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Road Tax in Sikkim: Complete Guide on Calculation, Rates and Payment

Team AckoNov 10, 2022

According to2019 statistics, Sikkim has a total road length of 12,182 km. All vehicle owners within the state or motoring through it are subject to pay Sikkim road tax in accordance with the Sikkim Motor Vehicles Taxation act of 1982.

Sikkim Road Tax



Road Tax in Sikkim

The Sikkim State Government levies a road tax on all vehicles and motorcycles entering or leaving the state. The same is utilized for the upkeep and maintenance of the roads, as Sikkim is prone to rough weather and incidents like landslides etc. 

How To Pay Sikkim Road Tax Online?

The Sikkim Government's Commercial Taxes Division website has information on how to pay Sikkim road tax online, including paying them at regional transport offices where the vehicle is registered, paying with cash or check, or paying online.

You can pay your rto road tax Sikkim online by following these steps.

Step 1: Select the state and RTO you would like to work with on the official Vahan Portal.

Step 2: On the homepage, select the option "Pay Your Taxes" under the RC-related services heading.

Step 3: You need to enter the vehicle registration number and check the amount of tax you must pay before proceeding.

Step 4: You will need to choose a mode of payment to complete your payment.

An acknowledgement slip will be issued to the taxpayer detailing the details of the road tax payment.

Sikkim Road Tax Calculation

As per Sikkim's motor vehicle taxation law of 1982, the motor vehicle tax in Sikkim is governed by a law that was amended in 2002 by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly enacting the Sikkim Motor Vehicle Taxation Act of 1982.

This act applies to all vehicles, whether registered in Sikkim or outside of the state, within the entire region of Sikkim. Types of vehicles are categorized and taxed based on their description and type.

Road Tax in Sikkim for Two-Wheelers

In Sikkim, road tax for bike in Sikkim is calculated in the following ways:

The capacity of the vehicle's engine Rate of taxation
Between 80 and 170 cc in engine capacity Rs 200
Under 80 cc engine capacity Rs 100
Over 250 cc engine capacity Rs 400
Between 170 and 250 cc engine capacity Rs 300

Road Tax in Sikkim for Four Wheelers

The Sikkim road tax as per the engine capacity of the vehicle:

The capacity of the vehicle's engine Rate of taxation
Under 900 cc engine capacity Rs 1000
1490 to 2000 cc engine capacity Rs 2500
900 to 1490 cc engine capacity Rs 1200
Over 2000 cc engine capacity Rs 3000

Road tax for new cars in Sikkim by vehicle's weight and seating capacity:

The weight of vehicles and their seating arrangements Rates of taxation
Maxi-sized vehicles that are not being used Rs 125
The maxi vehicle Rs 230
Weights between 500 kg and 2000 kg A total of Rs. 871 plus Rs. 9 for an additional 250 kilograms.
A vehicle weighing no more than 500 kilograms Rs 871
Vehicles weighing between 4,000 and 8,000 kilograms Rs 2451 + Rs 73 for an addition of 250 kg
The weight of a vehicle varies from 2000 to 4000 kilograms Rs 1465+ Rs 125 for an additional 250 kilograms
Over 8000 kg weighing vehicles Rs 3241+ Rs 99 for 250 kg more

It costs Rs. 1750 per year to renew the registration of non-transportation vehicles such as omnibuses. As soon as the seating capacity exceeds ten people, this rule applies. Education institutions with less than ten seats are charged a flat rate of Rs. 1750 plus Rs. 188 for extra seats. 

Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Sikkim

In the table below, you will find the current rates of road tax for commercial vehicles:

A detailed description of the vehicle Rate of Taxation
No more than 900 cubic centimetres of engine capacity Rs. 1000
Between 900 CC and 1490 CC is the engine's capacity Rs. 1200
Between 1490 and 2000 cc is the engine capacity Rs. 2500
Over 2000 CC engine capacity Rs. 3000

Road Tax for Transport Vehicles in Sikkim

To find out more about Sikkim transport vehicle taxes, please see the table below:

The type of vehicle Applicable token tax
Maxi cabs based on seat capacity Rs 230
Seating capacity of other vehicles Rs 125
Vehicles weighing up to 500 kilograms Rs 871
Vehicles weighing 500 to 2,000 kilograms Rs 871 + Rs 99 for every 250 kilograms more (above 500 kg)
Vehicles weighing between 2,000 and 4,000 kilograms Rs 1,465+ Rs 124 for every 250 kilograms more (above 500 kg)
Vehicles weighing between 4,000 and 8,000 kilograms Rs 2,451+ Rs 73 For every 250 kilograms more (above 500 kg)
Over 8,000 kg vehicles Rs 3,241+ Rs 99 For every 250 kilograms more (above 500 kg)

Penalty For Non-payment of Road Tax in Sikkim

Penalty For Non-payment of Road Tax in Sikkim Rs 500

Exemption From Taxes

Dismantling the vehicle means cancelling the car's registration by bringing it to the RTO where the vehicle was first registered. The registration must be cancelled if the car has been used for less than 15 years. The RTO (where the vehicle was initially registered) may refund owners in the event of a transfer of registration.

List Of Different Motor Insurance Plans

India's law requires drivers to buy or purchase insurance policies in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Purchasing vehicular insurance allows vehicle owners to navigate the uncertainties of motoring through the terrain of Sikkim and be insured against potential mishaps such as being caught in landslides etc.

Vehicle owners can purchase insurance policies from reputed insurance providers like ACKO, which provides all forms of vehicular insurance coverage policies, such as car and bike insurance coverage policies, with various add-ons etc.

Car Insurance Bike Insurance
Comprehensive Car Insurance Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Third-Party Car Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Commercial Car Insurance

Final Words

Thus, the above tables demonstrate the various Sikkim road tax values for different vehicles. Vehicle owners must pay these taxes on time in accordance with the Sikkim Motor Vehicles Taxation act of 1982 to prevent undue penalties from being levied on them.

Their timely payment of these taxes makes them eligible for vehicular insurance coverage policies. These owners can thus refer to various insurance plans from providers such as ACKO, which offers several beneficial insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions



Can I Check the Validity of My Vehicle With the Registration Number?

Start by visiting the Vahan Jankari application. Click "Registration Jankari" to access the registration process. As soon as the Registration number is requested, enter it. As soon as you enter accurate details about the vehicle, you will be presented with RC information and information about the owner.

Where Can I Pay My Vehicle Tax?

To pay the Road Tax, you must go to the Regional Transport Office, or RTO. To pay the car tax, the owner can use any of the following methods:

  • A cash deposit.

  • DD.

  • Cheque.

Can I Drive Another State Vehicle in Sikkim?

A police checkpoint at Mangan and Chung thang cannot be accessed without one. If you still manage to pass without a permit, you will be confronted with army checkpoints that you will not be able to pass through. There are, therefore, no restrictions on travel in North Sikkim by other state vehicles.

Is There a Separate Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Sikkim?

Sikkim indeed calculates road taxes separately for commercial vehicles. Domestic vehicle owners pay lower taxes than commercial vehicle owners. Additionally, the weight, engine capacity, and seating capacity of commercial vehicles will be considered when calculating the road tax for commercial vehicles.

Does A Vehicle Need to Be Registered to Pay Road Tax in Sikkim?

It is mandatory to register the vehicle in Sikkim before paying road tax. To pay road tax, you must present your registration certificate, route permit, licence, and fitness certificate.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes. 

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