Regional Transport Offices (RTO) are essential for smooth administration of the entire Indian vehicle ecosystem. RTOs work behind the scenes, and some time at the forefront, to ensure that people get Driving Licenses, vehicles are registered, and the road tax is collected. Such offices are region-specific. This means, if you reside in Dehradun, there will be an assigned RTO in Dehradun that will be responsible for handling vehicle-related and driver-related work. 

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This article covers various functions performed by the Dehradun RTO and also mentions the approximate fees charged by the office. Not only that, but you will also come to know different modes through which you can contact the RTO in Dehradun. Read ahead for section-wise, detailed information.

Dehradun RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Here are the details related to Dehradun State code and RTO code.

PointerState CodeRTO Code
EssenceState names are an integral part of their identity. Similarly, in the vehicle management world, these states have unique codes instead of names.An RTO code is a unique number assigned to a particular RTO functioning within a state.
CodeThe state code for Uttarakhand is UKThe RTO code for Dehradun is 07.
PurposeAssigning a code to the state in which the vehicle is registered helps to simplify administrative tasks such as record keeping.It can be viewed as a filter to narrow down a vehicle search for administrative purposes.

Dehradun RTO, Uttarakhand UK-07 – Contact Number:

Here’s the contact information of the Dehradun RTO. The table features details such as Dehradun RTO’s code, contact number, email ID and the address.

RTO Name and codeUttarakhand UK-07
Address105 Rajpur Road Near Silver City, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
E-mail[email protected]
Contact NumberNA
Office Timings10 AM to 5 PM

Office of Transport Commissioner

AddressOffice of Transport Commissioner, Kulhan, Shashtradhara Road, Dehradun
Contact NumberNA
Email 1[email protected]
Email 2[email protected]

RTO Fees in Dehradun:

This section will highlight the RTO fees in Dehradun for several tasks. Note that the information about the RTO charges is sourced from Uttarakhand’s State Transport Website and is subject to changes. The following section will cover fees charged for issuing and renewing Driving Licenses (DL), cost of registering vehicles at the Dehradun RTO, the fees for availing a tourist permit and a fitness certificate for a vehicle.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s the table with Driving License fees in Dehradun.

TaskFees in INR
International Driving Permit1000
Learner’s License (LL)150
Driving License (DL)200
Learner’s licence test50
Endorsement or renewal of authorisation offered to vehicles that carry goods that are hazardous in nature100
Driving License renewal200
License to a driving school10000
Driving test300
Duplicate licence to a driving school5000
Including another class of vehicle in DL500
Change of address in DL200

2) Dehradun RTO Registration Charges

Here’s a table that highlights the RTO charges for registering a vehicle at the office.

Type of VehicleFees in INR
Invalid Carriage20
A light motor vehicle belonging to a non-transport category200
A light motor vehicle of a commercial nature300
A passenger vehicle of medium size400
A passenger vehicle of heavy size600
A motorcycle which is imported from another country in India200
A motorcycle which is not imported60
A goods vehicle of medium size400
A goods vehicle of heavy size600
Making changes in the Registration Certificate (RC)50
Motor vehicles that are imported from another country in India800

3) Fees for Trade Certificate

Here’s a table showcasing the fees for a Trade Certificate (TC).

TaskFees in INR
TC for a motorcycle50
TC for an Invalid Carriage50
Renewal of TC50

4) Fitness Certificate Charges

The fees related to Fitness Certificate are mentioned below.

Type of VehicleFees in INR
The test fee for a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler vehicle100
The test fee for a light motor vehicle200
The test fee for a medium vehicle300
The test fee for a heavy vehicle400
Grant or Renewal of Certificate of Fitness for Motor Vehicle100
Renewal of Letter of Authority (issue/renewal)5000
Letter of Authority (duplicate copy)5000
Appeal under Rule 70400

5) Permit Charges

Here’s a table with permit charges. 

PermitFees in INR
First 3 days360
Post 3 days till the end of the week360
After the first week, for next week360
Change in the type of vehicle220
Taxi or tempo or auto for one region900
Taxi or tempo or auto for all Indian regions1800
Contract Carriage (other than Motor Cab) (for the entire country)7200 + 500
Contract Carriage (other than Motor Cab) (for entire state)/ Counter Signature7200
Motor Cab (one region)900
Motor Cab (entire Uttarakhand)/Counter Signature1800
Motor Cab (entire India)3000 + 500
Maxi Cab (entire Uttarakhand)/Counter Signature3600
Maxi Cab (entire India)3600 + 500
Stage Carriage/Counter Signature5800
Goods Carrier5800

Dehradun RTO Performance Standard:

The time taken to complete a task requested by you at an RTO can depend upon the following factors:

  • The correctness of the submitted form
  • The correctness of the submitted documents
  • Complexities involved in the request
  • Date when the task was requested
  • Number of departments involved
  • Whether it is a one-time task or a combination of tasks
  • Other complications

To get an approximate idea of the task timeline, feel free to contact the RTO. You can also have a word with the RTO personnel about the time taken to complete a specific task.

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Functions of Dehradun RTO:

Listed below are important functions performed by the Regional Transport Office in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

  • Arrange and manage tasks related to a test for a Learner’s License
  • Arrange and manage tasks related to a test for a Driving License for private vehicles
  • Arrange and manage tasks related to a test for a Commercial Driving License
  • Register vehicles and keep a record in the database
  • Issue DL
  • Renew DL
  • Issue Permit
  • Renew Permit
  • Issue RC
  • Renew RC
  • Issue duplicate copies of important driver-related and vehicle-related documents
  • Collect Road tax
  • Issue No Objection Certificate
  • Issue Fitness Certificate
  • Issue Trade Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are some questions that are common to a lot of people. This is where a Frequently Asked Questions section is helpful. If you haven’t found answers to your questions after going through the article, maybe the following section will be of assistance. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Dehradun RTO using the above-mentioned contact details.

Which are the sub-regional offices under the regional office of Dehradun?

Here’s a list of the sub-regional offices that come under the regional office of Dehradun: Haridwar, Rishikesh, Tehri, Uttarkashi, Vikasnagar, Roorkee.

Can I access vehicle-related e-services in Dehradun?

Yes, you can access certain e-services in Dehradun by visiting the State Transport Department Website.

I hold a driving license for my four-wheeler but sometimes, I need to drive a truck to transport heavy goods to a nearby warehouse. Do I need a separate DL for driving the truck?

Yes, you will need separate authorization to drive the truck. You do not need a separate DL as you can add a class of vehicle to your existing DL to drive the truck in a legal way.

Do I need to give a test to drive my new four-wheeler? I already have a DL for my previous vehicle?

No, you do not need to give a driving test nor do you need a new DL as long as your previous DL is valid and your new car belongs to the same class of vehicle as you are authorised to drive as per the DL.

Can I get a short-term 3-day permit for my vehicle?

Yes, you can approach the RTO in Dehradun for a temporary 3-day permit.

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