An Indian citizen living in Uttar Pradesh, especially Allahabad, can get in touch with the RTO Office in Allahabad (Prayagraj) for availing various services related to registration of vehicles, driving license, vehicle fitness certificate, etc. This article discusses the code assigned to Allahabad RTO, the tasks this office is entrusted with and additional information. Read on to know more:

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Allahabad RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number: 

The following table lists Allahabad RTO office address and other details that will be helpful for getting in touch with the RTO Allahabad:

RTO Code/Number:UP-70
Office Address:T.P Nagar, Transport Nagar, Dhoomanganj, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211011
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]
State:Uttar Pradesh

Prayagraj RTO, Allahabad UP-70 – Contact Number:

The (Prayagraj) Allahabad RTO code is UP-70 and you can call on 18001800151 in case of queries. The office opens at 10 am and closes at 5pm. One can give a call during this time to understand various procedures and documents required.

RTO Fees in Allahabad:

The following RTO fees in Allahabad are taken from the Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh Government’s website. Feel free to browse through the official website for vehicle related service, driving license related service, tax payment, fancy number booking, online permit, national permit authorization, trade certificate, PUCC, e-challan, dealer point registration for dealers, SLD maker, and VLTD maker.

Driving Licence Fees

Various services can be availed from the Allahabad RTO like new learning license, duplicate license, conductor license, new driving license, duplicate conductor license,renewal of DL, change of address in DL, International Driving Permit, viewing application status, etc. The following table lists driving licence fees in Allahabad and other charges related to DL:

Learner’s licence (LL) in Form 3 for each class of vehicleRs. 150
Driving licenceRs. 200
Driving license test/repeat test of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle)Rs. 300
Learner’s licence (LL) test fee (or) repeat test fee, as the case may beRs. 50
International Driving PermitRs. 1000
Addition of another class of vehicle to driving licenceRs. 500
Endorsement or renewal of authorization for vehicles carrying hazardous goodsRs. 100
Driving license renewal Rs. 200
Driving license renewal  where the application is made after the grace periodRs. 300
Issuance or renewal of a licence for a Driving schoolRs. 10000
Issuance of a duplicate licence to a school or establishment for imparting instructions in drivingRs. 5000
An appeal against the orders of licensing authority referred to in rule 29Rs. 500
Making changes in address or any other particulars recorded in the driving licenceRs. 200

Allahabad (Prayagraj) RTO Registration Charges

The vehicle owner can get almost all types of vehicles registered at the Allahabad RTO if the owner resides in this RTO’s jurisdiction. Vehicles like cars, bikes, light motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles, three-wheeled, quadricycle, etc. are registered by the Allahabad RTO. The following table lists various charges related to registration certificate at Allahabad RTO:

Sr. No.PurposeFee
1For issuing or renewing the certificate of registration and assignment of new registration mark:
Invalid CarriageRs. 50
BikeRs. 300
Three-wheeler/Light Motor Vehicles/Quadricycle:
Note 1: Additional fee of Rs. 200 shall be applicable if the Registration Certificate is a smart card type issued or renewed under Form 23A.
Note 2: For delay in applying for renewal of Registration Certificate, an additional fee of Rs. 300/month or part thereof in respect of bike and Rs. 500/month or part thereof in respect of other classes of non-transport vehicles is applicable.
Non-transportRs. 600
Medium passenger motor vehicleRs. 1000
Medium goods vehicleRs. 1000
Heavy goods vehicleRs. 1500
Heavy passenger motor vehicleRs. 1500
Imported bikeRs. 2500
Imported carRs. 5000
OthersRs. 3000
2Recording alteration in the certificate of registrationHalf of the fee mentioned in Serial No.1
3Issue of duplicate Registration CertificateHalf of the fee mentioned in Serial No.1
4Transfer of ownershipHalf of the fee mentioned in Serial No.1.
Note: For delay in submission of NOC (No Objection Certificate), an additional fee of Rs. 300/month or part thereof in respect of bike and Rs. 500/month or part thereof in respect of other classes of non-transport vehicles is applicable.
5Change of residenceHalf of the fee mentioned in Serial No.1.
Note: For a delay in submission of the No Objection Certificate in case of residence, additional fee of Rs. 300/month or part thereof in respect of bike and Rs. 500/month or part thereof in respect of other classes of non-transport vehicles is applicable.
6Endorsing hire purchase/hypothecation agreement/lease/
(a) BikeRs. 500
(b) Three-wheeler/light motor vehicle(LMV)/quadricycle/Rs. 1500
(c) Medium/heavy vehicleRs. 3000

Fitness Certificate Charges

Every vehicle needs to be inspected for understanding whether it is fit to ply on the road or not. This inspection is carried out at the Allahabad RTO for the commercial vehicles that are registered here. A fitness certificate is absolutely necessary for commercial vehicles as they carry either passengers or goods. The following table lists the charges for various services related to Fitness Certificate at Allahabad RTO:

