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Anand RTO Office: RTO Office, Website and Contact details

Team AckoOct 28, 2022

Anand is a city in Gujarat, also called the “Milk Capital of India”, as it is known for its milk revolution. The city is home to Amul Dairy, a renowned dairy in the country that produces various milk products. Be it milk production or processing; the transport system plays a crucial role in the development of the industry. Here, the Anand RTO has been instrumental in the efficient functioning of the city’s transport sector and has aided in economic growth.

Anand RTO Office



Regional Transport Office (RTO) Anand: An overview

The Anand Regional Transport Office takes care of the vehicle-related and driver-related services and also ensures efficient implementation of traffic rules and regulations. On top of that, it also strives to improve road safety through various awareness campaigns. Read on to learn more about the Anand RTO.

Anand RTO: Contact details

This section provides detailed information about the RTO in Anand.

Anand RTO Office (GJ-23)

Following are the details of the Anand RTO (GJ-23 RTO), including contact number, RTO code, office address and working hours.

RTO Code GJ-23
Office Address Anand ARTO Office, Sevasadan Office, D.S.P Office, Borsad Chokdi, Anand, Gujarat - 388001
Office Timings 10 AM to 5 PM
Helpline Number 02692-264800
Email ID [email protected]
State Gujarat

Anand RTO Fees

You can refer to the following sections for the fee structure for different services of the RTO Anand.

Driving Licence fees

Following is the list of fees for different services related to the Driving Licence in Anand RTO.

Service Fees (in Rs.)
Granting Learner’s Licence (LL) in Form 3 for each class of vehicles 150
Grant of Permanent Driving Licence (DL) 200
Test/Repeat Test (LL), as the case may be 50
Repeat Test (LL) for each class of vehicles 300
Addition of class of vehicles in the DL 500
Renewal of Permanent DL 200
Renewal of DL (Post grace period) 300 (1,000 for each delayed year)
Address change in DL 200
Grant of International Driving Licence/International Driving Permit (IDP) 1000
DL Smart Card 200

Anand RTO Registration charges

Please refer to the following table for vehicle registration-related fees at RTO Anand.

Vehicle Class Fees (in Rs.)
Two-Wheelers/Motorcycles 50
Four-Wheelers/Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles (Private) 600
Four-Wheelers/Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles (Commercial) 1000
Heavy Goods Vehicles 1500
Imported Motorcycles/Two-Wheelers/Scooters 2500
Medium Goods Motor Vehicles 1000
Heavy Passenger Vehicles 1500
Imported Motor Vehicles (Four-Wheelers and Others) 5000
Medium Passenger Vehicles 1000
Other than above 3000
Grant of duplicate Registration Certificate (RC) 50% of the registration fees
Ownership Transfer 50% of the registration fees
Address change in the RC 50% of the registration fees
Changes/Alterations in the RC 50% of the registration fees
Approval of Lease/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation Two-wheelers/Motorcycles/Scooters: 500
Approval of Lease/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation Quadricycles/Four-Wheelers/Three-Wheelers: 1,500
Approval of Lease/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation Medium or Heavy Vehicles: 3,000

Fitness Certificate (FC) charges

The table below provides the detailed fee structure for vehicle FC in Anand.

Vehicle Class/Service Fee (Rs.)
Two-Wheelers/Motorcycles/Scooters Manual: 200; Automated: 400 
Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles/Four-Wheelers Manual: 400; Automated: 600
Medium/Heavy Vehicles Manual: 600; Automated: 1,000
Grant/Renew FC 200 (Additional 50 for each additional day after the expiry)
Grant/Renew Letter of Authority 15000
Grant duplicate Letter of Authority 7500

Permit charges

You must pay the following fees to obtain permits for commercial vehicles from RTO Anand.

Vehicle Class Permit Fees (in Rs.)
Goods Carrier/Carriage 350
Counter Signature of Goods Carrier/Carriage 350
National Permit 350 + 500 for Authorisation
Contract Carrier/Carriage 350
Special Permit (Passenger Vehicle) 100
Stage Carrier/Carriage 350
Stage Carriage used as Stage Carrier as well 350
Temporary Permit (Goods Carrier) 100
Private Service Vehicles (PSV) 350
Buses (Schools/Educational Institutions) 350

Anand RTO functions: Services offered

The Anand Regional Transport Office handles transport–related services and offers vehicle and driver-related services to vehicle owners and drivers. It also implements traffic rules and regulations mentioned in The Motor Vehicles Act and ensures that every motor vehicle owner/driver/rider adheres to the law. Following are the essential functions of the Anand RTO.

Driving Licence

  • The RTO in Anand issues Driving Licences (DL) and Learning Licences (LL) to eligible applicants.

  • It organises tests for issuing LL and DL.

  • It adds new vehicle classes to DL.

  • It provides DL-related online services such as online DL application, LL application and DL renewal online.

  • It provides duplicate copies of the DL and LL.

Vehicle Registration

  • The RTO office in Anand registers all private and commercial vehicles in the city.

  • It issues Registration Certificates (RC) to vehicle owners after registration.

  • It assigns temporary/permanent registration numbers to all registered vehicles.

  • It offers online services such as online RC renewal application, correction of RC details, hypothecation addition/removal, etc.

  • It provides a duplicate RC copy if the original document is lost or damaged.

Vehicle Inspection

  • The RTO Anand inspects all new and old vehicles during the registration process.

  • It also inspects vehicles to determine their mechanical fitness before issuing an FC.

  • It provides PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate after conducting emission tests.

Vehicle Documents

  • The RTO of Anand issues various vehicle documents such as NOC (No Objection Certificate), Trade Certificate (TC) and Fitness Certificate (FC).

  • It also issues/renews various permits for commercial goods and passenger transport vehicles.

Road Tax Collection

  • The RTO Anand is responsible for collecting road tax from vehicle owners before registering the vehicle.

  • It also collects fees for all vehicle-related and driver-related services.

Vehicle Registration through RTO

As per the rules and regulations prescribed by The Motor Vehicles Act, every motor vehicle needs to be registered with the RTO. Hence, it’s mandatory to get a permanent registration number from the RTO of Anand. The registration process can be completed by visiting the RTO, submitting the application and documents, and producing the vehicle to the officials. Once the RTO procedures are completed, you will receive the vehicle registration number and Registration Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few common questions and their answers related to RTO Anand.



Where can I find more details about the Anand RTO?

You can visit Anand RTO's official website to learn more about the Regional Transport Office.

Can I apply for a Learner's Licence online in Anand?

You can make an application for LL online through the Parivahan website. However, you must visit the RTO in person to complete a few formalities, such as appearing for the test.

Will the Anand RTO help me correct my name on the Registration Certificate?

Yes, you can approach the RTO in Anand for correction of your name on RC. Submit the application and the supporting documents and pay the fees to update the RC details.

What should I do if my LL expires before I apply for the Driving Licence?

You can renew the Learner's Licence and then apply for the DL. You can renew it either online or by visiting the RTO office.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.


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