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Road Tax in Kolkata: Complete Guide on Calculation, Rates & Online Payment

Team AckoApr 11, 2024

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, is a diverse city owing to an amalgamation of cultures. Those living or travelling to the city could visit many historic sites or experience the vibrant festivals that take place frequently. In addition to these, the authentic, flavourful food available in the city makes the visit worthwhile.

However, while driving to or owning a vehicle in Kolkata, you must ensure that you are well informed of the road tax you would be liable to pay as per the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1979. The law mandates that every vehicle owner must pay this tax, which varies based on various factors, as discussed in this article.

Read our comprehensive guide on Kolkata Road Tax, RTO Charges, Tax Calculator and Online Payment.

Road Tax in Kolkata



Kolkata Road Tax

Kolkata's Regional Transport Office (RTO) is responsible for assessing and collecting road tax from vehicle owners in West Bengal. Owing to Kolkata's road network that spans 1,850 km, the State Government of Kolkata collects the appropriate road tax from vehicles plying within the state, as it utilises the same in maintaining its roads and constructing new ones. It is necessary to pay this road tax, and failing to do so might result in strict penalties.

Kolkata Road Tax Calculation

The Kolkata road tax has many components, including the Central Government Road Tax (CGT) and the West Bengal Transport Corporation Road Tax (WBTC). The road tax amount you would be liable for, is calculated based on several factors. These include the following factors.

  • The length of the vehicle

  • The type of the type

  • The weight of the vehicle

  • The price of the vehicle (when purchased)

  • The vehicle's age (since purchased)

  • The vehicle’s engine capacity

  • The seating capacity of the vehicle (in certain cases)

Road Tax in Kolkata for Two-Wheelers  

The road tax for two-wheelers in Kolkata is levied based on the engine capacity, the number of gears, and how old the vehicle is. The following table details the road tax rates per the same.

Two-wheeler Age

Up to 80 cc Above 80 cc (Rs.)

Above 170 cc Above 250 cc (Rs.)

New or up to 1 year

1,560 | 3,125

4,685 | 6,250

Between 1 and 2 years

1,460 | 2,925

4,375 | 5,835

Between 2 and 3 years

1,360 | 2,725

4,065 | 5,420

Between 3 and 4 years

1,260 | 2,525

3,755 | 5,000

Between 4 and 5 years

1,160 | 2,325

3,445 | 4,585

Between 5 and 6 years

1,060 | 2,125

3,135 | 4,170

Between 6 and 7 years

960 | 1,925

2,825 | 3,755

Between 7 and 8 years

830 | 1,675

2,485 | 3,330

Between 8 and 9 years

725 | 1,475

2,165 | 2,900

Between 9 and 10 years

625 | 1,250

1,850 | 2,475

Between 10 and 11 years

525 | 1,050

1,540 | 2,060

Between 11 and 12 years

425 | 850

1,230 | 1,645

Between 12 and 13 years

325 | 650

920 | 1,230

Between 13 and 14 years

225 | 450

610 | 815

Between 14 and 15 years

125 | 250

300 | 400

Road Tax in Kolkata for Three-Wheelers 

The following table denotes the Kolkata road tax, which is levied on three-wheelers based on the fuel type.

Three-wheeler vehicle (type)

Tax rate (Rs./per annum)

Three-wheelers (petrol)

Rs. 500 

Three-wheelers (diesel)

Rs. 1,000

Road Tax in Kolkata for Four-Wheelers 

The four-wheeler road tax in Kolkata varies by the vehicle's engine capacity. The table below details the tax rates for each category: 

Engine Capacity

One-time tax payable (Rs.)

Special Tax (Rs.)

Up to 900 cc



Between 900 cc and 1,490 cc



Between 1,490 cc and 2,000 cc



Between 2,000 cc and 2,500 cc



More than 2,500 cc



Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Kolkata

The seating capacity determines the road tax for commercial vehicles in Kolkata. The following table details the road tax for these categories.


Annual Tax (Rs.)

Seating for up to ten people

Rs. 1,400

Seating for up to more than ten people

Rs. 150 for each passenger beyond 10 (in addition to Rs. 1,400)

Road Tax for Other State Vehicles in Kolkata

As of April 2019, the West Bengal government has made it mandatory for all out-of-state vehicles entering Kolkata to pay a road tax. The amount of tax varies depending on the vehicle type and engine capacity. The following table details the same.

