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Rolls-Royce Car Insurance

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Rolls-Royce Car Insurance

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Rolls-Royce epitomizes luxury, quality features and showcases the excellent craftsmanship of the designers from the company. Part of the BMW Group, Rolls-Royce focuses only on high-end and luxury cars that do not disappoint the buyer. For a car that is expensive and requires your utmost attention, car insurance for the Rolls-Royce is important. Read on to learn about Rolls-Royce insurance cost and benefits of car insurance for the luxury car.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Rolls-Royce Cars
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A motor insurance policy for your Rolls-Royce acts as a cushion during a financial crisis arising out of an unfortunate accident. Besides, the parts being repaired or replaced are expensive for a luxury car such as the Rolls-Royce. Apart from being mandatory in India, car insurance for the Rolls-Royce should offer maximum coverage at a competitive yearly premium. Some of the main benefits of buying car insurance for your Rolls-Royce car are.

Protection against losses or damages to third-party life and property.

Coverage against losses or damages to the insured vehicle.

Personal accident coverage.

Get Sum Insured amount in case of total loss or damage.

Coverage against losses or damages due to fire.

Protection against losses or damages due to man-made or natural calamities.

Insurance Plans for Rolls-Royce Car
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Vehicle insurance is mainly of two types. Third-party and Comprehensive insurance. Both offer different types of benefits and features.

Third-Party Car Insurance
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The third-party car insurance is mandatory as per law and offers cover losses or damages to the third-party life or property.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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Under this insurance, the insurer will offer coverage to losses and damages to third-party life or property and damages to the insured vehicle.

Particulars Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Loss/damage to third-party or their property
Loss/damage to the insured Rolls-Royce
Loss/damage caused by natural calamities or man-made
Personal Accident (PA) cover
Theft of the insured car
Add-on covers
Modify sum insured or Insured Declared Value (IDV)

What’s Covered in Rolls-Royce Car Insurance (Inclusions)? 
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Third-party insurance covers third-party life or property; however, it is the Comprehensive car insurance which offers the following extensive coverage:

Exclusions of Rolls-Royce Car Insurance
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Like all insurance policies, car insurance for your Rolls-Royce also comes with certain exclusions.

Add-ons for Rolls-Royce Car Insurance
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The basic comprehensive car insurance does not cover certain parts or aspects while raising claims. For this you can opt for Add-on covers to make the insurance exclusive.

Return to Invoice
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In case of a complete loss or if your car is stolen, then the insurer will pay the ex-showroom price of the vehicle under the Return to Invoice add-on cover.

Zero Depreciation
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While settling the claim, the insurer will not consider the depreciation value of car parts being replaced or repaired under the Zero Depreciation.

Engine Protection Cover
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In the case of water ingression inside the engine or oil leakage, the Engine Protection add-on will cover the damages to the car’s engine.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover
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With the NCB add-on cover, even if you raise a claim, the NCB is still intact.

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for your Rolls-Royce Car
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Acko is a new-age digital insurance company which does not depend on agents or middlemen to offer motor insurance. The experience of buying, renewing or raising claims is a lot easier and convenient. Below are the benefits of Acko car insurance for your Rolls-Royce.

Online Insurance Procedure
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The entire process of buying, renewing or raising a claim is online. All you need to do is visit the website or through a mobile app.

Quicker Claim Settlement
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Almost all transactions are done online, making the claim settlement process a lot faster compared to the traditional method.

Get Help From Trained Professionals
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Acko offers to provide unbiased support to customers whether it is the purchase, renew or claim experience.

Claim Procedure
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The method to raise a claim for your Rolls-Royce is a lot easier with an online insurance company such as Acko General Insurance. Follow the process mentioned below:

You can also opt for the reimbursement method; however, it can sometimes be considered as a cumbersome task.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Following are answers to some common queries about car insurance.



How can I buy new car insurance for my Rolls-Royce?

Generally, the Rolls-Royce car dealer will help you buy insurance for your car. However, you can approach the insurance company to insure and buy it yourself. New-age digital insurance companies have made the process a lot easier and efficient for customers to buy car insurance online.

How to renew Rolls-Royce car insurance?

To renew the car insurance for your Rolls-Royce, visit the insurance company’s website such as Acko. Enter a few details about your car and you can instantly renew the car insurance and receive the policy through email.

How to raise a claim for damages to my Rolls-Royce?

Online insurance companies are striving to provide a hassle-free experience for customers during the process of raising claims. You can visit the company’s website, log in with your credentials, upload pictures of the damages to your car and submit a request to raise a claim. Your car will be picked up and repaired at the garage of your choice . The entire process is cashless. You can also opt for reimbursement, but you need to inform your insurer beforehand.

Which is the right insurance coverage for a Rolls-Royce car?

A right insurance for a car, especially a Rolls-Royce which is expensive and requires the right protection, you need to buy motor insurance which offers maximum coverage at a lower premium. You may even consider Add-on covers which make the basic car insurance more robust and exclusive.

How can I reduce the insurance price for a Rolls-Royce car?

There are ways you can reduce the insurance price for your car. Equipping your vehicle with safety devices such as anti-theft or you could become a member of organisations such as the Automobile Association of India (AAI) and Western India Automobile Association (WIAA). Insurance companies consider these factors before pricing the insurance for your Rolls-Royce.

Car Insurance for Rolls-Royce Car Models/Variants:
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