The transport regulatory system in India is held together by the Regional Transport Offices (RTO). Yes, RTOs play a pivotal role in efficient implementation of rules and regulations and providing vehicle and driver-related services. RTOs are the main contact point for citizens for any transport-related services or issues. RTO Offices in Amravati also offers a host of services such as Learner’s and Driving Licence tests, issuance of Learner’s and Driving Licences, registering vehicles, granting Certificate of Registration, testing vehicles for issuance of Fitness Certificate, collecting road tax and granting permits for transport vehicles. In this article, you will find all the details about the Amravati RTO office along with helpline numbers, address and fees.

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Amravati RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number

Amravati is a city in Maharashtra, and RTO Amravati is one of the transport regulatory offices in the state. The city also acts as an administrative headquarters of the Amravati district. Each RTO in India is denoted by a unique code, and the Amravati RTO code is MH-27. Here ‘MH’ stands for Maharashtra and 27 is the code of jurisdiction of Amravati. This is the reason you see MH-27 on all vehicles registered in Amravati RTO office.

You can find the RTO Amravati office address, contact number and other details in the below table:

Amravati RTO, Maharashtra MH-27 – Contact Number:

RTO Office CodeMH-27
Contact NumberNA
AddressRegional Transport Office, Near Collectorate Camp, Paranjpe Colony, Amravati, Maharashtra – 444602
Email [email protected]
Working Hours10 AM to 6 PM

RTO Fees in Amravati:

The RTO fee in Amravati varies from task to task. It depends on the nature of service availed. Amravati RTO office provides different services such as LL test, DL test, issuance of LL and DL, vehicle registration, granting permits, issuing Fitness Certificates (FC) and granting No Objection Certificates (NOC). The RTO office in Amravati also collects road tax and fees for each service is different. You can refer to the table below for the details of Amravati RTO fee:

Driving Licence Fees

The below table denotes licence-related fees in Amravati:

Issuance of Learner’s Licence (LL)Rs. 151
Test or retest for LLRs. 50
Issuance of Driving Licence (DL)Rs. 716
Renewal of DLRs. 416
Duplicate Copy of DLRs. 216
Grant of International Driving PermitRs. 1,000

Amravati RTO Registration Charges

Refer to the table below for registration charges at Amravati RTO:

Vehicle ClassIssue FeesRenewal Fees
Two-wheelerRs. 300Rs. 200
Three-wheeler/Light Motor Vehicle (Transport)Rs. 600Rs. 400 
Medium Goods/Passenger VehicleRs. 1,000Rs. 600
Heavy Goods/Passenger VehicleRs. 1,500Rs. 600
Imported Two-wheelerRs. 5,000
Imported VehicleRs. 5,000
Other VehiclesRs. 3,000
Electric RickshawRs. 1,000
Light Commercial VehicleRs. 1,000
Duplicate Copy of Registration Certificate (RC)50% of the registration fees
Change of Address/Correction in RC
Transfer of Ownership in RC
Authorisation of hire purchase/hypothecationTwo-wheeler - Rs. 500
LMV/Three-wheeler - Rs. 1,500
Medium/Heavy Vehicle - Rs. 3,000

Fitness Certificate Charges

Below are the fitness certificate-related charges at Amravati RTO:

Class of VehicleIssue/Renewal Fees
Light Motor Vehicle/Three-wheeler (Transport)Rs. 400
Medium Goods Vehicle/Medium Passenger VehicleRs. 600
Heavy Goods and Passenger VehicleRs. 600
Two-wheelerRs. 200
Issue/Renewal of Letter of AuthorityRs. 15,000
Copy of Letter of AuthorityRs. 7,500

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

Refer to the table below for permit charges for transport vehicles in Amravati:

PermitFees (Issue/Renewal)
National PermitRs. 1,500
Stage CarriageRs. 1,000
Goods CarriageRs. 1,000
Maxi CabRs. 1,000
OtherRs. 1,000
Metered CabRs. 500
Non-metered CabRs. 1,000
Tourist TaxiRs. 1,500
Tourist VehicleRs. 5,000

Amravati RTO Performance Standard:

The performance standard is nothing but the turnaround time for any service or task. The Amravati RTO performance standard varies depending on the nature of service. For instance, a simple task might take just 1 day while a complicated service might have a timeline of around 1 week. There is no fixed turnaround time and the national/state holidays will also affect the timeline for a particular service. For accurate information about the performance standard, kindly contact the Motor Vehicle Inspector of Amravati RTO.

