Regional Transport Offices are government bodies that look into multiple services related to vehicles in the country. Since India has multiple states that are further divided into districts, each region has a dedicated Regional Transport Office (RTO). For example, RTO offices in Ludhiana look into providing vehicle-related services in Ludhiana, Punjab.

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In this article, you will find information related to RTO offices in Ludhiana. Various services offered by this RTO, the tax and fee structure, turnaround time, etc. are also discussed. Finally, the FAQs section at the end will help resolve some of the most commonly asked questions related to RTOs in India.

Ludhiana RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

RTO Ludhiana is responsible for various operations like issuing driving licenses, conducting tests, registration of vehicles, etc. Take a look at the following table for details like RTO office address, phone number, email address, etc.:

RTO Code/Number:PB-10
Office Address:The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Ludhiana, Punjab – 141001
Phone/Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

Ludhiana RTO, Punjab PB-10 – Contact Number:

The Ludhiana RTO code PB-10 and as mentioned in the table given above, you can get in touch with the authorities by calling 91-161-2401002. Here the first two digits are the country code. The next three digits are regional code and the remaining digits make up the phone number.

RTO Fees in Ludhiana:

RTO fees in Ludhiana have a structure that is managed by the RTO authorities under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The following fees are for the current year. For more information please take a look at the official transport website of Punjab.

Driving Licence Fees

Driving licence fees in Ludhiana are specific to this RTO. The fee structure may change depending upon the respective RTO. The following table lists the RTO fees for various tasks related to driving license in Ludhiana:

Issue or renewal of Learner’s license of each class of vehicleRs.30/-
Driving license of each class of vehicleRs.50/-
Driving license in Form 7Rs. 200/-
Driving License testRs.50/-
Addition of another class of vehicle to Driving LicenseRs.50 /-
Driving License RenewalRs.50/-

Ludhiana RTO Registration Charges

The Ludhiana RTO is responsible for looking into various tasks related to the registration of vehicles in the region. These vehicles are not limited to bikes and cars but also include heavy motor vehicles like trucks, other types of goods-carrying vehicles. Here are the registration fees related to Ludhiana RTO:

Vehicle TypeFees
Invalid carriageRs.20/-
Light Motor VehicleNon-TransportRs.200/-
Light Motor Vehicle Light Commercial VehicleRs.300/-
Imported Motor VehicleRs.800/-
Imported MotorcycleRs.200/-
Any other Vehicle not mentioned aboveRs.300/-
Issue of duplicate certificate of registrationHalf of the fee mentioned in the first row
Transfer of ownershipHalf of the fee mentioned in the first row
Change of ResidenceRs.20/-
Alteration in the certificate of registrationRs.50/-

Fitness Certificate Charges

Each vehicle needs to be fit for plying on the road. The fitness can be tested by the RTO and they grant or renew a Fitness Certificate if the vehicle passes the test. The owner has to pay a certain amount of fees depending upon the type of vehicle. The following table lists the fees for Fitness Certificate in Ludhiana:

Vehicle TypeCharges in INR
Two-wheelerManual: 200Automatic: 400
Three-wheeler/ LMV/QuadricycleManual: 400Automatic: 600
Heavy Motor VehicleManual: 600Automatic: 1000
Grant or renewal of fitness certificate200
Rs. 50/day for the delay in renewal after the expiry

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

A Permit is a special authority to drive a commercial vehicle through the allowed states in India. They are necessary for business owners that transport goods or passengers across various state borders. Here is a table that lists the Permit charges for the Ludhiana RTO:

Type of vehicleFee in INR
Local Permit
Light goods Vehicle (LGV)2000/-
Rs. 500 (authorization
Heavy Goods Vehicle2500/-
National Permit
Light goods Vehicle (LGV)2015/-
Rs. 500 (authorization)
Heavy Goods Vehicle2515/-
Composite fee5000/-

Ludhiana RTO Performance Standard:

Every service provided by the Ludhiana RTO requires a specific number of days to complete. The turnaround time for each of services like hypothecation, the grant of driving licence, countersignatures of goods vehicles, issuance of the permit, issuance of no objection certificate, etc. can be known by getting in touch with the concerned person at the RTO.

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Functions of Ludhiana RTO:

The functions of Regional Transport Offices in Ludhiana, Punjab are discussed in this section. Take a look at the following to understand the type of services offered by this RTO:

  1. Registration of Vehicles

The Ludhiana RTO handles the registration of various types of vehicles that fall under their jurisdiction. The services include temporary and permanent registration of vehicles, renewing the Registration Certificate (RC), issuing a duplicate RC, making changes in the details mentioned on the RC, transfer of ownership, etc.

  1. Driving License

Issuing different types of driving licences to applicants after conducting a driving test is one of the main functions of the Ludhiana RTO. These authorities issue learning licenses, renew a driving license, conduct tests and issue driving licenses to eligible applicants. Making changes in the existing license, issuing an international driving permit, issuing a duplicate driving license, issuing permits to commercial vehicles, etc. is also done by this RTO.

  1. Collecting road tax and fees for various functions
  2. Inspecting vehicles and issuing fitness certificates to eligible vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a learning license issued in one state be used in another?

Yes, a learning license is valid all over the country. For example, a learning license issued in Maharashtra can be used in Karnataka. Note that a permanent license holder should always accompany the learning license holder while practising to drive.

I lost the original Registration Certificate (RC) of my car that is registered in Ludhiana, what should I do?

You can apply for a duplicate RC at the Ludhiana RTO by submitting the following documents:
a. First Information Report about the loss of RC
b. The current, valid insurance policy of the car
c. Pollution Under Control Certificate
d. ID proof of the owner
e. Address Proof of the owner
f. PAN Card or Form 60 & 61 as required
g. Hypothecation documents if applicable

What is the age criteria for applying for a driving license?

The minimum age required for applying for a driving license depends upon the type of vehicle. If you have a two-wheeler without gear, the minimum age should be 16 years to apply for a license. If the bike is with gears, then the minimum age should be 18 years. Similarly, for driving a vehicle, the driver must be at least 18 years old to apply for a license. To apply for a license for a transport vehicle the applicant must be at least 20 years old and must have passed 8th standard of the school.

What is the validity of a driving license issued by an RTO in India?

The validity of a permanent driving license for a private vehicle is 20 years from the date of issue. For commercial vehicles, the validity of a driving license is 3 years after which the license needs to be renewed by visiting the RTO from where the license was issued.

How can I apply for a retest after an unsuccessful driving license test?

As per the new RTO rules, the applicants that have failed the test or were absent, need to book an appointment with the respective RTO and then appear for the test on the date of appointment. Earlier the applicant was allowed to reappear for the test on the next day or after seven days.

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