Vehicle (type)

Tax rate

Private cars and two-wheelers 

Rs. 500 for those with an engine capacity up to 1,000 cc and Rs. 1,200 for those with an engine capacity above 1,000 cc.

Commercial vehicles

Rs. 2,000 for those with an engine capacity up to 2,000 cc and Rs.4,000 for those with an engine capacity above 2,000 cc.

How to Pay Kolkata Road Tax Online?

To pay your road tax in Kolkata, you will need to follow the steps outlined below.

Step1: Access the Parivahan website.

Step2: Click on "Online Services" and select the "Vehicles Related Services" option.

Step3: Choose the state of West Bengal from the dropdown list and then select your local RTO.

Step4: On the next page, enter the vehicle's registration number and all the required information. 

Step5: Once your details have been verified, you can pay your Kolkata road tax online and download a copy of the receipt. 

To pay your vehicle tax offline, please visit the Kolkata RTO office. The details for the same are listed below.

  • Address: Kolkata RTO, West Bengal Transport Department, 11, Mayo Road, Alipore, Kolkata-700027

  • Phone: 033-24794705/6/7/8

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on weekends and public holidays)

Penalty for Non-payment of Road Tax in Kolkata

As discussed above, it is mandatory to pay the road tax in Kolkata, as levied by the West Bengal Transport Department. Non-payment of road tax is a punishable offence in Kolkata. The penalties for non-payment of road tax vary depending on the type of vehicle and the time for which the tax has not been paid.

  • Any payment received between 16th to 45th day from when the tax was due will have a 25% penalty.

  • An additional 50% in taxes is owed if payment is delayed from the 46th to the 75th day since the road tax was due.

  • The entire amount of the tax will be imposed as a fine if the payment is more than 75 days late since it was due.

(Please remember that an individual has 15 days to pay their dues. Failing to do so might result in the sanctions mentioned above.)

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List of Different Motor Insurance Plans

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes purchasing a motor insurance mandatory. Failure to comply with the same may result in unwanted financial consequences. The table below displays several insurance plans which you may consider.

Car Insurance Bike Insurance
Comprehensive Car Insurance Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Third-Party Car Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Commercial Car Insurance


Every vehicle owner must contribute to the quality and maintenance of the roads in Kolkata by paying the applicable road tax levied on them. The same can be done online by visiting the Vahan website or in-person at the local RTO office. Make sure to clear all your dues to avoid penalties.

In addition to the road tax, another crucial element when owning a vehicle would be to have valid motor insurance. It is important to keep your family and yourself safe by purchasing an insurance policy that gives the best coverage. ACKO provides a wide range of insurance policies with several add-ons to choose from. Motor insurance will protect you from potential financial liability should the need arise.

Frequently Asked Questions



Where Can I Pay My Vehicle Tax While in Kolkata?

You can pay your vehicle tax at the local Kolkata RTO office, or online through the Vahan website. The process is simple and convenient, and you can make the payment using a credit or debit card.

Does Kolkata's Road Tax Apply to Commercial Vehicles?

Yes, Kolkata's road tax applies to commercial vehicles. The amount of road tax varies depending on the size and type of vehicle and the number of axles. For example, a two-axle commercial vehicle with a gross weight (GVW) of less than 4,000 kg would pay a road tax of Rs. 1,200 per year. A four-axle commercial vehicle with a GVWR of more than 12,000 kg would pay a road tax of Rs. 24,000 annually.

Where Can I Find Out the Status of My Road Tax in Kolkata?

You can find out the status of your road tax in Kolkata by contacting the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) or the West Bengal Transport Department (WBTD). The KMC is responsible for issuing road tax certificates and collecting road tax in Kolkata, while the WBTD is responsible for enforcing road tax payments. You can also check the status of your road tax online through the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Taxation System (WBMVTS).

How Often Am I Required to Pay Road Tax in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, the road tax is payable once every financial year. The amount of tax owed depends on your vehicle's engine capacity, age and weight. The road tax payment can be made online through the official website or any authorised RTO office in Kolkata.

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