Grant or renewal of letter of authorityRs. 15000
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicleRs. 200 additional fees.
Appeal under rule 70Rs. 3000
Issue of duplicate letter of authorityRs. 7500
Any application not covered under entries at Serial Nos. 1 to 5 aboveRs. 200
Conducting test of a vehicle for grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness
MotorcycleManual: Rs. 200
Automated: Rs. 400
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle orManual: Rs. 400
quadricycleAutomated: Rs. 600
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual: Rs. 600
Automated: Rs. 1000

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

Every commercial vehicle needs permission for plying across state borders in India. This permission or authorisation is called a Permit. There can be different types of permits, however, Local and National permits are the most sought after ones. The following table lists the charges for various services related to permits at Allahabad RTO:

Vehicle TypeFees
Local Permit
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)Rs. 2000/-
Rs. 500 (authorization)
Heavy Goods Vehicle2500/-
National Permit
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)Rs. 2015/-
Rs. 500 (authorization)
Heavy Goods VehicleRs. 2515/-

Trade Certificate

An RTO trade certificate is useful for vehicle dealers that have purchased various types of vehicles for sale. A trade certificate allows the dealer to house a vehicle without getting it registered at an RTO. When a dealer finally sells a vehicle, it is supposed to be registered at an RTO to be driven on public roads in the country.

Grant or renewal of trade certificate for each class of vehicle:
BikeRs. 500
Invalid CarriageRs. 500
OthersRs. 1000
For issuing a duplicate trade certificate:
BikeRs. 300
Invalid CarriageRs. 300
OthersRs. 500
Appeal under rule 46Rs. 1000

Allahabad RTO Performance Standard:

There are many RTOs in India. Each may have their own approximate time frame for carrying out a particular task. The following table lists the approximate time taken by Allahabad RTO to complete the corresponding services. You can get in touch with this RTO to know the exact time taken for completing a specific task.

ServicesTurnaround Time
Transfer of Ownership14 to 30 days
Hypothecation30 days
Registration Certificate7 Days
Registration (Commercial)7 Days
Grant of Learner’s Licence1 to 7 days
Registration (Private)7 Days
Grant of Driving Licence15 days
Temporary PermitSame Day
NOC (No Objection Certificate)7 Days
Grant/Renewal of National Permit7 Days
Stage Carriage Permit Renewal7 Days
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods Vehicle7 Days
Counter Signatures of Goods Vehicle7 Days
Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles)7 Days
AITP Authorisation/Renewal7 Days
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)7 Days

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Functions of Allahabad RTO:

The Regional Transport Offices in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh are entrusted to carry out the following functions:

Driving License

Testing candidates for their driving skills, issuing learning license, renewal of expired learning license, converting book-style driving license to smart card driving license, updating details on existing driving license, for example, address or name change, issuing permissions to driving schools, renewing their license, etc.

Fitness Certificate

Issuing a fitness certificate after carrying out an inspection of the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

Various tasks like providing a new Registration Certificate (RC), renewal of RC, converting book-style RC to smart card RC, duplicate RC, transfer of ownership, address update, changing personal details on the RC, etc. are carried out at the Allahabad RTO.

Collecting Road Tax

A vehicle owner needs to pay road tax at the time of getting the vehicle registered. This road tax is collected by the respected RTO. 

Ensuring Compliance

It is the job of Allahabad RTO to ensure that the people who drive in their jurisdiction follow traffic rules and comply with the regulations. The offenders are issued challans i.e. the offenders need to pay a penalty for breaking a traffic rule. The RTO is also authorised to seize vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can an unregistered vehicle be used on public roads if the owner has a trade certificate?

Yes, an unregistered vehicle can be used on public roads but with limited access. It cannot be used for the purpose of travelling. The vehicle can only be used near the dealer’s showroom to display the functions and specifications of the vehicle to a prospective buyer.

I need to register a complaint related to Allahabad RTO, what should I do?

You can call the helpline number 1800-1800-151 and register a complaint related to Allahabad RTO.

Which documents are required for renewal of Driving Licence?

Documents required for renewal of driving license are original driving license, application form No.2, form No.1 (self-declaration as to physical fitness) or Form No. 1A (Medical Certificate) depending upon the type of license, and fees.

Is it necessary to hold a permanent driving license in India to apply for an International Driving Permit?

Yes, it is necessary to hold a permanent driving license in India to apply for an International Driving Permit.

Which types of Passenger Vehicles permits can a person apply for at an RTO?

A person can apply for Auto Rickshaw and Taxi permits, Maxicabs, Phat Phat Sewa, Eco-Friendly Sewa, Contract Carriage Buses Permits, Stage Carriage Permits, Temporary Permits, Rent-a-Cab Permits, Institution/School Buses, and All India Tourist Permit (AITP) at an RTO.

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