A Regional Transport Office (RTO) Vehicle Fitness Certificate is issued to vehicles used for commercial purposes. Non-transport vehicles i.e. private vehicles like cars or bikes do not need a fitness certificate. Private vehicles require a roadworthiness certificate. Earlier, it was possible to make an application for getting a Fitness Certificate only by personally visiting the nearest RTO. However, thanks to digitization this process can partially be completed online. After making an online application for a fitness certificate, the applicant can visit the RTO for the inspection process.

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This article contains all the information that is required for getting a fitness certificate for a commercial vehicle from a Regional Transport Office (RTO). Read on to know more.

What Is A Vehicle Fitness Certificate?

Apart from following traffic rules and regulations, commercial vehicles have an additional responsibility of safely transporting either passengers or goods. To complete this task successfully, a vehicle needs to be fit in every aspect possible to ply on a public road. The vehicle is inspected for being in a perfect working condition by a Regional Transport Office (RTO) and after a thorough inspection, the RTO issues a vehicle fitness certificate. This document holds a high place of value as the Registration Certificate is deemed invalid without a proper fitness certificate.

Why Do You Need a Vehicle Fitness Certificate?

It is mandatory for a commercial vehicle to carry a fitness certificate because through the inspection process, the vehicle can be screened for technical faults, mechanical issues, emission issues, or overall working condition of the vehicle. This process helps in avoiding pollution due to the release of harmful byproducts in the environment. A vehicle that is technically and mechanically fit can increase the on-road safety for people in and around it. Such inspections can also help identify any issues that can later pose a problem like frequent breakdowns. The fitness certificate issued by an RTO can be used to keep updated with the condition of a commercial vehicle of any type or capacity.

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How To Apply For RTO Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online:

After the wave of digitization, it is possible to apply for a vehicle fitness certificate online and begin the process partially. The next part of the process is supposed to be completed by personally visiting the RTO with the vehicle for which you are seeking an RTO fitness certificate. The following steps will help you apply for a Fitness certificate online:

  • Step 1

Open the browser from any internet-enabled device like a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop. Visit the official website of the Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Parivahan Sewa

  • Step 2

Select “Online Services” > “Vehicle Related Services”

Here you will see two options for selecting the state where you reside – Delhi & Sikkim State and other states. Click on the relevant option. If you select 

Delhi & Sikkim State you will be redirected here and if you select other states you will be taken here.

  • Step 3 

Create an account and proceed to enter your vehicle’s registration number. Next select Application for Fitness Certificate > Enter Chassis number > Enter Mobile Number > Click Generate OTP

  • Step 4

Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click “Show Details”. Verify these details for correctness and click on “Payment” > Confirm Payment. Then select the desired payment gateway and make an online payment. 

  • Step 5 

Note the application number and visit the nearest RTO for details regarding date, time, and venue for vehicle inspection. Appear at the given date and time for getting the vehicle inspected. 

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  • Step 6

In case of defects or technical faults, the inspector will suggest repairs that are needed to be performed on the vehicle. A fitness certificate will not be issued if the faults are not rectified before the next inspection date. If no issues are found, you will be granted a fitness certificate for the vehicle.

Cost for Vehicle Fitness Certificate: 

RTO FC fee structure mainly depends upon the type of vehicle for which a Fitness Certificate is sought. As per the steps for getting a vehicle fitness certificate, the fees should be paid while making an online application for the same. The following table lists the current fee structure related to the fitness certificate. This table is sourced from the Parivahan website. An applicant needs to pay the prescribed amount of fee to avail a fitness certificate. These are spent towards the processing and issuing of the certificate. Note that the fee structure may change in the future or maybe slightly different for different RTOs.

Sr. No.ServiceFee
1Conducting test of a vehicle for grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual: Rs. 600
Automated: Rs. 1000
Three-wheeled or quadricycle or light motor vehicleManual: Rs. 400
Automated: Rs. 600
BikeManual: Rs. 200
Automated: Rs. 400
2Grant or renewal of letter of authorityRs. 15000
3Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicleRs. 200 additional fees.
4An appeal under rule 70Rs. 3000
5Issue of duplicate letter of authorityRs. 7500
6Any application not covered under entries at Serial Nos. 1 to 14 aboveRs. 200

Renewal of Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online:

One should begin with the renewal process for a fitness certificate a few days before its expiry. This will help eliminate any last-minute hassles as the inspection process can take longer to complete. The process of vehicle fitness certificate renewal is as below:

The owner seeking the Fitness certificate needs to fill the application form either by visiting the RTO or by downloading it from the official website. Duly fill the form and visit the nearest RTO with the following documents and make the necessary payment on the VAHAN Portal:

  1. Registration certificate
  2. Tax token
  3. The insurance policy of the vehicle
  4. P.U.C.C (Pollution Under Control Certificate)
  5. Permit of the vehicle

The payment you made will be received by the RTO officer along with other related details. He/she will collect these details and forward it to the Motor Vehicles Department.

The owner of the commercial vehicle should visit the given location on the date and time allotted by the RTO for inspection. The vehicle will be inspected and a detailed report will be submitted to the authorities who will upload it on the VAHAN website for further processing. During the process, the system will verify the corresponding dates for inspection, and fees paid. In case of discrepancy, the vehicle owner will be notified about the changes in the amount of fees.

