Riding a bike on a traffic-less road can be fun. So can cruising along a picturesque route in your car. Some people love driving while some look at it as a means to an end: to commute to work. Whichever category you may belong to, one thing is clear—driving requires focus and skill. Not everyone can or is allowed to ride a bike or drive a car. You need a license for it. This Driving License (DL) is issued by a Regional Transport Office. For example, in Hajipur it is issued by the Hajipur RTO or the applicable designated license issuing authority of the region.

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Hajipur in Bihar is part of the state’s Vaishali district. The state of Bihar has 38 District Transport Officers and 9 Regional Transport Authorities. They coordinate with each other as and when required and help the citizens. Read ahead and get to know about different functions of the RTO and means to get in touch for the services.

Please note that it is unclear if the transport office in Hajipur is a Regional Transport Office (RTO), District Transport Office (DTO), Additional Regional Transport Office (ARTO), or Sub-regional Transport Office (SRTO). Therefore, it is suggested to speak with the local transport office in Hajipur for any specific information. For the purpose of this article, the terminology used is RTO.

Hajipur, Vaishali District RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Hajipur in Bihar is part of the state’s Vaishali district. The RTO code for Hajipur and Vaishali District is the same. Here’s the information related to Hajipur’s State code and RTO code.

State CodeRTO Code
State code is a code that helps identify the Indian state in which the vehicle is registered.An RTO code is a code that helps identify the Indian state in which the vehicle is registered.
This code is mentioned in letters.This code is mentioned in numbers.
Hajipur is a part of the Indian state of Bihar and its state code is BR.Hajipur’s RTO code is 31. It is usually clubbed with the state code and is stated as BR-31.

Hajipur RTO, Bihar BR-31 – Contact Number and Details:

The following table features details about the Hajipur RTO, phone number, email ID and the address.

NameHajipur RTO (BR-31)
Address (Unofficial)Hajipur, Vishunpur Paltu, Hajipur, Bihar 844101
Working Hours10 am to 5 pm on weekdays. The office is closed on weekends and major holidays declared by the state government.
Contact NumberDistrict Transport Officer (Vaishali District) 6202751112
Email ID[email protected]
WebsiteBihar Transport Department
State Office AddressVishwesaraiya Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna – 800 015, Bihar 800001
Helpline Number (State)0612-2233333

RTO Fees in Hajipur:

RTO fees in Hajipur are charged by the officer as per the requested task. Each task has a fixed fee. The following sections will highlight the fees charged for tasks as stated on the Government of India’s Parivahan website. The fees charged by transport offices in different states and regions can differ from the below-given tables. Therefore, you can refer to the following table to get an idea; however, you will have to contact the Hajipur office to know the exact fees.

1) Driving License Fees

Mentioned below is a table with the Driving License fees and other related fees.

Availing a license to learn to ride or drive a vehicleOne hundred and fifty rupees
To apply for a test to avail a license to learn to ride/drive a vehicleFifty rupees
Test to judge the applicant’s competence to ride/drive a vehicleThree hundred rupees
Issue a license to drive (Permanent Driving License)Two hundred rupees
To avail a permit to drive in other countriesOne thousand rupees
To add another class of vehicle in the existing license to driveFive hundred rupees
To renew the license to drive (Permanent Driving License)Two hundred rupees
Making changes in the DLTwo hundred rupees

2) Registration Fees

Mentioned below is a table with the Vehicle Registration Fees. Before that is a short table highlighting different short forms used its the subsequent tables in this and other sections of the article.

TerminologyShort Form
Light Motor VehicleLMV
Medium Goods VehicleMGV
Heavy Goods VehicleHGV
A non-transport vehicle with three wheels or a quadricycle. Also, an LMVSix hundred rupees
A transport vehicle with three wheels or a quadricycle. Also, an LMVOne thousand rupees
MGVOne thousand rupees
MotorcycleThree hundred rupees
Passenger motor vehicle (medium)One thousand rupees
Invalid carriageFifty rupees
HGVOne thousand and five hundred rupees
Motor vehicle (imported)Five thousand rupees
Motorcycle (imported)Two thousand and five hundred rupees

3) Permit Fees

Here’s a table showing the Permit Fees as per the vehicle and the region.

VehicleFee for Local PermitFee for National PermitDuration
LGVTwo thousand rupees. And an additional five hundred rupees for authorisation.Two thousand and fifteen rupees. And an additional five hundred rupees for authorisation.Permit period of five years. Authorisation period of one year.
HGVTwo thousand and five hundred rupees.Two thousand five hundred and fifteen rupees.Five years

4) Fitness Certificate Charges

Here’s a table with fees charged for conducting a fitness test of a vehicle to issue or renew its Fitness Certificate.

MotorcycleManualTwo hundred rupees
MotorcycleAutomatedFour hundred rupees
Three-wheelerManualFour hundred rupees
LMVManualFour hundred rupees
QuadricycleManualFour hundred rupees
Three-wheelerAutomatedSix hundred rupees
LMVAutomatedSix hundred rupees
QuadricycleAutomatedSix hundred rupees
Motor Vehicle (Medium)ManualSix hundred rupees
Motor Vehicle (Medium)AutomatedOne thousand rupees
Motor Vehicle (Heavy)ManualSix hundred rupees
Motor Vehicle (Heavy)AutomatedOne thousand rupees

Hajipur RTO Performance Standard:

Please discuss the approximate turnaround time for RTO requests with the designated officer at the transport office. They might not always be able to give you an accurate turnaround time but should help you out with an approximate timeline based on your request.

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Functions of Hajipur RTO:

Here’s a list of some of the top functions of an RTO. Some of the functions like issuing Driving Licenses in a Smart Card format might not be possible via all transport offices as they require some specific technological support. Therefore, the Regional Transport Office in Hajipur, Vaishali District, Bihar might or might not be equipped to perform all the following functions. Please visit the office and speak with the officials regarding specific requests.

  • Test Driving License applicants with a theoretical and practical examination
  • Issue DLs to those who pass the test
  • Register vehicles and maintain a record of them for administrative purposes
  • Issue vehicle-related and driver-related licenses, permits, and certificates
  • Renew vehicle-related and driver-related licenses, permits, and certificates
  • Grant duplicate copies of vehicle-related and driver-related licenses, permits, and certificates
  • Perform other duties as per The Motor Vehicles Act and Central Motor Vehicles Rules

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Regional Transport Offices in general.

Can I approach the RTO to make changes in my vehicle’s RC or should I contact my vehicle dealer for it?

You can reach out to the RTO for modifying the content of your vehicle’s RC.

What is the validity period of a Learner’s Licence (LL)?

The validity period of a LL is 6 months.

What is the full form of NOC and NDC?

NOC means a No Objection Certificate and an NDC means No Due Certificate.

Do I need to show my passport copy to avail an International Driving Permit?

Usually, a passport copy is needed for an International Driving Permit.

Do Regional Transport Offices issue vehicle permits and insurance policies?

Regional Transport Offices do issue vehicle permits for local and national travel but do not issue insurance policies.

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