! Here are some helpful add-on coverages: 

  1. Invoice protection: In case of theft or damage to the car that is beyond repair, this add-on will ensure you get the entire amount you paid to buy your Rolls Royce Ghost car. 

  2. Accessories Cover: this add-on covers damages to your  Rolls Royce Ghost's navigation system, stereo, camera, etc.

  3. Consumables Cover: This add-on will cover the cost of parts replacement in case of a required repair. 

  4. Zero depreciation: No depreciation will be calculated on the parts of the car. The claim will be settled without deducting any amount for depreciation of parts. 

  5. NCB protection: Protects your No-claim Bonus, even if you have raised a claim during that policy period. 

  6. Engine protection cover: This add-on offers protection from damage to the engine. 

  7. Roadside assistance: A mechanic or a tow vehicle will be sent to your location in case your Rolls Royce Ghost breaks down in the middle of the road.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Your Rolls Royce Ghost
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Cashless garages
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Avail services at any of the insurer's network garages and make use of the cashless service option.

24x7 availability of experts
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A dedicated team of highly-trained specialists is always on standby for you.

How to Buy/Renew Rolls Royce Ghost Insurance
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Follow these steps if you want to buy or renew Rolls Royce Ghost Insurance online.

  1. Go to the insurer's website or the mobile app.

  2. Enter the number of your Rolls Royce Ghost car.

  3. Enter your previous policy details (if any)

  4. Choose your preferred plan

  5. Choose your preferred add-ons

  6. Make the payment for the premium online to instantly buy or renew your Rolls Royce Ghost car insurance.

4 Easy Steps to Raise a Claim Online for Rolls Royce Ghost Car Insurance
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Here are the steps to raise a car insurance claim online:

Step 1: Intimate the claim through insurer’s website or mobile app by providing some basic details.

Step 2: Upload necessary documents like copies of policy, FIR or repair estimates through the app. For cashless claims, contact the authorized workshop directly.

Step 3: The insurance provider’s claims team will reach out to you for further assistance.

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Your Rolls Royce Ghost gives you a sense of pride, strength, and control. Consider giving back. Protect the beautiful automobile with a well-rounded and holistic insurance policy. Choose the convenience of the online method to buy or renew your Rolls Royce Ghost’s insurance policy and say goodbye to lengthy and tiresome procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rolls Royce Ghost Car Insurance
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How long will it take to insure my Rolls Royce Ghost? 

Your Rolls Royce Ghost can be insured within 10 minutes on the ACKO app or the website. 

Do I need hard copies of documents while filing a claim? 

Not at all! Zero paperwork is involved when you file a claim with ACKO. Only soft copies need to be uploaded for claim settlement. 

What is the cost of car insurance for Rolls Royce Ghost? 

The cost of insurance premiums is completely dependent on the value of the car. The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the cost of the insurance premiums. 

How can I renew my Rolls Royce Ghost car insurance policy? 

Simply visit the ACKO website or the app, fill out your existing policy details, and renew your car insurance online.