Finally, if all the process is completed successfully, the authorities will fill up and sign the Fitness Certificate. RTO fitness form 38 will be attached in case of renewal, that gives authorization for issuing the fitness certificate. Lastly, a laminated copy will be sent to the vehicle owner.

Documents and Forms Required: 

The owner of a commercial vehicle needs to submit certain documents and duly filled forms to apply for a new or renew a fitness certificate. The following documents are required for a fitness certificate along with the RTO fitness form:

  • Application in Form-CFA for a new Fitness Certificate 
  • Application in Form-CFRA for the renewal of Fitness Certificate
  • Registration Certificate
  • A valid Insurance Policy
  • Valid Emission Certificate
  • Valid Tax Details
  • Fitment of Speed Control Device if applicable
  • Roadworthiness certificate if applicable
  • Fare meter calibration certificate for Auto rickshaw

How to Download RTO Vehicle Fitness Certificate: 

Thanks to VAHAN services, now the owner can easily complete the online fitness certificate download process to get a duplicate fitness certificate. Since these are online services, one can avail them from anywhere and anytime. Here are the steps to download a fitness certificate online:

  1. Visit the official VAHAN website, enter the registration number of your vehicle and click on proceed
  1. Click on “Online Services” and select “Duplicate Fitness Certificate” from the drop-down menu
  1. Enter the Chassis number and the registration number of the vehicle. Then enter your mobile number for OTP generation in the given box and enter the received OTP. Click on “Show Details”
  1. Fill the details in the form and click on Payment > Confirm Payment. On the next page, enter payment details, read the terms and conditions and then click on the “I accept terms and conditions” checkbox. Click on “Continue” to generate the Application letter. The applicant can print this letter if required. 
  1. The applicant can now expect to receive the Duplicate Fitness Certificate via post at the registered address.

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How To Check Validity And Eligibility Of Vehicle Fitness Certificate: 

A fitness certificate is required to keep updated with the condition of a vehicle. This makes commercial vehicles safer for transport and helps in avoiding technical faults and in-turn accidents. In case of a new application, the vehicle fitness certificate status can be viewed by an applicant by either personally visiting the RTO or by checking the RTO fitness certificate status online. In this section, you will find details related to the validity and Eligibility for a Vehicle Fitness Certificate: 

1. The Validity Of Fitness Certificate:

The validity of a fitness certificate depends upon the age of the vehicle. If a vehicle is less than eight years old, then the validity of the fitness certificate is two years. In case the vehicle is more than eight years old, then the validity of the fitness certificate is one year. 

Note that a fitness certificate can be renewed 30 days before expiry. As mentioned before, it is advisable to renew the fitness certificate before expiry to avoid any gaps between the expiry date and the renewal date.

2. Eligibility For Getting A Fitness Certificate: 

Vehicle fitness certificates are granted to vehicle owners that own commercial vehicles. These vehicles are inspected by an RTO official and the fitness certificate is granted only if the vehicle passes all checks for fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to find the vehicle chassis and engine number for the purpose of getting a fitness certificate?

The easiest way to find the chassis and engine number of your vehicle is to check the registration certificate and other documents. The physical location depends upon the type of vehicle. You can refer to this guide if you are looking for the chassis and engine number of a car.

How to register a phone number on the transport website?

You need to create an account to register a phone number on the transport website. This is an important process as you will receive the OTP for applying for a fitness certificate on your registered mobile number.

What to do if the fitness certificate is rejected after the inspection?

The RTO officer who conducts an inspection may give a reason why the vehicle was rejected after an inspection. The owner of the vehicle can know the reason for rejection and rectify the faults is possible. After the repair work is done, the owner can reapply for a fitness certificate.

What happens during vehicle inspection for Fitness Certificate?

During the inspection for getting a Fitness Certificate, the RTO officer will inspect the vehicle visually and with the help of various devices. He/she will drive the vehicle for a few meters as well. In this manner, a thorough inspection will be carried out on a commercial vehicle.

What is the penalty or fine for not having a valid fitness certificate for a commercial vehicle?

The penalty or fine for not having a valid fitness certificate for a commercial vehicle is Rs. 50/day as per the new Motor Vehicles Act. This may seem like a small amount at first, but the Transport Department has cases where vehicle owners have paid more than Rs. 1 lakh as a penalty for not renewing the fitness certificate for many years.

Pending Challans will Delay Renewal of Fitness Certificate

– December 08, 2020

A taxi owner has filed a plea in Delhi high court because of a rejected renewal of fitness certificate. The AAP government has clarified that in order to get any documents from the RTO there should be no pending transactions on the vehicle. For example, in this case, the application of renewal of Fitness certificate was not considered because there are multiple pending challans for overspeeding on the taxi. Moreover, the road tax bill is also pending from April 2019. The court has rejected the plea for renewal of fitness certificate stating that the VAHAN software has correctly refused the renewal of the document with pending challans and road tax. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the validity of various documents had been extended till December 31, 2020, thus the taxi owner still has time to clear the dues with the RTO.

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