Just as there are dedicated offices associated with passport services, there are dedicated offices for getting a Driving License and other related documents. These offices are known as Regional Transport Offices or RTOs. Such offices are location-specific and they are associated with transport services related to licenses, vehicle registration, etc. People are usually aware of only a few of these services, but an RTO does a lot more than issuing a Driving License (DL) and registering vehicles. For example, if you want to get a No Objection Certificate for your vehicle in Jabalpur (Jubbulpore), you will have to contact the Jabalpur RTO.

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This article is all about understanding different functions performed by the Jabalpur RTO. You can also find Jabalpur RTO’s contact information in this article. Read ahead to know more.

RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

An RTO code is a unique number assigned to an RTO. Different RTOs have different RTO codes. They are usually combined with their state code. For example, Madhya Pradesh’s state code is MP. That is why you will notice that vehicles registered in Madhya Pradesh will feature MP on the number plate. Similarly, the RTO code is also featured in the number plate and is used for administrative purposes. The RTO code of Jabalpur is 20. Thus, a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, etc. registered in Jabalpur will feature MP-20 on its number plate. Here’s how you can contact the RTO office in Jabalpur.

The following table features Jabalpur RTO’s contact information.

RTO NameRTO Jabalpur
RTO CodeMP-20
Office AddressThe Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Karmeta, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh-482002

Jabalpur RTO comes under its state office, which is Madhya Pradesh Transport office. If you are finding it difficult to reach out to the Jabalpur RTO directly, you can try out the following details.

Madhya Pradesh Transport Department Contact Details

Phone Number0751-2971008, 2970363, 2970963
Email ID[email protected]

RTO Fees in Jabalpur:

Jabalpur RTO charges some fees to perform tasks. This section will highlight the tasks and the RTO fees in Jabalpur. These tasks can be related to DL, registration, etc. The charges mentioned below are sourced from Madhya Pradesh Transport Department’s Website and can be changed. To know the updated charges, you can get in touch with the RTO officials.

1) Driving License Fees

When you approach Jabalpur RTO for a DL, driving test, learner’s license, etc., you need to pay a certain fee. Here are the details regarding those charges.

Table showing Driving License fees in Jabalpur

PurposeFees (INR)
Learner’s License150
Learner’s License test, repeat test50
Driving License test300
Issue of Driving License (DL)200
Issue of International Driving Permit1000
Add vehicle class to DL500
DL renewal200

2) Jabalpur RTO Registration Charges

Whether you purchase a new vehicle or a second-hand vehicle, your name should reflect in the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC). The task of creating and transferring the RC in the owner’s name is performed at Jabalpur RTO and here are the fees for it.

Class of VehicleJabalpur RTO Registration Fees in INR
Invalid carriage50
Imported motorcycle5000
Light motor vehicle600
Medium goods and passenger vehicle1000
Heavy goods vehicle/passenger1500
Imported motor vehicle5000
Any other vehicle not mentioned above3000
Light commercial vehicle1000

3) Permit Fees and Period

Vehicles need appropriate permits to be driven on Indian roads. You cannot drive a private car for commercial purposes, you need special permits for driving commercial vehicles. The permit details for MP transport Jabalpur mentioned below are taken from the Parivahan Website.

Local Permit:

Type of VehicleFee Payable (INR)Period
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)20005 years
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)500 (authorization)1 year
Heavy Goods Vehicle25005 years

National Permit:

Type of VehicleFee Payable (INR)Period
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)20155 years
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)500 (authorization)1 year
Heavy Goods Vehicle25155 years

4) Fitness Certificate Charges

Jabalpur RTO is responsible to offer Fitness Certificates to vehicles. The rates for it vary based on the type of vehicle. Here are the details.

Fitness Certificate ForFees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

Performance Standard of Jabalpur RTO:

If you approach the Jabalpur RTO for a DL, the task will take less processing time as compared to transferring RC from a deceased car owner to the legal heir. Therefore, the time taken to complete a task is directly proportional to the kind of task, its challenges, and the involvement of other departments. To get an idea about the approximate turnaround time of an RTO task, you can put in a request with the officials handling your case.

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Functions of Jabalpur RTO:

If you reside in Jabalpur, the following section will help in understanding various functions performed by the Jabalpur RTO. Once you are aware of these functions, you will be in a better position to go about achieving your task. For example, you can approach the Jabalpur RTO for a Driving License (DL) for a private vehicle directly without going through a driving school. The Jabalpur RTO performs its tasks in accordance with the rules and regulations specified in The Motor Vehicles Act.

Here are the primary functions performed by the Regional Transport Office in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

1) License and Permit

Driving a car or riding a bike in India comes with its set of rules. Not only do you have to follow traffic rules but also adhere to a set of regulations even before you start zooming around in your vehicle on the road. You need a DL that authorises you to drive or ride a class of vehicle. If you are using the vehicle for commercial purposes, you will need a Commercial DL and a tourist permit. All such tasks related to licenses and permits are performed by the Jabalpur RTO.

2) Vehicle Registration

New bikes, cars and other vehicles need to be registered in an RTO. Vehicle owners are provided with Vehicle Registration Certificates or RCs upon successful registration. They come with an expiry date and need to be renewed periodically. The RC is also a document that signifies ownership. Thus, changes in the ownership of the vehicle need to be reflected in the RC. The Jabalpur RTO performs such tasks for vehicles falling under its jurisdiction.

3) Miscellaneous Tasks

Apart from the two major tasks mentioned above, the Jabalpur RTO also performs the following crucial administrative tasks.

  • Issuing an International Driving Permit.
  • Issuing No Objection Certificate.
  • Collecting Road Tax.
  • Issuing Fitness Certificates to vehicles.
  • Maintaining driver and vehicle database.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and their answers concerning RTO and its functions.

How will I know which RTO to approach?

You can approach the nearest RTO to your residence. If they cannot assist you, they will guide you regarding which RTO to approach.

Do I have to renew my DL if I no longer own a vehicle?

A DL is for a person and not for a vehicle. Once you are authorised to ride/drive a class of vehicle; you can do so till the validity of the DL. Thus, with a valid DL, you can ride/drive someone else’s vehicle as well. Therefore, if you wish to do so or wish to purchase another vehicle, then you can consider renewing your DL. Note that do not ride/drive a vehicle with an expired DL as it can lead to a penalty.

I have lost my car’s insurance papers, should I approach the RTO for duplicate papers?

No, RTOs do not offer insurance-related services. You need to contact your vehicle insurance company for a duplicate copy.

Can I get a DL for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers in one card?

Yes, one DL can feature a license for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. You need to mention your requirements while filling up RTO forms and follow the due process.

I own two motorbikes. One with gear and one without gear. Do I need two different licenses?

No, you can hold just one two-wheeler DL but it should mention that you are authorised to ride two classes of vehicles; those with and without gears. Share your requirements with the officer in charge while applying for the license at Jabalpur RTO.

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