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Functions of Amravati RTO:

The functions of an RTO can be defined as the day-to-day tasks performed by the transport regulatory office. The Regional Transport Office in Amravati, Maharashtra carries out functions which include driver and vehicle-related services. An RTO has to perform all functions stated under the Motor Vehicle Act. Amravati RTO offers several services such as conducting tests for LL and DL, issue/renewal of LL and DL, new vehicle registration, vehicle fitness test and collecting road tax. Another important function of the Amravati RTO is to make sure that the rules and regulations are implemented across the jurisdiction.

Below are the functions of the Amravati RTO:

  • Driving and Learners Licence tests.
  • Issuance/Renewal of Learner’s/Driving Licenses
  • Correction of personal details or change of address in Learner’s or Driving Licence.
  • Addition of a new vehicle class to DL.
  • Grant of a duplicate copy of LL or DL.
  • Issuance of International Driving Licences.
  • Registration of vehicles.
  • Issue/renewal of Registration Certificates.
  • Authorization/Termination of Hypothecation in Certificate of Registration.
  • Change of personal details/address in Registration Certificates.
  • Providing duplicate copies of Registration Certificates.

Other Functions

  • Testing vehicles for issuance of Fitness Certificates (FC).
  • Grant of permits for transport vehicles.
  • Road tax and permit fee collection.
  • Issuing No Objection Certificates.
  • Implementing the rules and regulations stated by the Motor Vehicle Act.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are someone who has just bought a new vehicle or is about to apply for a driving license, you might be having so many queries regarding RTO services. The terms related to vehicles and RTO services might seem a bit complex and may confuse you. To avoid such confusions, you can go through the common questions listed below:

Can I apply for more than one vehicle class Driving Licence at Amravati RTO?

Yes, you can apply for more than one vehicle class DL provided you are qualified and have all the documents. You can also add a new class of vehicle to the DL in the future.

What if I fail the Driving Licence test in Amravati RTO?

In case you fail in the DL test there is nothing to worry about. You can always re-appear for the test after you pay the necessary fees.

I lost the Registration Certificate of my car. Will Amravati RTO provide a duplicate copy?

Yes, you can apply for a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate by quoting the registration number of the car. You have to pay the required fees and the RTO will issue you a new copy of RC.

I am going abroad, can I apply for an International Driving Permit in Amravati?

Yes, you can apply for an International Driving Licence at Amravati RTO. You just need to pay the fees and submit the required documents.

Do I need to obtain different Driving Licences to drive private and commercial vehicles?

Yes, you need to apply for a commercial vehicle Driving Licence if you are willing to drive any other commercial vehicles. In order to apply for a commercial vehicle DL, you have to get training from a government-authorised Motor Driving School.

Can I apply for LL through any online portal in Amravati?

Yes, you can make use of the Parivahan online portal to apply for an LL.

Can I avail car/bike insurance services from Amravati RTO?

No, motor vehicle insurance is a different service and RTOs do not deal with insurance-related services.

I am purchasing a new car. Will I get the registration number from the car showroom?

You can register the new car by visiting the RTO. However, the registration process is a lot easier through the car showroom. Usually, when you buy a new car, the showroom will take care of the registration process, and you will get the registration number when the vehicle is delivered to you.

What documents are required for renewal of driving licence at Amravati RTO?

The following documents are mandatory for renewal of DL:

>Expired Driving Licence
>Passport size photograph
>Self-declaration form (Form 1)
>Form 9

What is the use of temporary registration?

Temporary registration is required in two scenarios:

>For private vehicles to be driven to the place of registration/RTO.
>For transport vehicles that need some time to build the body.

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